5 Must-Try Food In Kaohsiung You Can’t Miss Out On  

5 April, 2016

The bustling port city of Kaohsiung may be known for its skyscrapers and parks, but their culinary delights are definitely something worth checking out if you’re paying Kaohsiung a visit.

1. Deep Fried Pancakes

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As Singaporeans, we are no strangers to you-tiao dipped in soy milk, so what exactly makes this Taiwanese version so special? The Taiwanese version consists of a baked layered flat bread with twisted, fried dough sticks, though it may look ordinary, don’t judge a book by its cover! There is good reason why it is one of the most popular breakfast choices amongst locals.

Xing Long Ju sells these fried doughnuts (燒餅油條) and constantly draws in large crowds that have propelled Xing Long Ju to be the one of the best breakfast places around. Typically enjoyed with a cup of soy or rice milk for you to dip it in, the crispy exterior goes well with the silky smooth texture of the sweet milk and is also not too oily. At 25 NTD (S$1.05) for one fried doughnut and 12 NTD ($0.50) for one cup of warm soy milk, good food is highly affordable for sure.

Definite must-try for you-tiao and breakfast lovers!

Xing Long Ju
No. 184, Liuhe 2nd Rd, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 801
Telephone No.: +886 7 261 6787
Opening hours: Daily 3.00AM – 11.00AM (Hours may differ during Qingming Festival)

 2. Wu Bao Chun Bakery

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This Taiwan-French fusion bakery has people raving and queuing just for a taste of its delicious pastries and bread. Created by Wu Pao Chun, a Taiwanese baker famous for his sourdough bread that had won him a number of awards and prestige in France, he launched the very first Taiwanese version of this loaf by adding a Chinese medicinal fruit to suit the local’s taste.

The Linseed and Cranberry bread costs 90 NTD (S$3.80) each and has won the hearts of many. The characteristic scoring on the loaf also adds a dimension of aesthetic appeal that probably added to its burgeoning popularity. The Litchi and Rose bread (aka. the Champion bread) sells for 350 NTD (S$14.70) each, making it the most expensive bread on the menu.

But despite the above-average price, it remains highly sought-after and is often swept off the counter the moment the warm loaves hits the shelves!

Wu Bao Chun Bakery
No. 19 Siwei 3rd Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Telephone No.: +886 7 335 9593
Opening hours: Daily 10.00AM – 9.30PM

 3. Gang Yuan Beef Noodles  

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At 110 NTD (S$4.60) per bowl, you are presented with a delicious bowl of springy beef noodles, a generous helping of beef all in a tasty, clear soup! Their beef chunks are juicy and their noodles are thickly cut. These beef noodles have had customers swarming the stall for a bowl.

This eatery lives by the motto of “Simple is better” and their no-frills cooking style is also seen in their service where you are required to help yourself to the drinks and utensils. If you are looking for more, perhaps you can try out a plate of their well-known pig trotters for 510 NTD (S$21.50) to share with a couple of friends.

Gang Yuan Beef Noodles
No. 55, Dacheng St., Yancheng Dist, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Telephone No.: +886 7 561 3842
Opening hours: Daily 10.30AM – 8.30PM (Hours may differ during Qingming Festival)

4. Gao Xiong Po Po Shaved Ice  

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From the outside, it appears to be a rickety store fronted by an adorable cartoon of an old lady, but don’t be fooled; this store has long established a reputation for being the best place to get a taste of this sweet and refreshing dessert.

A bowl of ice shaved to resemble something akin to snowflakes topped with mango syrup, mango slices and finally, a generous serving of – you guessed it – mango ice cream. This is one of the best-selling items on their menu and had gained itself a loyal fan base.

Of course, this delicious snack comes in all kinds of flavours including strawberry, red bean with milk shaved ice and even mixed fruit shaved ice to leave you spoilt for choice. The service is also especially quick so rest assured, you won’t have to wait long to dig into this icy goodness. 

Gao Xiong Po Po Shaved Ice
No. 135, Qixian 3rd Rd., Yancheng Dist, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Telephone No.: +886 7 561 6695
Opening hours: Daily 9.00AM – 12.00AM

5. Tan Zuo Ma Li Grill and Japanese Restaurant  


This restaurant embodies the true spirit of Taiwanese hospitality, which is clearly displayed in the way they cater the grilling to suit the preference of each and every patron and the care they show to each customer. Only the freshest seafood and ingredients are used; not to mention that its beef and chicken has been known to make customers drool so be sure to try those out. Be sure to try out Beef set B on the menu, the ever popular choice with the patrons.

The sea urchin sashimi and the soya bean sherbet are also bestsellers that many customers especially return for. On average, one would spend about 800 NTD (S$33.80) but the ambiance and excellent service definitely adds value to your dining experience.

Tai Zuo Na Li Grill and Japanese
No. 562, Meishu E. 4th Rd., Gushan Dist, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Telephone No.: +886 7 552 6555
Opening hours: Daily 11.30AM – 10.30PM (Hours may differ during Qingming Festival)

Kaohsiung is home to a whole plethora of delicious treats and I’m sure you would concur. These top picks could be an introductory guide to some of Kaohsiung’s renowned highlights as you explore its streets in search of the many culinary delights to be discovered.


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