Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the classic story of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, a young prince trapped in a Beast body by a spell placed by an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed to his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity.

It does not matter if you have or have not have seen the 1991 Academy-Award winning animated Beauty and the Beast feature film (or cartoon) – the Beauty and the Beast that is showing now in Singapore Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre is a must see musical performance.  This original Broadway musical spectacular is also produced by the producers of The Lion King so you can be assured of its quality – and it also features the Tong Award winning costumes from Ann Hould-Ward

I have not seen the Beauty and the Beast cartoon or know the detailed storyline of the Beauty and the Beast tale and yet I find the Beauty and the Beast musical very easy to follow – I have heard a few Beauty and the Beast songs here and there over the past few years so the songs sung were very familiar to me.

Generally, I sometimes struggled to hear the singing of musical performances especially if the articulation is not clear (or muffled) and the words used are unfamiliar e.g. old words with strange accents (like in CATS the Musical).  However this is not the case with the Beauty and the Beast musical showing now in Singapore – the singing in general was very clear and strong especially the female lead for Belle – Hilary Maiberger.  The song lyrics were simple to follow so I think this musical is suitable for all ages e.g. children (especially if they enjoyed the storybook version) – even me as an adult loved this musical!

beauty and beast mastercard theatres singapore review mbs

I have seen snippets of the Beauty and the Beast cartoon where there are dancing candles, clocks, teapots and many other household items so I was very curious about how they will design the costumes and characters in real-life for a musical.  I was not disappointed at the creativity in how they designed the characters – see the picture below and see if you can identify the Candle, Closet, Clock, Duster, Teapot and Cup from the Beauty and the Beast cartoon!

beauty and beast broadway musical ms potts singapore

My absolute favorite scene is the Be Our Guest scene – it is eight minutes long and feature lots of dancing, costume changes, singing – truly spectacular – you just have to see it for yourself.

Besides the dance sequence, the cast also makes use of props like metallic beer mugs to create rhythmic live sounds by clinking their mugs – almost like a rendition of Anna Hendricks “Cups” but on a much larger scale!  This is separate from the Be Our Guest scene.

beauty and the beast be our guest dance song singapore mbs

People typically draw comparisons between The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast musicals because these are classic Disney stories.  I say both stage sets and dance choreography are excellent – the “genres” are slightly different i.e. animals vs. humans so I don’t think it is necessary to compare – simply put if both were showing, I would catch both!  That’s how good they both are!

beauty and beast singapore review marina bay sands

I think what makes the Beauty and the Beast so popular is the message and the story which transcends all ages.It is a musical that will make you laugh a lot, cry a bit and go through all different emotions in the short 2 hours+.  This is why I strongly recommend the Beauty and the Beast as a must watch show here in Singapore.  It is also interesting that love has blossomed between the Beauty (played by Hilary) and the Beast (played by Darick) in real life. They had became a couple off stage after playing Beauty and the Beast as lovers on stage for three years!

Beauty and the Beast will be showing at Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatres until 19 April 2015 at the following show timings:
– Tuesdays to Fridays at 8:00pm;
– Saturdays at 2:00pm and 8:00pm;
– Sundays at 1:00pm and 5.00pm.

Buy your Beauty and the Beast tickets online with ShowBizAsia/SISTIC.

Beauty and the Beast Singapore Mastercard Theatres Ticket Pricing (Excludes S$3 SISTIC/ShowBizAsia booking fee per ticket)

Premium : S$190
A Reserve : S$170
B Reserve : S$145
C Reserve : S$115
D Reserve : S$85
E Reserve : S$65
F Reserve (Restricted View) : S$170
G Reserve (Restricted View) : S$145
VIP Box (For 4 Seats) : S$760
Box Seats (For 4 Seats) : S$460

beauty and beast singapore seating arrangements


There are many bus companies that travel from Singapore to different destinations in Malaysia e.g. transtar, 707 Express, Five Stars Express, Billion Stars so booking bus tickets used to involve either going down to People’s Park Complex where the offices for these bus services are located or calling them one by one to compare prices and timings.  With BusOnlineTicket.com – a one stop portal for most Singapore-Malaysia route bus services, you can book your bus ticket online and compare prices, timings and even services offered onboard the buses e.g. whether meals will be served onboard, do you have your personal TV and whether free Wi-Fi is provided during the bus journey.


The 3 most popular bus routes that BusOnlineTicket.com offers are those from Singapore to Genting Highlands, to Kuala Lumpur and to Malacca.  This is not surprising since these destinations make for great weekend holidays since they are just 4-6 hours away by bus.

Genting Highlands, as the name suggests is located on a mountain peak.  It is just an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur; if you are travelling from Singapore by coach, it will take you around 4-6 hours to get to Genting Highlands depending on traffic.

Also known as Resorts World Genting, Genting offers six hotels with 10,000 rooms, over 50 fun rides, 170 dining and shopping outlets, musical shows and performances and many other entertainment options.  Average temperatures in Genting is around 15-25 °C so bring along a jacket/sweater.

Genting Theme Park comprises the outdoor and indoor theme parks. The outdoor theme park is Genting Highland’s largest attraction, offering recreational activities with over 50 types of rides in a cooling environment. Indoor Theme Park in Genting is located in First World Plaza. You need to buy an all day pass to be able to ride the attractions there.  Do note that the Genting Outdoor Theme Park is closed from 1 September 2013 for 3 years to make way for the world’s first Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park. Other rides and attractions located in First World Indoor Theme Park, SnowWorld, Sky Venture, Genting Bowl, Vision City and Funtasy World Video Games Park is still open.  So you would not have the opportunity to take the Spinner at the outdoor theme park (as seen in the picture below).

spinner genting highlands theme park
Picture credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/spitefully/

But there are other things to do at Genting – the Strawberry Farm at Genting is a place where the whole family can pluck strawberries and purchase them – you will be charged by the weight of the strawberries you plucked.  Genting Skyway Cable Car Ride is one of the longest and fastest gondola lifts in Southeast Asia at 3.38km from the base station in Gohtong Jaya town all the way up to the peak.  The First World Plaza is the best place you can go for shopping in Genting with more than 60 retail and 70 F&B outlets plus attractions.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, has plenty to offer in terms of famous landmarks, heritage buildings, shopping, vibrant night life and mouth-watering array of local foods.  Famous landmarks in Kuala Lumpur that are popular with tourists include the Petronas Twin Tower.  The Petronas Twin Tower used to be the tallest building in the world and the twin towers are connected at the 41 and 42 level by a Skybridge. Skybridge is opened to tourists for a bird’s-eye-view of the city. Besides the Skybridge, the KLCC shopping mall offers a luxury shopping experience and a few attractions such as the Petrosains Discovery Centre and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

kuala lumpur petronas tower tourist
Picture credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sprengben/

Heritage buildings in KL that are worth visiting include the Jamek Mosque, the National Mosque, the Thean Hou Temple and the Sri Mahamariaman Temple. Do note there are strict dress code requirements as these are religious places.

Kuala Lumpur is also a haven for shoppers. The Central Market at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and nearby Chinatown at Petaling Street are two bustling shopping places where you can find shops for variety of traditional handicraft items, textiles, clothes, shoes and handbags – you have to bargain hard though.  The Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle area offers upmarket shopping experience with malls like Pavilions, Lot 10, KL Plaza, Sungai Wang Plaza.  You may also find the latest technology gadget at Low Yat Plaza.  Do check out the local Kuala Lumpur hawker scenes too e.g. the Imbi Market food.

The most popular day trip out of Kuala Lumpur is to go to the Batu Caves. It is within a short driving distance north of KL. The main cave could be accessed by climbing up 272 stairs. Hindu devotees perform annual pilgrimages during the festival of Thaipusam by putting on kavadis and climbing up these steps to the temple inside the main cave.  You can even explore the caves with Dark Caves tour located right the caves itself.

For Malacca – the two most popular activities are to take the Melaka River Cruise and walk along Jonker Walk over the weekends.  During the 45-minute Melaka River Cruise ride, you will get to see the best bits of this historical city, offering sights such as the traditional Malay village Kampung Morten and the beautiful murals alongside Jonker Walk.  Jonker Walk is definitely the place to go for experiencing the city’s heritage, and for excellent shopping, dining and nightlife experiences. Jonker Street is lively and lined with museums (such as the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum), souvenir shops, antique warehouses, and art galleries, together with a multitude of happening bars and specialty stores.

malacca melaka jonker walk weekend crowded
Picture credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ttimlen/


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