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10 March, 2010


One of the most interesting experiences of serving National Service (NS), be it in the Army, Police or Civil Defence Force is that you get to meet all sorts of people from varying background with different perspectives of how things could be done.  There will be people on different ends of the scale – from the very “on” (active, on-the-ball, volunteering for any tasks) to the very “chao keng” group.  According to Singlish dictionary, the definition of Chao Keng is:

To act or pretend in order to impress others or escape being given extra duties or responsibilities.

This term is commonly used during National Service to describe recruits who pretend to be unwell to avoid participating in certain activities. Sometimes shortened to Keng.  The range of excuses used for the purpose of “Keng-ing” can be rather hilarious from something as simple as drinking hot beverages right before reporting sick so as to achieve a high oral temperature reading  -> Fever -> MC (skipping exercises for the day).  Though it might not be that useful now since most doctors have switched to ear thermometers.


Or it could be as complicated to claim that they have to fulfill the duty of a tang-ki – Chinese spirit medium and thus are subjected to special diets and could not serve as a soldier.  Some even brought their loyal followers to the Medical Officer’s office as proof of their capability and influence as a tang-ki.  While there could be true for some of them, the few cases I knew of, were attempts to skip their NS obligations.  🙂  Unfortunately for them, their reasons were not accepted and they were sent back to their camps to carry on their NS duties.

tang-ki Chinese spirit medium

Over my 2+ years of NS, I had encountered many other funny and interesting experiences – not just the above Chao Keng stories, but also stories of friendship, camaraderie in completing tasks ranging from the very menial (e.g. bunk cleaning) to the very tough ones (e.g. surviving a week-long field camp rolling around in mud, sweat and attacked by mosquitoes).  Similarly most of those who went through NS, might have gathered just as much stories, if not more interesting ones.  Where best to share these stories then via, SAFRA’s latest social networking site for NSFs, NSmen and regulars!

in2it-site serves as a non-official and lifestyle centric platform to get in touch with for NSFs/NSmen/Regulars to share their stories with fellow NSmen and even prospective NS recruits.  Registration is simple – just fill in your particulars and confirm your email and you are done!  You need not be a SAFRA member to be able to register.


Besides providing you with an opportunity to share your “war” stories, also serves as a mini-Facebook cum Twitter cum MSN Messenger where you can add friends, see their online status and what are they up to recently.  Join in their conversations and have fun – who knows, you might also meet new friends.  There are also insightful articles to keep you updated on the latest happenings not in the Army, but also around the world.


There are also regular contests – from referral contest to win movie tickets to the latest “When March Gets in2it” (WMGI) contest to celebrate the portal’s 1st year anniversary.  You can stand to win a 500gb Fujitsu Calmee Xena portable hard disk,the slimmest 2.5” portable HDD on the market, by sharing your “Favorite Ways of Keng-ing in NS on the wall of Facebook page between now and 31 March 2010.

in2it portal facebook page

The top 3 participants who have garnered the most numbers of Likes to their wall post, wins the 500gb Fujitsu Calmee Xena portable hard disk.  So what are you waiting for, think back of your army mates or your own “Chao Keng” moments and ask your friends to vote for you!

500 Gb Fujitsu Calmee Xena Portable Hard Disks

For more contests at, check out When March Gets in2it portal for chances to win weekend passes to Universal Studios and $500 Jetstar vouchers!

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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