5 Things Everyone Needs to Do When Vacationing in Kuala Lumpur

16 December, 2017

Bordered by Thailand from north and Singapore from South, Malaysia gives you the best of both. A places where different cultures meet and greet, Malaysia has a lot to offer. The most infamous city is the capital of Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur. Are you planning a vacation any time soon? Isn’t it that time of the year, you got married and it’s time for your honeymoon. Well, there are things we bet you didn’t know about Kuala Lumpur. Do you know about all the amazing things to do in Kuala Lumpur?   Let’s take a sneak peek at things you can enjoy while you are at it.

Take a walk around Kuala Lumpur City Gallery and Merdeka Square:

So, how nice would it be to hold hands with your beloved and a talk a walk across the city gallery? Famously known as Kuala Lumpur’s independence square it has the former highest flag post. You should definitely visit the Museum, if you are a history enthusiast. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

kuala lumpur merdeka independence square

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Perdana Botanical Garden:

The street right next to the national mosque takes you to the Orchid garden located inside the Perdana Botanical Garden. You wouldn’t be disappointed. Want a wonderful view of the Skyline of Kuala Lumpur? Or want to make fun of your accomplice by comparing them to the wild monkeys? You get a great deal out of this place. A little away from the hassle of the city, this place can be you romantic destination.

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Kampung Baru:

Want a taste of the authentic Malaysian lifestyle? Kampung Baru is where you go, this amazing district is situated in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur and though there have been trials on renovating it, the locals didn’t let that plan transpire. The evening are filled with life and a lot of restaurants to serve you with authentic Malaysian food. What say? Isn’t this a deal? So, even if you don’t speak English, worry not, no one here does either.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park:

How does a little bird watching sound? Well, not in the creepy way. If you are visiting Kuala Lumpur with kids, this can be an amazing place to take your kids to. Experience the biggest aviary walk in the world and be bamboozled by the sight. From getting to learn from the education centres to feeding the birds, your kids are going to love the experience at the bird park.

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Homestay and holiday rentals:

Considering the number of tourists flying down every year, they have amazing Homestays in Kuala Lumpur and you’d be surprised how affordable these can actually be. You find these homestays in almost all the prime locations with convenience stores nearby. The owners of these rentals are basically typical Malaysian people and are pretty responsive and nice. So, why did a hole by staying at a hotel, instead get the comfort of a home by staying in one of these homestay rentals.

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