A Day in the Life of a Cowboy

10 December, 2009


Like me, you have probably seen television shows and movies that portray cowboys in the Old West.  Many times they are seen galloping a horse as they chase the bad guys with a gun such as that in the good versus evil gunfights in the 3:10 to Yuma movie or the synergy of man and horse in their bid to win a race to the edge of the world in Hidalgo.


Sheriff BadgePerhaps the most distinctive character of most Western-genre films is the Sheriff character who played an important role in maintaining peace and order within the town and defending it against outlaws.  If I were to spend a day in the life of a cowboy, I would have like to play the role of a Sheriff.  🙂  Well someone had to clear up the mess and who better to do the job than me with my no-nonsense character!

cowboy ridingWith my polished sheriff badge, boots, cowboy hat and trusty horse,  I would start the day with a ride around my town, looking out for any unfamiliar and suspicious characters and at the same time, check that everything e.g. saloons, bank and townsfolk are ok before settling down for a hearty breakfast at the town’s tavern.

cowboy chillingWith my deputies patrolling around town, it would be a good period for me to chill out by the sheriff’s post and keep a lookout for visitors coming into my town from the vast desert landscape.  As long as they don’t create any trouble, they are always welcome to my town for a rest stop.  However I wouldn’t expect the peace in this town to last for long.

cowboy gunfights*Bang! Bang!*  The familiar sound of gunshots woke me up from my afternoon nap!  I bet it is again the gang of bank robbers targeting the town’s only bank.  Luckily the sheriff’s post is located conveniently opposite the bank.  Time to put my target practice training into good use as I find cover to defend my town against these outlaws…

Believe it or not, you need not travel back in time or go to one of the Western movie sets to relive these exciting cowboy moments!  You can do all these under a very safe and comfortable (air-conditioned) setting right here in Singapore at one of the newest attractions in Sentosa – Desperados!  For more information, check out this post on this unique adventure-packed Old West shoot-out experience at Desperados.  You could also stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Singapore’s First Interactive Shoot-Out Game.

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