Resorts World Genting has a multitude of dining options- from snack shops, to restaurants, fast-food eateries and cafés, you’re definitely spoilt for choice in the entertainment complex. We round up some of the dining places with great deals that you shouldn’t miss when you are visiting Genting.

Breakfast at the First World Hotel Café:

genting early morning view breakfast

If you’re an early riser up to catch the beautiful sunrise on Genting Highlands, the First World Hotel Café breakfast buffet is for you. Opening at 6am til 10.30am for breakfast, the café overlooks the gorgeous scenery below, so you can have your sunny-side up and toast, while taking in the beautiful views of the hills.

genting highlands first world cafe buffet breakfast

The breakfast buffet table gets pretty crowded at 7am, so set your alarm clocks early.

croissants first world hotel cafe buffet

bread toast first world hotel cafe

An array of croissants, puff pastries, breads and muffins await you, with a wide spread of jams and spreads. You can even toast your pastries up to make them crisp and warm as well.

sunny side up omelette egg station genting

Our favourite part of the breakfast buffet was the French toast and egg area, with chefs dedicatedly whipping up fresh sunny-side up eggs, omelettes and French toasts for you.


nasi lemak first world hotel genting

If you prefer a hearty breakfast, you can help yourself to nasi lemak, sausages, fried noodles, glutinous rice, chee cheong fun, curry, baked beans… In fact, there’s even a porridge area for those who prefer something light in the morning.

yellow watermelon genting

For something sweet, go for the fresh red and yellow watermelons- very popular options. We haven’t chanced upon yellow watermelons in Singapore yet, so this is definitely one fruit you should try out here in Genting.

Given the widespread array of food options for the breakfast buffet, one would expect the cost to be on the pricey side. On the contrary, this entire breakfast spread is a definite deal at only RM24.50 (~S$9 for adults), and RM12.50 for children (~S$4.60).

Lunch at Coffee Terrace:

Another popular buffet option for hotel guests at Resorts World Genting is the lunch buffet at Coffee Terrace. Decked in a contemporary and modern interior, the restaurant resembles a very high-end food court, with various buffet counters that offer cuisines ranging from Chinese, Western and Malaysian delights. With the wide array of choices, you can sample freshly grilled satay sticks, juicy chicken chops, while digging into your favourite plate of nasi lemak.

lunch buffet coffee terrace

lunch buffet genting coffee terrace

Dishes are regularly replenished to serve hungry guests, so there’s a never-ending supply of fresh, hot and delicious food for you to tuck into.

salad bar coffee terrace buffet

If you’re up for a healthier choice, try the salad bar, offering a range of healthy options from macaroni salads to fresh greens and fruits.

Dessert Buffet Coffee Terrace

Coffee Terrace Genting Dessert

The dessert table is another of our favourites here at the Coffee Terrace. A staggering variety of desserts, it offers chocolate cakes, mousses, bread puddings- and an ice-cream/chendol bar, where you can grab a sweet and icy treat for your after-meal cravings. After all, there is always room for dessert. Desserts, like other dishes here, get replenished really fast, so if you see a fruit tart or cake you’ve been thinking about, just grab it first! It will probably get replaced by a new set of cakes the next time you return to the dessert bar.

With an astounding array of food choices, we definitely enjoyed ourselves at Coffee Terrace. Lunch buffet meals for adults are priced at RM38 for non-members, while the more pricey dinner option costs RM84, with fresh seafood. The lunch deal sounds pretty awesome to us (~S$14-15).

Dinner at Resort Seafood:


For dinner, if you are tired from all the buffet binging, we recommend trying out the newly upgraded Resort Seafood steamboat restaurant, where you can cook fresh ingredients in healthy and hearty soups.


One major highlight of the restaurant is the remarkable variety of around 20 sauces available, which are freshly prepared daily. We got really excited at the sauces table, mixing garlic and parsley with light soya sauce, scooping sweet Thai chilli sauce onto small saucers- We even spotted some guests loading small saucers of various dips onto trays. Hardcore indeed.


Seafood and ingredients are particularly fresh here as well. If you are up for a premium meal, you can even opt for fine-dining ingredients, such as Australian snow crab and Boston lobster.


We like the yin-yang pot concept too, since not everyone has different soup palates. We tried the tom yam and herbal chicken soup flavours- definitely a plus point for the tom yam soup base, with an addictive spicy kick. Once again, if you prefer premium soup stocks, you can try the resort fish head stock or kampong chicken soup as well.

For drinks, the restaurant serves Pu’er tea, and you can also select a special frozen Calamansi drink, refreshing with a perfect balance of sweet and sour to accompany your meal.


Finally, if your stomach still has some space left, try the chef’s special ice-cream dessert with fresh strawberries, grapes, jackfruits and other fruits adorning the top of the ice-cream base. A wonderful end to a great meal.


Set steamboat meals at Resort Seafood (Resort Hotel Level 1) are priced from RM108 to RM638 nett, depending on the number of pax and member discounts. With a large 256-pax seating capacity, your entire family will be able to enjoy a heartwarming dinner together over freshly prepared steamboat.

On a whole, we really pigged out at Resorts World Genting- Meals are truly value-for-money, with reasonably priced options for high quality food and delicious meals. If these are not enough for your ever-empty stomach, snack options and eateries around the entertainment compound will certainly help to fill you up as well. Don’t miss these dining options when you’re here at Resorts World Genting!


Another non-theme park feature at Resorts World Genting is the exciting Superstars of Magic 4 Show, which is the Resorts’ fourth instalment of Asia’s biggest magic variety show. Boasting a repertoire of seven highly talented magicians from around the world, the “Magic of the East Meets West” themed show is a major crowd-pleaser, particularly with the intelligent use of innovative technologies to produce dazzling illusions and stunning tricks.

Here’s a round-up of the featured magicians:

Alana Moelmann Resorts Genting Review Magic

From Germany, Alana Moelmann, the only female magician in the show, her act involves conjuring multiple human hands from within her jacket. What a handy set of limbs to have (no pun intended).

Joseph Gabriel Resorts Genting Magic Show

Jay Mattioli Resorts Genting Magic Show

Another two magicians from the “West” include Joseph Gabriel and Jay Mattioli from the United States, with the former popularly known as the “Godfather of Dove Magic”, with past performances on Broadway. Jay was previously a finalist magician on the 2009’s America’s Got Talent show, matching his show-stopping magic tricks with a strong sense of humour and entertainment.

Hailing from Canada, the final “West” magician Shawn Farquhar has previously starred on the Ellen Show, and is the existing President of the International Brotherhood of Magician- In fact, he was even the winner of the FISM Close Up Championships of Magic back in 2012. Unfortunately, his act was not featured during the show when we visited Resorts World Genting, but we hear that Shawn is particularly recognised for his remarkable sleight of hand skills.

Jeff Lee Asian Magician Genting Resorts Show

Ted Kim Resorts Genting Show Magic

From the “East” side of the magician superstar group, Jeff Lee from Taiwan displays his unique TV magic, accompanied with contemporary music. From Korea, Ted Kim’s act involves the remarkable coordination with innovative screen mapping and LED projector technologies, highly popular amongst the younger generations.

One Gun T shirt magic Korean Genting Resorts World

The last magician is a clear hit with the girls- One Gun, a young Korean magician with K-pop star good looks, his T-shirt act is another act not to be missed.

Review of the Superstars of Magic 4 Show:

genting superstars of magic review show

We were impressed by the quality of the illusions and tricks displayed during the show, particularly with the clever usage of technology and sets to enhance the depth of the tricks. By pulling together a line-up of highly recognised magicians around the world in a single show, Resorts World Genting also offers you an opportunity to view the best tricks of each illusionist, which vary across concepts. Our favourite part of the show? We particularly liked the classic bird magic tricks of Joseph Gabriel (USA). You might think that these tricks are old-school- Conjuring doves out of thin air? Been there done that. Old school. But all we can say is, wait till the end of his set, it’s definitely not just a small dove that he pulls out 😉

To enjoy a truly magical night of illusions and amazing performances, tickets are priced from RM98-248 for adults, and RM48-98 for children, with daily 8pm shows are from 10 July to 25 October 2015 (additional 4pm matinee on Saturdays) in the Genting International Showroom.

For further information, you can check out the Resorts website ( or drop them a call at +603-2718-1118.


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