Sensational Journey with the Heineken Passport

22 September, 2012

Heineken has always prides itself on being a true global icon.  This claim was put to the test with its latest “Man of The World” campaign.  This campaign seeks to prove that Heineken is truly recognized internationally as a brand that is valued in all corners of the world. In other words, that Heineken is indeed a “social currency” that can Open Your World.

In this campaign, Heineken had sent one man on a Sensational Journey to follow the 5187 kilometers spice-trading route of the Middle Ages from Shangdu in Inner Mongolia to Bangkok, Thailand.  Trust me, this journey is no walk in the park as Justin, the Heineken’s guy, has to make this journey with no money and no map but just bottles of Heineken (so, his “Heineken passport”).  He has to exchange Heineken for a lift or for directions and even exchange Heineken with an Inner Mongolian wrestler, all in the name of adventure, and beer.

Heineken Passport Man of the World Campaign Journey from Mongolia to Thailand Bangkok Sensation

Wouldn’t this make quite an interesting story? Now you can follow Justin as he makes his way from remote places to bustling cities, culminating in a grand finale at ‘Heineken Presents Sensation Bangkok’, the party to end all parties. In a series of four Heineken Passport webisodes, you will be able to watch Justin’s journey across Asia using only Heinekens, his resourcefulness, open-mindedness and confidence as he interacts with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The webisodes are very interesting – you get to see what interesting rides Justin can get for a bottle of Heineken e.g. fruit-seller bicycle in China, sidecar of a Hanoi motocycle and boat rides across rivers.  Also see Justin get rejected as he tries to get a ferry ticket across the Huangpu River.  Watching these webisodes makes me wonder how I can apply these to’s regular travels around the world and see how far we can get with a bottle of Heineken.

There is also a Facebook application named The Heineken Passport which allows you to share the journey to win points, giving you the chance to win a journey to Sensation Taiwan for you and 3 friends.  At this Facebook app, you can create your own virtual passports. Successful registrations will be rewarded with accumulated miles in return for carrying out interactive tasks such as sharing, watching content and answering questions about Justin’s encounters in each city.

Heineken Passport Facebook Man of the World Campaign Iris Communications

At the end of each day, The Heineken Passport holder who earns the most miles will stand a chance to win the daily prize of a Heineken adventure pack. At the end of the journey, a user’s total accumulated miles will be converted into chances to win great prizes in the final prize draw, which include digital cameras and the party of a lifetime at Sensation Taiwan for the winner and three friends.

So join in this exciting adventure and discover how Heineken is truly the world’s social currency.  Think about what would you trade a bottle of Heineken for and join the Heineken on Twitter at @Heineken_SG in the conversation with the hashtag #thepassport.

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  • EliseReply

    22 September, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    That is so cool! Heineken is Dutch 😀 I love the layout of your blog! Gonna check out your archive ^^


  • LKYReply

    23 September, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    I cannot tahan – forced plays in youtube.

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