Luxurious Gastronomic Discovery at Marina Bay Sands with Asia’s Dining Destination Package

18 December, 2011

Imagine a luxurious staycation at Marina Bay Sands where you get to not only dine at one of Marina Bay Sands’ celebrity restaurants but also check out the kitchens of various celebrity chef restaurants to understand the secret behind their worldwide success. This post will provide you with a quick glimpse into what such an itinerary would look like.

Kitchen Tour at Restaurant Guy Savoy

Hailed as the youngest of the great French legends credited with pioneering “Nouvelle Cuisine”, Guy Savoy‘s eponymous restaurant in Paris is considered one of the finest haute-cuisine establishments in the world.  Chef Savoy’s attention to detail and intimate knowledge of the very best ingredients the world has to offer guarantees that every dish he creates is an appetizing work of art.  Besides understanding from the head chef of Restaurant Guy Savoy (not Guy Savoy himself but one of his top chefs under his wing) the philosophy behind the restaurant, Mr Savoy’s management style, we were also treated to samples of the restaurant’s good food e.g. the Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup (served with toasted mushroom brioche and black truffle butter).

Guy Savoy Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Restaurant Asia's Dining Destination Package Gastronomic Discovery at Marina Bay Sands Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour at Santi

Santi combines the unique culture and taste of the Mediterranean, derived from Chef Santi Santamaria‘s Catalan roots.  This modern restaurant serves culinary masterpieces with the influences of different Asian cultures.  The Tapas Bar also offers a range of Tapas from Spain to savor – perfect for those who prefer a lighter menu in a more casual setting.  What is curiously common across the various kitchens of the celebrity restaurants is their relatively small size (compared to their counterparts around the world) – this was mainly because some of the preparation for their non-signature food e.g. breads are prepared by the Marina Bay Sands main kitchen.

Our favorite part of each of these kitchen tours was the opportunity to sample their finest dishes – in Santi’s case, it is the Iberic Ham with Tomato Bread Toast served with Gazpazho Andaluz – a perfect starter dish or as one of the many tapas to savour during your meal at Santi.

Santi Spanish Tapas Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Restaurant Asia's Dining Destination Package Gastronomic Discovery at Marina Bay Sands Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour at Waku Ghin

Waku Ghin‘s European-based, yet Japanese-influenced, menu boasts dishes made with the freshest ingredients sourced from the region and beyond.  There are no fixed menus here – you are served what the chef deems as the freshest catch of the day (of course, you can state your dietary preferences).  The dining ambiance here is that of a highly personalised and intimate experience where the chefs prepare your meal with all the fresh ingredients laid out in front of you.  We had a preview of that during our kitchen tour when one of the chefs prepared and cooked a very delicious tasting dish of braised lobster.

Waku Ghin Japanese Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Restaurant Asia's Dining Destination Package Gastronomic Discovery at Marina Bay Sands Kitchen Tour

5-star Dinner at one of Marina Bay Sands’ Celebrity Chef Restaurant – db Bistro Moderne

After a tour of the celebrity restaurants’ kitchens, it’s time to settle down for dinner at one of these top restaurants at Marina Bay Sands.  db Bistro Moderne at Marina Bay Sands presents contemporary American flavors, prepared by traditional French bistro techniques, in a casual and elegant setting. Chef Daniel Boulud (the reason for the db in the restaurant’s name) re-interprets the classic Parisian bistro in the style of the acclaimed db Bistro Moderne in New York City.

The picture below provides a visual summary of some of the best dishes available at db Bistro Moderne – going clockwise from top left which shows the elegant setting and ambiance you can expect by dining here, followed by the Roasted John Dory which is served with Truffle Risotto, Glazed Salsify and Turnips, Chicken Jus and Shaved Alba White Truffle. This dish is one of my favorite in db Bistro Moderne’s menu because of the freshness of the dory fish and how the various ingredients accentuates its taste. My other favorite is its dessert dish – the clasic sounding Ile Flottante which is a lemon floating island with poached rhubarb, yoghurt sauce Hans Tschida, Samling 88, Beerenauslese, Burgenland 2006 where the sweet wine components complements the sourness of the lemon and rhubarb perfectly.

The other picture (below Ile Flottante) is actually again Roasted John Dory – just from another angle (this dish is my absolute favorite so have decided to feature it twice :-)). The last picture in the series is the Summer Truffle Tarte Flambée served with Alsatian Flat Bread, Shaved Summer Truffle, Fromage Blanc, Bacon, Onion. To a layperson, it actually tasted like a crispy thin crust pizza with generous servings of truffle.

db Bistro Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Restaurant Asia's Dining Destination Package Gastronomic Discovery at Marina Bay Sands Kitchen Tour

Christmas Shopping at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes

After a long day of eating at various celebrity restaurants, it is time to work off the calories with some Christmas shopping at the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes.  With close to 800,000 square feet of retail and dining space and luxury retailers such as Bally, Cartier, CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, you will definitely be able to find something special for your family and friends.  Also check out the new Louis Vuitton “island” store housed in the Crystal Pavilion (North).

Enjoying the Night View of the Singapore Skyline from the comfort of your Club Room or from the Skypark Swimming Pool

There is no better way to end a fun day of gastronomic discoveries than by relaxing by the floor-to-ceiling bay windows of your Club Room or Orchid Suite (check out PassportChop’s review of the Orchid Suite from an earlier shopping adventure with Marina Bay Sands) and taking in the beautiful sight of the Singapore Central Business District skyline.  Switch off your room lights and pick out the popular sights e.g. Esplanade, ArtScience Museum, the iconic Fullerton Hotel and Merlion.  Or if you are still looking to work off the calories – head up to the Skypark for a swim at the infinity pool and enjoy the views of Singapore’s skyline.

Marina Bay Sands Club Room Orchid Suite Gastronomic Discovery City View Room Night ArtScience Christmas Shopping

Breakfast at Rise

After a good night’s sleep at your comfortable Club Room or suite, your gastronomic adventure is actually only just beginning (specifically the eating part!).  Indulge in a wide selection of food from Rise’s international buffet spread – be it meat buns (pao), dim sum (e.g. siew mai, xiao long bao), omelette, sausages, pastries – you name it they have it!

Rise can get very crowded in the morning so start early and avoid the peak periods e.g. 8.30 – 9.30am if you want to get the best seats (the ones nearest the buffet spread).

Rise Breakfast Buffet International Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Restaurant Asia's Dining Destination Package Gastronomic Discovery at Marina Bay Sands Kitchen Tour

Breakfast, Afternoon Tea & Evening Cocktails at The Club

Alternatively, if you want a more private setting without all the crowds at the Rise, you can also enjoy your breakfast at The Club – located at 57th floor at Marina Bay Sands.  Breakfast at The Club is exclusively only for Club Room or Suite guests and you enjoy much more personalised services e.g. you can order your scrambled eggs or omelette and the staff will have it deliver to your table – unlike at Rise where there are long queues.  Food selection here is more limited than Rise but the food served here taste just as great as Rise.

Breakfast is served from 6.30am til 11am at The Club – if you are an early riser, why not catch the sunrise from one of the highest point in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands and then start your day with an early breakfast.

After breakfast, go for a swim at the Skypark infinity pool or continue your shopping at the Shoppes before indulging in an Afternoon Tea Buffet at The Club with various English-style pastries e.g. scones, muffins and sandwiches.  If you are not a morning person, well you can also catch the sunset at The Club with Pre-dinner Sunset Cocktails and some light snack.  This would be perfect if you are planning to catch the latest musical performance at the Marina Bay Sands theater.

The Club Breakfast Buffet International Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Restaurant Asia's Dining Destination Package Gastronomic Discovery at Marina Bay Sands Kitchen Tour

By now, you must be thinking that the editors at are being well too imaginative.  Realistically how are all of the above achievable – you might have to pull some strings to gain access to closely guarded kitchens of the celebrity restaurants and not mentioning the cost involved to pull this off!

Actually all of the above activities that I have described is very easily achieved.  All you have to do is sign up with Marina Bay Sands’ Ultimate Gastronomic Discovery!  At a price starting from S$1638++ for 3 days, 2 nights and a maximum of 2 guests, you get to enjoy the following (as described in detail above):

  • A 2-night stay in a Club Room or Orchid Suite
  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes kitchen tour through a selection of Celebrity Chef restaurants
  • A 5-star dinner at the Celebrity Chef Restaurantof your choice:
    • CUT
    • db Bistro – menu items as described above are available with this MBS gastronomic package!
    • SANTI
    • Guy Savoy
    • Osteria Mozza
    • Sky on 57
  • Daily breakfast
  • Complimentary Afternoon Tea at The Club at Marina Bay Sands
  • Complimentary Sunset Cocktails at The Club at Marina Bay Sands
  • If you are flying into Singapore, you can also enjoy complimentary Airport Shuttle Bus transfer to Marina Bay Sands on arrival so you can embark on your dining adventure as soon as you check-in!

Terms and conditions apply. Check out for more information as well as the menu items on offer at the respective celebrity restaurants as part of this Gastronomic Discovery package.

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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