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8 September, 2013

We are almost 2 more months to Halloween (31 Oct) and there are already a whole list of 2013 Halloween events and parties in Singapore planned for the few weekends leading up to Halloween Day. Here is a quick list of these spooky Halloween events in Singapore with some rather interesting (and some scary) videos – watch at your own risk 🙂  Do note that some Halloween events have certain age restrictions and some other requirements (e.g. pregnant ladies and those with heart conditions are not allowed to participate) so do check with the organisers before buying your tickets.  We will update this list over the next 2 months as we get more information so stay tuned…

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2013 Halloween Events and Parties in Singapore

Sentosa Spooktacular 2013

[Sponsored Post] Sentosa will be teaming up with renowned Thai movie production studios, GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd. (GTH), in a joint production of its annual signature Halloween event – Sentosa Spooktacular 2013.  Creator of international horror hits such as Coming Soon, Shutter, Body, Dorm and Pee Mak, GTH will bring their unique brand of storytelling, deeply-rooted in Asian horror folklore, to redefine this year’s edition of Sentosa Spooktacular. Pee Mak, the studio’s blockbuster horror-comedy, along with other horror titles will transform Fort Siloso, setting the stage for a terrifying Halloween event, filled with blood-curdling screams and side-splitting laughter.

Sentosa Spooktacular, Asia’s largest horror fest, is set to take place for six nights in October and November. Fans of classic Thai horror films can expect to have their nerves tested in up to five elaborately themed, haunted trails inspired by GTH’s internationally acclaimed films namely, Coming Soon, Shutter, Pee Mak, Dorm and Body. These trails will be held once again at Fort Siloso.

The collaboration with GTH will see an infusion of Thai horror popularized by recent Thai cinematography. Beautiful Ghost wife ‘Nak’ from Pee Mak, vengeful sprits such as ‘Dararai’ from Body and ‘Netre’ from Shutter, will join arms with ‘Wichien’, the angry child spirit from Dorm, as well as the gruesome and iconic ‘Chaba’, who cursed and took the lives of movie goers in the frightful film, Coming Soon; in making their nether world crossover to Fort Siloso come October 2013.

The five will add to the line-up of Spooktacular’s famed resident ghoul ambassadors such as the Pontianak, the Chinese Ghost Bride, the Dead Soldier and the Chinese Vampire (Jiang Shi), who were successfully hired last year after their public displays and performances won over Sentosa Spooktacular’s organisers. Together, these two groups of distinctively Asian supernaturals will come together to populate Fort Siloso and its five new Horror Trails for a fright fest filled with spine-chilling encounters of ‘spooktacular’ proportions.


Fort Siloso, Sentosa


18th (Preview Night), 19th , 25th, 26th, 31st October, 1st and 2nd November 2013

7pm – 11pm

How Much:

Special Preview Night (18th Oct) – $40.60 (Limited 666 tickets available, while stocks last!)
Advance Purchase – $56.60 (Valid between 1 July to 15 October, while stocks last!)
Standard Purchase – $66.60 (Valid between 16 October to 2 November, while stocks last!)

More Information and Ticket Purchase Locations:

Video Trailer for Sentosa Spooktacular:

The Cursed Studio

During a normal day broadcast at the Radio studio, 2 DJs experience a light trip at 7.30pm which later realise they are in deep trouble. The studio was cursed at the following time and was told that none will survive the horrified events. Later during the day, 2 Radio DJs were reported murdered and 1 were missing and never be found. You task is to enter the cursed studio office and find the document to proof that these horrified activities had occured and escape before the dead found you and eat you alive.  Your first step in the most horrified haunted house that you will remember for life!  Once you enter, there will be no turning back. Are you prepared?


Chat Chat Media Studio @ Smith Street


  • 19, 20 Oct 2013
  • 25 – 27 Oct 2013
  • 30, 31 Oct 2013

7.30pm – 11pm

How Much:

  • Preview Ticket (19th Oct) – $18 (Purchase between 20 Jul – 30 Aug 2013)
  • Early Bird Ticket – $28 (Purchase between 1 Aug – 10 Oct 2013)
  • Standard Ticket – $48 (Purchase between 11 Oct – 31 Oct 2013)
  • You can also purchase an express queue ticket to skip the queues for an additional $10 (Purchase between 1 Aug – 31 Oct 2013)

More Information and Ticket Purchase Locations:

  • The Cursed Studio Website:
  • At the venue itself (subject to availability)

Video Trailer for The Cursed Studio:

Escape To ‘Hell’oween – Horror Creeps Within

ATTENTION! ALL RECRUITS TO FALL IN!  Your survival test is scheduled on the 25 and 26 Oct 2013.  To pass your test, you are required to survive in the Maze of Terror! But be WARNED, many took the test and failed. They were never seen again and never left the maze. The only people who can tell you what happened are the few survivors of the test. It is said that ghosts and demons lurk in the maze looking to feast on souls from 6pm – 11pm. It was also said to increase your chances of survival, you should camouflage yourself to look like them– the evil undead. The prize is your precious life!  If you survive the maze, let the mystical seer cleanse your spirit and prophesy your fate!


D’ Marquee at Downtown East


25 Oct to 26 Oct 2013

6pm – 11pm

How Much:

Admission tickets to Escape to “Hell”oween are listed by Early Bird prices first and then Normal prices
nEbO Plus! member:  $5 (early bird)/$8 (normal)
NTUC Plus! member: $5/$12
Public: $15/$18

Members of the public within the nEbO age group (12-24 years old) are entitled to a free 2 years nEbO membership.

Early Bird tickets are available till 15 September 2013 or when the Early Bird maximum capacity is reached, whichever earlier

More Information and Ticket Purchase Locations:

  • Downtown East Website:
  • At the venue itself (subject to availability)

Video for Escape to “Hell”oween (this isn’t an official trailer for 2013 event but was a quick sneak at what to expect from the 2012 halloween event video)

Sentosa 4D Adventureland Fright Nites

Panic House – You have been warned! This 4-D Horror Ride moves in a flash, as your host morphs into a monster to destroy you! Escape, or be imprisoned forever!

Grip of the Undead – A virus infected the employees of a factory, transforming them into the hungry undead. Your mission to be part of this 4-D Gory Game, to slay zombies as you defend your body and soul…


Sentosa 4D Adventureland


4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 and 27 Oct 2013

7pm – 11pm

How Much:

  • Early Bird “Fright Pass”: $26.90 – You can exchange this “Fright Pass” during the DAY to visit our other attractions (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island The 4-D Experience, Extreme Log Ride, Desperados)
  • Standard “Fright Pass”: $38.90

More Information and Ticket Purchase Locations:

  • Sentosa 4D Adventureland Website:


Race the Dead 5 Kilometres Run

This Halloween, brace yourself for a 5K dash that will set your heart-racing faster than you can run. Standing in your way, every corner and every turn, will be hordes of zombies waiting to grab a hold of your beautiful faces to tear them open and consume what’s beneath. The apocalypse is closer than you think, and if you think all you’ve got to be is fast, you’ve got another thing coming.

At the start of the race, runners will be issued 2 red flags simulating their lives. The goal of the race is to reach the finish line with at least 1 red flag left to qualify for placing.  The entire course will be infested with at least a 100 zombies (based on intel) and runners are to avoid contact with them at all cost.  Expect obstacles along the way and take extra precaution clearing them, remember there’s more than one way to die.




26 to 27 Oct 2013

8am – 8pm

How Much:

  • 2nd Day Men/Women Open Category – $79.90 (Do note that Day 1 tickets are all sold out in 14 hours and Day 2 tickets are selling fast!)

More Information and Ticket Purchase Locations:

  • Race the Dead Website:

Video Trailer for Race the Dead:

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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