Super long days with most of the time spent travelling in the tour bus, lack of flexibility to explore the city on our own, changing hotels everyday – these are reasons why we don’t take up typical tour packages and instead plan our own trips. The prices for such tour packages are however much affordable compared to travelling on our own if you factor in the airfare and accommodation – I guess that’s because the tour agencies have bulk discount rates with the airlines and hotels.

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised with MISA Travel’s brand new Group “GO” Flexi packages which gives you the best of both worlds – ample free time and flexibility to explore the destination on your own and yet enjoy value for money rates for airfares and room. You will still be travelling in a group but will be given time to explore the city before reconvening with the group to continue the tour.

misa travel group go flexi travel promotions

There are great deals in the Taiwan Group “GO” Flexi and each tour participant is given a choice of either a farm stay or free & easy shopping in Taipei or theme park fun for 1-2 days of the tour. This is almost unheard of in any other tour packages where there will at most be 5-6 hours given to the tour group for free & easy time at a city before being herded back to the bus to rush to the next city.

With MISA Travel’s Group “GO” Flexi, you get to do your favourite activities for a few days before joining the group to do the usual touristy stuff and still enjoy affordable prices for the entire tour package. And with the Travel Revolution Fair 2015, MISA Travel is giving an additional 50% off for the 2nd traveller for these Taiwan Group “GO” Flexi tour packages!

taiwan misa travel group go flexi

Another example of MISA TRAVEL Group “GO” Flexi package for travelling to Japan.

misa travel japan group go flexi package

For more info on the Group “GO” Flexi, check out MISA Travel’s revamped website! There are MISA Travellers’ picks for short haul Group “GO” Flexi trips to Bali, Bangkok, Hong Kong as well as long haul ones to New York, London, Auckland!

Even for Free & Independent Travellers (FIT) like us, also has a lot to offer e.g. affordable packages for self-drives, theme park visits, mini stays, etc. They have just revamped their website so it is easier to navigate and pick up the best deals for your next trip!

getaways singapore website revamp

If you are planning for your next holiday for one of the remaining 4 long weekend Singapore holidays, then you should check out the Travel Revolution Fair 2015 held at Marina Bay Sands B2 Expo Halls D – F (Booth C19) from 24 to 26 July 2015 to pick up the best travel promotions and deals. MISA Travel is also exhibiting at this travel fair and they are offering a lot of great deals and promotions.


MISA Travel’s SG50 promotion is super attractive – you will pay just $50 for either an additional night or for the 3rd/4th pax or for a child to travel. Do note that terms and conditions apply so do check in with the MISA Travel for more details.

While you are at the MISA Travel Booth C19 at the Travel Revolution Fair 2015 at Marina Bay Sands, why not spend a few minutes to take a selfie at their booth and then like and post the selfie on MISA facebook page. Then share the post with your friends and you could be on your way to a holiday stay in Bali! The draw announcement date is on 12 August 2015 so don’t miss out this lucky draw to win a Bali holiday. Terms and conditions apply so check in with the MISA Travel folks while you are at their booth.

misa travel revolution natas promotions sg50

Also look out for MISA’s new loyalty program called MISA Travel Lounge. Every booking and activity with MISA Travel will earn the Lounger (this is what MISA Travel call the members) points, which can be used for booking discounts. I don’t think there are such loyalty programmes with other travel agencies so this is quite an innovation and benefits travellers too with opportunities for more discounts for their trips!

Even if you miss the Travel Revolution Fair at Marina Bay Sands this weekend, don’t worry as you can still enjoy the same deals and promotions as above (except the selfie at booth lucky draw) at MISA Travel’s in-house online fair until 31st July 2015. Just proceed to any of their websites e.g.,,, for the best deals. If you prefer to talk to someone at MISA Travel face to face to arrange your travel packages, MISA Travel is located at Hong Lim Complex in Chinatown (just a few minutes’ walk from Chinatown MRT station).



Cherry blossoms are quite breathtaking, with their vibrant colors and thick foliage that helps them to stand out among other flowers. There are some areas around the world that are well-known for their cherry blossoms and even hold annual festivals, while there are many other locations that offer beautiful views of the trees that aren’t quite as well-known, yet still have plenty to offer visitors.

Vancouver, Canada

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival features hundreds of trees throughout the busy city. The festival also includes a fair at VanDusen Botanical Garden, which houses more than 100 of these trees. The fair honors Japanese heritage, and a local artist creates a display of illuminated cherry blossoms with LED lighting at Sutcliffe Park.

Washington D.C.

washington cherry blossoms

Image via Flickr by Emy ^^

Washington D.C. is one of the most popular spots within the United States to see cherry blossoms. Each spring, The National Cherry Blossom Festival honors the day when the mayor of Tokyo gifted 3,000 blossoms to America, a gesture of friendship that has helped increase awareness and celebration of Japanese culture. The festival starts with a display of homemade kites, along with paddleboat rides, nightly lantern walks that include information about the history of the festival, and a large parade on Constitution Avenue. The celebration lasts for over two weeks and each day has its own list of exciting activities. If you’re looking for a place to stay during your trip, IHG offers plenty of accomodations in the Washington D.C. area.

Brooklyn, New York

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is another unique place to see the cherry blossoms. The lengthy walkway through the garden is lined with brightly colored trees. The event lasts for a month and includes sword demonstrations, elaborate and beautiful costumes, live music, and tea ceremonies that celebrate the culture of Japanese people.


The cherry blossom has a short blooming life, which signifies the fragility, beauty, and transience of life in the Japanese culture. When you visit Japan during the blooming season, you can participate in a variety of activities and ceremonies to learn more about this special flower. Kyoto and Hirosaki host just two of Japan’s cherry blossom festivities. Hirosaki Park is home to one of the largest celebrations, with more than 2,600 trees that create tunnels of blooms. Guests can also rent row boats and take photos in front of the famous Hirosaki Castle.

Macon, Georgia

While plenty of people are familiar with the festival in Washington D.C., many don’t realize that it isn’t the largest one in the U.S. The International Cherry Blossom Festival, held in Macon, Georgia in March, has more than 300,000 trees, along with plenty of unique extras, such as tours through the foliage, traditional Japanese flower-arranging demonstrations, food trucks, and live performances.

When you visit a cherry blossom festival, you can see the beautiful landscaping and blossoms that are so significant to Japanese culture. Many of these festivals also include additional activities and demonstrations to educate and enlighten others about the traditions and meanings behind Japanese customs and philosophy. It is a wonderful activity for families, couples, or anyone who appreciates natural beauty or wants to learn more about Japan.


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