Getting Out of the Dot with ZUJI and 3 Unique Singaporean Personalities

15 June, 2011

Singapore is a vibrant little red dot on the global map, with lots of activities to see and do e.g. Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa Island.  Not forgetting that we are also a food paradise where one can feast on various cuisines under unique environments e.g. Sky Dining at Singapore Flyer.  However there are so many other great places to visit and explore around the world with experiences that you can’t find in Singapore.  That’s why we have partnered with ZUJI to share with you 3 Reasons why we think you should Get Out of This Dot!

Reason Number 1: Experience a Change in Environment, Climate, Temperature!

Escape the hot and humid weather in Singapore to experience the four seasons around the world – make your own snowman during winter or enjoy a tan at a secluded beach during summer.  Feel the extremes in temperature via ice-fishing under sub-zero conditions at Kiruna, Sweden or camel-riding in the Moroccan deserts with temperatures over 40 degree Celsius.

Get Out of the Dot ZUJI Reasons

Reason Number 2: Marvel at Amazing Wonders and Experience Unique Experiences Around the World!

Climb up the thousand-year old Colosseum in Rome, Italy and imagine what it is like to be a gladiator in this huge amphitheatre or marvel at the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge in England.  Taking a slow sunset cruise on a gondola along Venetian canals with a gondolier singing romantic songs in the background is definitely a very different experience from a motorised bumboat cruise along Singapore River.

Get Out of the Dot ZUJI Reasons

Reason Number 3: Savour Unique Local Cuisines (if you dare!)

From the yummy – Chocolate cake (the Sacher Torte) at Vienna’s Café Sacher to the creepy – fried centipedes, silkworms at Beijing Wangfujing’s Night Market, there are lots more interesting food to try around the world (some you will never get to try in Singapore e.g. scorpion or centipede satay!)

Besides good food, the ambience and character of a restaurant matters too and that’s what unique dining establishments like Modern Toilet in Taipei offers – customers get to feast on curry rice on a toilet bowl-shaped dish and drink out of what looked like urinal-shaped bottles.  There are many other restaurants that offer dining experiences just as unique and different, around the world.

Get Out of the Dot ZUJI Reasons

Inspired to Get Out of the Dot? Simply grab one of our trip itineraries and book your flights and hotels with ZUJI!

Not sure where to go? Read on as we share our suggested destinations for 3 well-known Singaporean personalities.  You might be able to relate to their needs and who knows, they might even be your seat neighbours on your flight to these destinations.

Mr Kiasu and his Girlfriend Ai Swee should Get Out of the Dot to Relax in Maldives

Having exhibited his Kiasu-ness (direct literal translation to “Fear of Losing”) in the aptly titled Comic Series: Everything I Also Want and Everything Also Must Grab through accumulating too much food on his plates during buffet to queuing up for hours to get hold of freebies, perhaps it is time for Mr Kiasu to relax in the idyllic islands of Maldives.  Where best to rest his feet and mind than in the isolated Maldivian resort houses where there are practically no one to compete with him for space and if Mr Kiasu still needs to exercise his Kiasu-ism (in case it gets rusty from days of rest), there is always a fine selection of buffet spreads at the resorts where he can continue to pile up his buffet plates.  It will also be the perfect destination for his girlfriend, Ai Swee (direct literal translation to “Vain and Loves to Present Herself in the Most Prettiest Self”) to get a tan and at the same time flaunt her hourglass figure in a bikini (which Mr Kiasu queued for hours to buy at half price – including his own swimwear).

Mr Kiasu and Ai Swee Get Out of the Dot ZUJI Reasons
[Mr Kiasu and Ai Swee image credits to UrbanJourney and Mr Johnny Lau]

Aunty Lucy should Get Out of the Dot to Shop in Bangkok

Auntie Lucy is a proud and lively ‘auntie’ with a passion for helping people.  She also loves collecting free gifts and being in the limelight and will speak up against any inconsiderate act she sees.  Having contributed so much to the community, Auntie Lucy should reward herself and her girlfriends with a shopping trip to Bangkok.  Besides retail therapy and sharpening her bargaining skills in a foreign land, it will also be a breather for her to experience Thai culture and people who are friendly and helpful – less inconsiderate acts for her to intervene in and speak up against.  Armed with her keen eye for freebies and cheap deals, she will be able to get the most value-for-money clothes, accessories everywhere in Bangkok – also the perfect time for her to build up more goodwill in her tight knit circle of friends through gifts from her shopping spree.

auntie Lucy Desmond Chew Get Out of the Dot ZUJI Reasons

Phua Chu Kang should Get Out of the Dot to Expand his Business to Dubai

Having dominated the Singapore, Johor Bahru and Batam construction industry for the past few years, it is time for Mr Phua Chu Kang of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd (recently incorporated a Sdn Bhd in Malaysia) to expand his horizons to capture the biggest construction market in the Middle East – Dubai!  There is a reason why Dubai’s national bird had been jokingly referred to the crane – not the bird crane but the construction machinery crane used to lift beams and equipment up construction sites!  The Dubai landscape is dominated by skyscrapers and cranes – even more so with the World’s Tallest Building – Burj Khalifa at 828 metres.  Besides setting up his construction business in Dubai, Phua Chu Kang could also pick up some tricks of the trade and learn from the best in the industry e.g. the architects and contractors who designed and built the iconic sail-like building – Burj al Arab hotel.  Who knows, he might even be able to design and build a project that rivals Duxton the Pinnacle from the knowledge and experience he gains from his experience in Dubai!

Get Out of the Dot ZUJI Reasons Phua Chu Kang

Hope that you have a better idea of where to Get Out of the Dot for your next trip with ZUJI. ZUJI gives travellers in Asia Pacific online access to real-time travel bookings for thousands of hotels and hundreds of airlines, as well as bringing cruises, car hire, attraction bookings, package tours and other inspirational travel offers, products and tools online.

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Zuji Get Out of the Dot

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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