Creative Dining Experience at Osia Resorts World Sentosa with the Seafood Ice Experience and Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup

20 July, 2014

Located at Resorts World Sentosa Festive Walk, Osia at Resorts World Sentosa is well known for its out-of-the-box innovative dishes.  The famous Australian Celebrity Chef Scott Webster had teamed up with Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay to develop Osia’s unique yet innovative menu which combines Asian influences and western culinary techniques with finesse – so if you like fusion food and would like to try something new beyond the usual fish and chips western dining, Osia is the place to be at.


I like the open-kitchen concept of Osia restaurant – while the restaurant is quite small, the open kitchen helps to create the perception of spaciousness.  Furthermore, you get to watch the chefs in cooking action – don’t worry about cooking smells and noises as they work quite quietly and all the heavy cooking (e.g. frying, pan-searing) is done under powerful cooker hoods! I really like Osia’s contemporary interior design and large panel floor to ceiling windows too!



But most importantly the food at Osia is made using fresh Australian produce and we had the opportunity to try out all of Osia’s signature dishes – Sea Perch, Seafood Ice Experience, Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast, and Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup.

Osia Seafood Ice Experience – Refreshing Seafood Appetiser served in Test Tubes

We began our dining experience at Osia with the unique Osia Seafood Ice Experience ($34++).  This appetiser is served in 6 test tubes (with colorful contents) in a test tube holder – each test tube containing different mixes of fruity ice blend with fresh seafood.  Our Seafood Ice Experience comprised:

  • Watermelon Raspberry Vinegar, Amaebi
  • Acacia Honey Lemonade, Hokkaido Scallop
  • Sourz Apple, Salmon Trout
  • Coconut, Maine Lobster
  • Pineapple Rum, Tuna
  • Lychee Martini Ice, Oyster

This Seafood Ice Experience was a creation of Chef Douglas who was inspired by test tubes racks he saw while hospitalized some years ago!

Start from the left to right because the flavours get stronger with each test tube. I personally loved the coconut and maine lobster mix – the fresh lobster meat tasted very well with coconut icy blend – that is the 4th one from the left in the picture below (be sure to mix the content so you get a taste of the mix or else it is just lobster meat – which is still quite good by itself!).

This colorful appetiser was a great palate cleanser to start your meal at Osia. The specially formulated fruity ice is able to withstand ambient temperature for twice the usual time. So no need to rush through it although it is quite challenging to dig out the contents of each test tube.


Osia Maine Lobster – Addictive and Yummy Appetiser with Fresh Lobster Meat

The Osia Maine Lobster ($38++) is prepared butter poached with Sheet Pasta, Mango Salsa, Fermented Black Bean and Chive Butter Nage.  A very delicious appetiser – if you don’t like to start your meal with a cold appetiser, then this Osia Maine Lobster is a great complement as it is served warm and fresh!

The fresh lobster meat is cooked wrapped with sheet pasta and covered with creamy sauce (not quite what sauce is this) but it almost taste like a lobster wanton (dumpling) with the soft pasta.  A very flavourful dish especially with the mango salsa!


Osia Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast – Melts in Your Mouth Goodness

The Osia Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast ($58++) is the highlight of our dinner at Osia (not surprising since it is also Osia’s signature dish!). The Osia lamb dish is unique in 2 ways – the first is the smell and taste: lamb meat typically has a strong distinct smell and gamey taste but the Osia’s version tasted just great (even Tingyi who disliked the strong aroma of lamb meat, enjoyed this dish!).  The second was the “melts-in-your-mouth” experience when you chew on Osia lamb dish – it is very flavorful and tender!  The sides of Swede Carrot Purée, Romanesco, Garlic Cream Spelt, Tawny Port Jus complements the Lamb Short Loin and Breast perfectly.  Needless to say, this plate is completely wiped clean within minutes!


Osia Perch – Absolutely Delicious Baked Sea Perch Dish

Another signature dish of Osia is the Osia Sea Perch ($46++) served with Sesame Ratte Potato, Pea Tendrils, Soy Milk Curd, Shiromiso Glaze. Osia’s Sea Perch is pan seared then baked before being served with  little cubes of Soy Milk Curd and a generous spread of home-made Shiromiso Glaze.

I try not to order fish dishes at restaurants as I am concerned about the fishy smell of poorly-sourced and prepared fish but you will have none of that here in Osia – the Osia Sea Perch we tasted was super fresh and soft and tender!  Even before tasting it, we were attracted by its fragrant aroma.  The pea tendrils (yes – the green vegetables-looking like stuff in the picture below) do taste quite bitter though – somewhat like spinach so eat with your sea perch to balance off the taste. 🙂


Osia Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup – Vanilla Ice-cream with Black Pepper (Unique!)

Black pepper vanilla ice cream?  Not a combination you would think of ice-cream? but you will find it here at Osia served with the Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup ($20++).  Not quite a soup – it is more like chocolate fudge cum chocolate lava cake (whatever it is, it tasted great and sinful!).  Do take note that it is very hot so don’t rush into this lest you burn your tongue!


Australian celebrity chef Scott Webster created this dessert creation of Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup many years ago when he first set up Osia in London (now closed) and it was a big hit.  Now you can only taste it here at Osia in Resorts World Sentosa; it is included in the set lunch menu (which is quite value for money since 2 course set lunch menu cost $35++ and the Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup sold individually already cost $20++!)


Osia Macadamia Soufflé – Soft and Fluffy with a Great Mix of Banana, Sour Cream and Macadamia Flavours!

The Osia Macadamia Soufflé ($32++) is a dessert meant for two (as indicated in the menu).  It is prepared with Crunchy Praline, Banana Custard, Sour Ice Cream.  Do note that it takes 30 minutes to prepare this dessert so order early right at the start of your meal at Osia.

When you are served your souffle, quickly pour the banana custard into the soufflé and eat it with the ice cream and praline – what we did was quickly mix everything for a mish-mash of flavours – the sour ice cream with the sweet custard and mix of textures – crispy and crunchy praline with the soft and fluffy souffle.  Soft and fluffy being the keyword here as it gives you another melt in your mouth feeling to round up your dinner at Osia!


Money Saving Tips for an Affordable Osia Dining Experience (and perhaps even Free!)

While the food at Osia is really good, dining here at this restaurant is not cheap but you can tap on Resorts World Sentosa’s ongoing promotions and RWS Invites privileges to make your Osia dining experience a lot more affordable (even free!) – I have compiled a few of the promotions (accurate as at 20 July 2014 – check RWS website for more promotions):

Resorts World Sentosa Hotel Guest Dining Privileges (not valid on eve and day of public holiday)

30% off for Lunch and 20% off for Dinner at participating restaurants (Osia is one of them)

Flash your room key card and charge to your room to get your discount

Valid for guests of Hotel Michael, Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Equarius Hotel and Beach Villa. Perfect way to complement your staycation in Resorts World Sentosa with a celebrity chef restaurant dining experience!

RWS Invites Welcome Package – $200 Dining Vouchers

When you join RWS Invites (for S$150), you get to choose one of five welcome packages – one of them is the Dolphin Island Experience package (which includes Dolphin Trek at Resorts World Sentosa Adventure Cove Dolphin Island) but the relevant one for the purpose of this blog post is the S$200 dining vouchers so you can enjoy the Seafood Ice Experience $34++(as appetizer) plus Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast $58++ plus Sea Perch $46++ (for main courses) plus Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup $20++ (as dessert) and still have about $14 left!

RWS Invites members also earn 20% Invites$ rebate on dining at Osia and other participating restaurant.  1 Invites$ is equal to S$1 which can be used to offset your next spending in Resorts World Sentosa

RWS Invites Member Dine Free Promotion

Until 31 Aug 2014, RWS Invites Members will earn Members Dine Free Rebate for applicable transactions at selected F&B participating outlets (Forest森, KT’s Grill, Osia, Palio, Starz Restaurant, Tangerine):
a. Member with 1 guest: 50% Rebate
b. Member with 2 guests: 33% Rebate
c. Member with 3 guests: 25% Rebate
d. Member dining solo or a party of 5 to 20: 20% Rebate

Osia’s Award Winning Dining Experience

As we left the Osia restaurant, we saw that a few of the walls were filled with awards e.g. Best Dining Experience Award in the Singapore Experience Awards 2011, Singapore’s Best Restaurant Guide 2011 by Singapore Tatler and Best New Restaurant by CNNGo’s Best Eats awards 2010.  Osia definitely deserves these awards and accolades – if i could, i would print a Best Restaurant award for them too! :-p


Osia offers pre-theater show dining menus if you are catching award-winning shows and performances like Addams Family and Nanta Cookin’ at the Resorts World Sentosa Festive Grand Theatre (reservation required and you will need to show your ticket stubs before ordering).

Even if you are not catching any shows at Resorts World Sentosa Festive Grand Theatre, you can still check out Lake of Dreams performance just outside Osia.  This Lake of Dreams performance is a spectacular choreographed display of fire, water and light, designed by four-time Emmy award-winner Jeremy Railton.  The Lake of Dreams is showing every night at 9.30 pm at FestiveWalk (but the Osia pre-theater show dining menu is not applicable for Lake of Dreams :-)).


Getting to Osia Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa

Address of Osia Restaurant
8 Sentosa Gateway
Level 2 Crockfords Tower
Resorts World Sentosa
Tel No.: +65 6577 6688

Operating Hours
Lunch: 12:00pm – 3:00pm (Thu – Tue)
Dinner: 6:00pm – 10:30pm (Thu – Tue)
Closed all-day on Wednesday

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Route to Osia from Equarius Hotel/ ESPA

  • Take the complimentary Resorts World Sentosa RWS shuttle service from Equarius Hotel to the lobby of Hotel Michael (see picture below for Resorts World Sentosa free shuttle bus route).


  • Exit from Hotel Michael to a lobby with a pair of Botero statues, where you will find a flight of steps leading down.
  • Go down these steps; Osia will come into view on your left (see picture of Osia exterior below)


Route to Osia by Train / Sentosa Express

  • Take North-East line or Circle line to HarbourFront station.
  • Take Exit E to VivoCity and proceed to level 3 to board the Sentosa Express.
  • Alight 1 stop later at Waterfront station and walk straight until you reach the Lake of Dreams, next to which you will find a flight of steps leading up.
  • Go up those steps; Osia will come into view on your right.


Route to Osia by Bus

  • Take buses 65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145 or 166 and alight at VivoCity.
  • Board bus RWS8 from bus stop 14141 at VivoCity or bus stop 14121 at Merrill Lynch, HarbourFront. Alight at Resorts World Sentosa drop-off point.
  • Enter via The Forum and take the escalator on your left to level 1. Walk straight to the Lake of Dreams, next to which you will find a flight of steps leading up.
  • Go up these steps; Osia will come into view on your right.

Route to Osia by Taxi

  • Ask the taxi driver to drop you at the lobby of Hotel Michael in Resorts World Sentosa.
  • Exit from Hotel Michael to a lobby with a pair of Botero statues, where you will find a flight of steps leading down.
  • Go down these steps; Osia will come into view on your left.

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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