Halloween at Sentosa 4D Magix Deadly Ever After Haunted Trail

20 October, 2012

With the whole suite of Halloween events all around Singapore – at least 3 different ones right on Sentosa Island and even 1 in a museum (free at Asian Civilisation Museum), Halloween fans are spoilt for choice in which Halloween event and party to check out.

We will provide you with a quick peek at what to expect from the Sentosa 4D Magix “Deadly Ever After” Haunted Trail but before that, I would like to announce the winners of the PassportChop.com-Sentosa 4D Magix contest (as well as their  winning entries).  Each of the winners won a pair of Sentosa 4D Magix Deadly Ever After Haunted Trail Premium Package Tickets (worth $28). – Congrats!!



I want to experience the adrenaline rush through my body when the ghost pops up in front of us to scare us. Definitely will scream out loud. Oh, I can’t miss this deadly experience. I want to go to DEADLY EVER AFTER!!! :) )

Mervyn Sng

I want to go to Sentosa 4D Magix Haunted Trail because firstly, I’m not fainthearted and I’m intrigued as to how the cable car will fit in to plot of the pregnant lady.. really brings out the meaning of suspense or rather “suspension in mid air?”

Jennifer Lin

My boy friend always acts macho when watching scary movies with me. I want to bring him to Deadly Ever after to expose his scary side as he sure can’t mask his feelings when walking through such a spooky trail. I heard he freaked out during university orientation fright walk and can’t wait to witness it myself.


The Sentosa 4D Magix “Deadly Ever After” trail combines old Chinese superstitions with the wrath of a Chinese ghost to present the spoojiest elements of Asian horror.  The haunted trail depicts the journey of a ghost marriage and tells a frightening tale of two souls shackled by fate and vengeance.

What differentiates the Sentosa 4D Magix “Deadly Ever After” trail from other Halloween events is that it has a storyline and part of the experience of being on the trail is that you get immersed in the story as you walk past depictions of the sad story along the trail.  This is not a 4D show – the “ghosts” and characters will not touch you – nor are you allowed to touch them!

To make this an enjoyable experience, you should check out the 2 trailers of the Sentosa 4D Magix “Deadly Ever After” trail before going for it – don’t worry – even if you miss out on it, you can see the trailers while you are queuing to go into the trail.  The story is about the horrors of a match made in hell where an innocent young lady, Ah Ling, was forced into a Chinese ghost marriage with a dead man.  You will watch the tale unfold as Ah Ling becomes mysteriously pregnant with the child of her dead husband and struggles with insanity.

Sentosa 4D Magix Halloween 2012 – ” Deadly Ever After ” Trailer 1

Sentosa 4D Magix Halloween 2012 – ” Deadly Ever After ” Trailer 2

You will begin your hair raising journey of the 288m trail at Sentosa 4D Magix, and end off at the Singapore Cable Museum.  If you had bought the premium package tickets, your journey will begin a cable car ride to Sentosa Island – along the way, check out the Angry Bird cable cars for example in the picture below – the green pig being chased by a red angry bird! – an entertaining sight for the short journey on the cable car to Sentosa Island.  For more info on what this is all about, check out http://www.singaporecablecar.com.sg/angrybirdsonmountfaber/ for more info on the World’s First Angry Bird Cable Car Ride.

Halloween Singapore Sentosa 4D Magix Cable Car angry Bird Deadly Ever After

The Sentosa 4D Magix is just a short walk from the cable car station on Mount Imbiah.  The trail admits 4 person at a time and in my opinion, this is just the right size – too big a group, you might not feel the scariness of the trail; too small a group, could be too scary as you never know where something or someone might pop out along the trail.  You do have to be prepared for the wait if there is a long queue but don’t worry, there are always ghoulish characters roaming about around the queues to keep you entertained!

Halloween Singapore Sentosa 4D Magix Cable Car Deadly Ever After Ghosts Costumes Haunted

One of the scary characters along the Deadly Ever After Haunted trail…

Halloween Singapore Sentosa 4D Magix Cable Car Deadly Ever After Ghosts Costumes Haunted

Set in the 1970s, the “Deadly Ever After” haunted trail will feature different rooms of terror that will allow thrill-seekers like yourselves to experience the horrifying story of Ah Ling with a walk through of the haunted funeral home, ghostly marriage ceremony and creepy surgery theatre (as seen in the picture below).  Loiter too long at one particular room and the characters will get personal with you – chasing you away with screams and shouts.

Halloween Singapore Sentosa 4D Magix Cable Car Deadly Ever After Ghosts Costumes Haunted

The ‘Deadly Ever After’ is a five-day event which will run from Oct 19-20 and Oct 26-28 from 7pm to 11pm.  You can buy the Premium Package Tickets which includes a 1-way Singapore Cable Car ride and admission to haunted trail at $28 per person or just the haunted trail basic ticket (without cable car ride) at $17 per person.

This event is not recommended for children under the age of 13.  For more info, see http://www.sentosa4dmagixhalloween.com.sg

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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