Zipping Down Siloso Beach with MegaZip Adventure

23 October, 2012

If the thrill of body “skydiving” at iFly Singapore excites you, there is another attraction on Sentosa Island which also gives you the excitement of “flying” across the skies above Siloso Beach – the MegaZip Singapore.  Perched atop Imbiah Hill on Sentosa Island, the MegaZip Adventure Park has a range of attractions from zip lines (flying foxes) (MegaZip), a climbing wall (North Face), a high rope obstacle course with 36 challenging elements (ClimbMax) and a simulated parachute jump (ParaJump). had the opportunity to try out the MegaZip where we “zipped” down a zip line down Imbiah Hill all the way down to an island off Siloso Beach at Fox Finish Point.  At 75 metres high and 450 metres long and travelling at a speed of 50 km per hour, this is an experience which might frightened some but actually once you get off the initial fear of stepping off the platform, the ride is pretty relaxing as you admire whatever scenery (mainly the lush canopy on the hill but you won’t hit anyone of them) you can see as you zoom past them at high speeds.  It is understandably very breezy as you zip down.  You can choose to hold on to the rope hanging you to the zip line or just let go and lean back and enjoy the ride.

The ride ends almost as soon it started – about just a minute journey down Imbiah Hill to Fox Finish Point.  Towards the end of your ride, don’t do anything to slow yourselves down e.g. lean back with your back facing Imbiah Hill, because the last stretch towards the platform on Fox Finish Point is quite straight and you might get stuck on the zip line and not reach the platform if your ride slowed down dramatically.  MegaZip staff would then have to “rescue” you as they slide you towards the platform – I have seen a number of MegaZippers get stuck this way.

Check out the video of our MegaZip ride down Imbiah Hill to Fox Finish Point:

The minimum height to securely fit into one of MegaZip’s harnesses is 90 cm, and the maximum weight is 140 kg.  The minimum weight to travel as an individual is 30 kg. It is recommended that those who are less than 50 kg zip down in tandem with another person (as long the total weight do not exceed the maximum weight allowable), as the heavier you are, the faster you go – I have seen a couple of kids do this with their friends or with one of their parents!

Each Zip will cost you S$35 and if there are long queues, you can get a VIP Pass that helps you to bypass queues at S$20.  There are also packages which comprise other attractions in the Adventure Park that helps you to save when you play more of their attractions.

Do check out the MegaZip website at for more info on their attractions and discounts and promotions e.g. Sentosa Island Partner cards.  Doing the MegaZip during your birthday month lets you go for free, but you have to be part of a group. However, if you can make it down to the park on your birthday, you can go for free with no restrictions – Sweet Deal!

With its whole range of attractions, MegaZip Adventure Park is perfect for family fun and adventure and birthday parties and also quite an ideal venue for fun corporate training, team bonding and team building.

MegaZip operates a buggy service between the Siloso Beach ticketing bus and the MegaZip Adventure Park itself on Imbiah Hill.  If you are near Siloso Beach, MegaZip can transport you up there for $5 (or free with any activity).  Alternatively, from the Imbiah Lookout Bus Stop, you can walk 40 metres down the road towards Imbiah Hill Road; the junction on the left and walk 100 metres up the road to MegaZip (note that some stretch of this road can be quite steep).

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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