‘Get Lucky’ in the Year of the Monkey!

24 January, 2016

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How has your luck been for 2016 so far? This Chinese New Year, join in the festivities and dabble in the joyous atmosphere as we usher in the Year of the Monkey. To start off, be sure to do some spring-cleaning in your home and office space before the festive season to chase away any ill fortune that may have accumulated from 2015. Perhaps Lady Luck may come knocking soon after!

Though Singapore is fondly known as The Little Red Dot, our island is definitely not short of places for you to stay. To stay in the heart of the merrymaking, why not consider staying at Mandarin Orchard Singapore? Conveniently situated next to the Mandarin Gallery, it is a luxury hotel that allows you to stay within the vicinity of the hottest happenings during the country-wide affair. Simply stepping out of Mandarin Orchard would lead you to Singapore’s famous shopping street, where you can conveniently buy some red clothing for the festivity. Perhaps while you’re there, you could enjoy some mandarin oranges as well, which are believed to represent longevity and prosperity!

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Chinese New Year is also a time for family members who rarely meet to finally get together and share a meal, which has always been a yearly tradition to promote intimacy and closeness. At Mandarin Orchard Singapore, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of lucky food with your loved ones, like the Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng, Alaskan Crab Meat and Lo Hei at Shisen Hanten restaurant by Chen Kentaro (a Japanese culinary prodigy descended from a long line of chefs who established this world-class eatery). After all, the best way to get lucky is through blessing your tummy by eating together with family and friends.

So what are you waiting for? Get on your way to a luckier 2016 while keeping in mind these 8 tips! We are more than happy to welcome you to our Little Red Dot to join in our festivities. After all, the Chinese traditionally believe in having the more people, the merrier. Hou Nian Da Ji!

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