Owls and Parrots Hidden in Asakusa

21 November, 2014

See Japan from the perspectives of a Singaporean – this is a guest post by our resident blogger Xiaoying who is currently based in Japan.

Introducing an owl and parrot café located at Asakusa:

Tori-no-iru Kafe Asakusa 鳥のいるカフェ 浅草店
Address: 〒111-0032 Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Asakusa 1-12-8, Ooyama Building B1F
〒111-0032 東京都台東区浅草1-12-8 大山ビルB1F
Operating Hours: 1300~2000 (Weekdays), 1100~2000 (Weekends and Public Holidays)
Cost: 1000JPY/30min (recommendation) or 1500JPY/hour (extension of 300JPY/15min)
Website (in Japanese): http://www7.ocn.ne.jp/~asakusa/


I would recommend visitors to drop by this unique café when you are in Tokyo. Its not everyday you get to close in touch with owls despite going to a zoo in your country. This owl place is set in Asakusa, a heavily advertised spot in most Tokyo guidebook featuring the famous Kaminari-mon 雷門. If you are a lover for temples, feel free to drop by for a change in environment or if you are not a fan of temples or sourveneir shopping, step in for a close contact with these night creatures.

Here’s what you see at the entrance of Owl Café:


Young white owls… don’t not touch them!


The rows of owls waiting for you


There is a big fella sitting at the side. If you want to hold it just let the assistant know. Beware its not light, it feels like a bag of 5kg rice on one arm.


Smaller hairy fellas. They must have turned into daytime creatures



There is a separate section from owls which houses naughty parrots. Highly recommended to wear a raincoat which is available outside the parrot house unless you wish to bring back some warm white souveneir from the parrots. Beware you will definitely be disturbed by the parrots even though you have no food for them. They spare no one once you enter this section, but don’t panic when they fly to your head, chew your shoes/handphones or flicking them away and they are STILL around. Enjoy yourself!

The good thing is, you can take many selfies as they just don’t fly off easily


That’s a typical scene in the parrot house. Swarmed by parrots.



So far the camera is still working


And they are stubborn


Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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