As part of VietJet’s commitment to provide passengers with an unforgettable experience on their trip to Vietnam, VietJet is now rewarding passengers with weekly prizes and nearly 1,000 free air tickets to be won over the next nine weeks.


From Tuesday, 15 July to Monday, 15 September 2014, all customers on flights from Singapore to VietJet’s exciting destinations across Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, and Da Lat, will be automatically entered into a draw to win over 70 air tickets each week (10 per day!). Passengers also stand a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Core II Duo smartphones, with one set to be given away every week.


You can even win a Honda SH 125 and Toyota Vios E when you fly with VietJet (Yes – a Toyota Vios car!). The more you fly, the higher chance will you get.

So just to recap:

This VietJet lucky draw promotion time will run from 15 July 2014 to 15 September 2014.  The prizes include:

Special prize: 1 Toyota Vios E car to be won
Monthly prizes: 2 Honda SH 125 motorcycle to be won
Weekly prizes: 9 Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos to be won
Daily prizes: Free domestic return tickets
to be won (check the online draw at (it is written mostly in Vietnamese)

The promotion applies to passengers on all of VietJet’s domestic and international routes. To be eligible, passengers must produce their VietJet boarding passes or e-tickets when collecting the prizes. The list of prize winners, specified by corresponding flight and seat numbers, will be updated daily on VietJet’s website (

Good luck to you!


VietJet has 24 local and international flight routes. In Vietnam, VietJet has successfully connected key economic regions such as: Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Hue, Vinh, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, Buon Ma Thuot, Da Lat, Phu Quoc. International flights include Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand), Seoul (Korea), and Kunming (China). VietJet is now operating 770 flights per week. Soon, it will expand international routes throughout Asia-Pacific.

For further details, please visit or the nearest authorised VietJet ticket outlet.


Located at Resorts World Sentosa Festive Walk, Osia at Resorts World Sentosa is well known for its out-of-the-box innovative dishes.  The famous Australian Celebrity Chef Scott Webster had teamed up with Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay to develop Osia’s unique yet innovative menu which combines Asian influences and western culinary techniques with finesse – so if you like fusion food and would like to try something new beyond the usual fish and chips western dining, Osia is the place to be at.


I like the open-kitchen concept of Osia restaurant – while the restaurant is quite small, the open kitchen helps to create the perception of spaciousness.  Furthermore, you get to watch the chefs in cooking action – don’t worry about cooking smells and noises as they work quite quietly and all the heavy cooking (e.g. frying, pan-searing) is done under powerful cooker hoods! I really like Osia’s contemporary interior design and large panel floor to ceiling windows too!



But most importantly the food at Osia is made using fresh Australian produce and we had the opportunity to try out all of Osia’s signature dishes – Sea Perch, Seafood Ice Experience, Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast, and Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup.

Osia Seafood Ice Experience – Refreshing Seafood Appetiser served in Test Tubes

We began our dining experience at Osia with the unique Osia Seafood Ice Experience ($34++).  This appetiser is served in 6 test tubes (with colorful contents) in a test tube holder – each test tube containing different mixes of fruity ice blend with fresh seafood.  Our Seafood Ice Experience comprised:

  • Watermelon Raspberry Vinegar, Amaebi
  • Acacia Honey Lemonade, Hokkaido Scallop
  • Sourz Apple, Salmon Trout
  • Coconut, Maine Lobster
  • Pineapple Rum, Tuna
  • Lychee Martini Ice, Oyster

This Seafood Ice Experience was a creation of Chef Douglas who was inspired by test tubes racks he saw while hospitalized some years ago!

Start from the left to right because the flavours get stronger with each test tube. I personally loved the coconut and maine lobster mix – the fresh lobster meat tasted very well with coconut icy blend – that is the 4th one from the left in the picture below (be sure to mix the content so you get a taste of the mix or else it is just lobster meat – which is still quite good by itself!).

This colorful appetiser was a great palate cleanser to start your meal at Osia. The specially formulated fruity ice is able to withstand ambient temperature for twice the usual time. So no need to rush through it although it is quite challenging to dig out the contents of each test tube.


Osia Maine Lobster – Addictive and Yummy Appetiser with Fresh Lobster Meat

The Osia Maine Lobster ($38++) is prepared butter poached with Sheet Pasta, Mango Salsa, Fermented Black Bean and Chive Butter Nage.  A very delicious appetiser – if you don’t like to start your meal with a cold appetiser, then this Osia Maine Lobster is a great complement as it is served warm and fresh!

The fresh lobster meat is cooked wrapped with sheet pasta and covered with creamy sauce (not quite what sauce is this) but it almost taste like a lobster wanton (dumpling) with the soft pasta.  A very flavourful dish especially with the mango salsa!


Osia Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast – Melts in Your Mouth Goodness

The Osia Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast ($58++) is the highlight of our dinner at Osia (not surprising since it is also Osia’s signature dish!). The Osia lamb dish is unique in 2 ways – the first is the smell and taste: lamb meat typically has a strong distinct smell and gamey taste but the Osia’s version tasted just great (even Tingyi who disliked the strong aroma of lamb meat, enjoyed this dish!).  The second was the “melts-in-your-mouth” experience when you chew on Osia lamb dish – it is very flavorful and tender!  The sides of Swede Carrot Purée, Romanesco, Garlic Cream Spelt, Tawny Port Jus complements the Lamb Short Loin and Breast perfectly.  Needless to say, this plate is completely wiped clean within minutes!


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