CityButler – The Newest App In Town That Works Like Your Very Own Butler

26 April, 2016

We tried out the CityButler application recently, hoping that it will be able to guide us better with its curated list of hotels, restaurants, spas, etc. What exactly is CityButler? Released just 3 weeks ago, the CityButler app aims to centralise — and ease — the bookings for a whole range of services from restaurants to spas and transportation, just like your very own butler. Whether you’re a tourist in Singapore for the first-time or a seasoned local, CityButler is the go-to platform to browse, communicate and book directly with the local merchant for the perfect spa day, restaurant dinner or even limo service. Of course, these services are curated by the ButlerTech’s team and only the very best make the cut.

The CityButler team had kindly invited us for a food trail (arranged entirely through the app, of course), which took us on an array of delicious restaurants in the bustling city district of Singapore.


Binomio marked the starting point. Tucked inconspicuously away amongst the lively and colourful rows of shop-houses along Craig Street, this Spanish restaurant was the first on the list of “top quality” restaurants and bars promised by our CityButler application host.


Our tapas came at regular, brisk intervals, and our table was gradually filled with delicious-looking food. Out of all the dishes, our personal favourite was the Tallarines de sepia con sofrito (pan-fried strips of cuttlefish with “sofrito” and veal vinaigrette), priced at $28. The cuttlefish was pan-fried to perfection, and it paired splendidly with the tangy vinaigrette.

Though CityButler is a newly released application, it was surprisingly easy to use and extremely handy. It did not take us long to locate the next restaurant on our food trail: May May.


May May was but a short walk away, so we took the opportunity to soak in Tanjong Pagar’s vibrant evening atmosphere — pockets of corporate workers congregated around stand-up tables drinking and chatting merrily.


From the simple signboard outside the restaurant, one would not have guessed that May May primarily served Chinese dishes. The interior was simplistic; its no-frills decoration made it seem more spacious than it actually was. Our preset main dishes were served after some waiting, and Ben, the head chef, explained that it was aptly named “Crispy Rice”. “Crispy Rice” comprised of dehydrated rice that crackled into life when soaked with seafood broth, topped off with huge, juicy scallops and prawns, and sprinkled with shredded seaweed.

Our time at May May concluded with an Indian dish of tumeric broccoli, and a refreshing variation of an iconic local dessert — sweet potato, served as a mousse. Although not a fan, the sweet potato mousse was extremely creamy and melted in our mouth. To head to our next and final destination for the night, a limousine taxi was booked using the CityButler app.


Upon alighting, we made our way through the busy bar to our seats, specially reserved for us through the CityButler app.


As great bars go, a live band was already dishing out nostalgic tunes from the 80s. The music enhanced the the already great atmosphere and we toasted our beers to the sheer success of the food trail.

More upgrades and features for the CityButler app have been planned for Q4 of 2016, where we will see even more services and the integration of existing apps like ButlerPad and CondoButlers. If you wish to enjoy the same impeccable service and delicious food, CityButler is available for download on your iPhone for free on the App Store! It will launched on the Play Store soon for Android users. You can also check out or their Facebook Page to remain updated on their exciting add-ons!


What’s more, CityButler is giving away $50 vouchers to 4 lucky winners! All you’ll have to do is:

  1. Like our Facebook post
  2. Tag @CityButler and a friend you’ll like to enjoy the voucher with in the comments

Results will be announced 2 weeks from now on the 10th May (Tuesday). So what are you waiting for? Get liking now!


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This food trail was made possible by CityButler. 

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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