Loving the Moment Instagram Highlights with Shangri-La Huhhot

29 August, 2013

At the second city of our 2-week China trip – the capital of Inner Mongolia – Huhhot 呼和浩特市 (or commonly referred to as 呼市), our Shangri-La Instagram #LovingtheMoment highlights revolved around the Shangri-la Grassland Experience and the culinary expertise of Chef Menex at Shang Palace.  Read on to find out more…

Cruising along the streets of Huhhot, we noticed that most of the buildings are painted with blue and white designs you see in the picture below – even the lampposts!  In Mongolian culture, blue represents the sky and white represents milk – 2 things that are common and important to the nomadic Mongolians many years ago.  The curly signs in the picture below represent clouds which together with the sky are what the Mongolian nomads see daily when exploring the grasslands. #LovingtheMoment

Blue and White Mongolia Symbol Pure

A very unique architecture – the Five Pagoda Temple (Wu Ta Si) – one of the icons of Huhhot #LovingtheMoment

Wu Ta Si Five Pagoda Hohhot Inner Mongolia

The Dazhao temple 大召寺 – a lamasery is a must-see when you are in Huhhot. It is the largest temple in the city.  Built in 1579 it has a shrine that was dedicated to the renowned Qing emperor, Kangxi in the late 17th century and murals in the hallway that commemorate his visit. An astounding 10 ft silver Sakyamuni buddha statue is among the temple’s many treasures. Da Zhao also exhibits an impressive collection of musical instruments and dragon sculptures relating to Mongol legend.  The temple rooftop icons are also very elaborate.

Da Zhao Temple Lamasery Hohhot Inner Mongolia

Another Da Zhao temple rooftop design. #LovingtheMoment

Da Zhao Temple Lamasery Huhhot Inner Mongolia

Mongolian “wine” containers – one of the souvenirs that you can consider buying while in Huhhot – a shopping #LovingtheMoment

Inner Mongolia Wine Container Pouch Huhhot

Another form of Mongolian “wine” carrier – interesting souvenirs discovered while exploring Huhhot Old Street #LovingtheMoment with Shangri-La Huhhot

Mongolian Wine Container Traditional Hohhot

Mosque? No! It is a restaurant along the Muslim Cultural Street Huhhot

Huhhot Muslim Street Cultural Mosque

Sunflower field on the way to Xilamuren Grasslands (2-hour drive from Huhhot city) #lovingthemoment

Sunflower Field Huhhot Shangri-La

Horses – symbols of the Mongolian culture at the entrance to Xilamuren Grasslands

Horse Statue Grassland Experience

Staying in Mongolian Yurts at Xilamuren Grasslands – part of Shangri-La Huhhot Grassland Experience package #lovingthemoment

Mongolian Yurt Grassland Experience Shangri-La Huhhot

Mongolian Yurt Grassland Experience Shangri-La Hohhot

Mongolian Yurt Inner Mongolia Huhhot

The 3 points of the Mongolian spire represents “Man, Sky, Earth”

Three Point Fire Mongolia Symbol

Chilling out by the Xilamuren Grasslands #lovingthemoment with Shangri-La Huhhot Grasslands Experience

Inner Mongolia Grassland Huhhot Shangri-La

Mongolian wrestler statue at the front entrance of Shangri-La Huhhot.  Besides Mongolian Yurts, Mongolian milk tea and grasslands, Mongolian wresting is another symbol of Mongolian culture.

Mongolian Wrestler Statue Shangri-La Huhhot

Horizon Club at Shangri-La Huhhot – private breakfast dining experience and personalised services – shiok #LovingtheMoment

Horizon Club Shangri-La Huhhot Inner Mongolia

This horse statue looked out of place at Huhhot Shangri-La; typical depictions of Mongolian horses are strong and muscular – this looked like it had put on some weight but it would fit in at Xi’an Shangri-La.  The Tang definition of beauty – plumpness is shown out very clearly in many displays at Xi’an Shangri-La – even plump horses.

Inner Mongolia Horse Shangri-La Huhhot

Teppanyaki at Xin Cafe at Shangri-La Huhhot – over 10 live cooking stations of different cuisines! #lovingthemoment

Xin Cafe Huhhot Shangri-La

Sweet delights at Shangri-La Huhhot Xin Cafe – have your fill of different macaroons at the lunch buffet! A sweet #lovingthemoment

Xin Cafe Macaroon Dessert Buffet Shangri-La Huhhot

Dining at Shang Palace, Shangri-La Huhhot was a very great experience as Chef Menex prepared a set of unconventional and creative dishes which tasted excellent! #LovingtheMoment – case in point with this sizzling fried fish fillet cooked claypot style.

Shang Palace Menu Chef Menex  Huhhot

The Pi-La-Pa-La rice – fried rice cooked with sweet and sour sauce – very addictive dish – the presentation of the dish when served is also very excellent! This is a must-try dish when you are here at Shang Palace Shangri-La Huhhot #LovingtheMoment

Huhhot Shang Palace Chef Menex Fried Rice

Even lamb dishes – a very common delicacy here at Huhhot is prepared in such a unique manner at Shang Palace Shangri-la Huhhot – lamb cooked with crispy spring roll skins – a yummy #LovingtheMoment

Huhhot Shang Palace Chef Menex Lamb Dish

Cooling refreshing dessert at Huhhot Shangri-La Shang Palace after a long hot day at the Grasslands #lovingthemoment.  These agar-agar pieces are actually tea! Another signature dessert dish by Chef Menex!

Huhhot Shang Palace Chef Menex Dessert Tea

A sweet surprise from Shangri-La Huhhot (the horse is made of chocolate) – Thanks for the hospitality and great food!

Shangri-La Huhhot Grassland Experience

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Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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