Pizza Hut New Twist ‘N’ Dunk Pizza & Chicken Pomodoro Pasta Review

25 October, 2009

Having tried Pizza Hut’s Pasta Perfetto – Fish in Tomato Cream Sauce and Prawn Aglio Olio last month, we are convinced that Pizza Hut can cook yummy pastas with very unique flavors.  We decided to try out a pasta dish that is more commonly available in the market to ascertain if Pizza Hut’s version is indeed better.

We found a Chicken Bolognese-equivalent being offered in Pizza Hut – the Classic Pasta Perfetto Chicken Pomodoro ($6.50).  This dish is essentially Pasta and Chicken cooked in Tasty Tomato Herb Sauce.  I have tried many such dishes at different pasta outlets and the tomato base sauce was either too overpowering (masking over the aroma of the pasta and chicken) or too sour and quantity of chicken pieces pathetic.

However, Pizza Hut managed to get the tomato base sauce mix just right and it complements the taste of the chicken and pasta perfectly.  The serving is also adequate, with a good quantity of chicken pieces well-mixed in the tomato base sauce.
Chicken Pomodoro

Pizza Hut’s latest marketing campaign – Taste & Confess couldn’t have come at a more perfect timing, especially for people like me who doubted its ability to produce yummy pastas.  Ok lah!  Pizza Hut, I confess that I doubted you before.  Now I am totally convinced.  Keep up the Good Work.  🙂

Twist ‘N’ Dunk Pizza

Besides the Chicken Pomodoro Pasta, we also tried the new Twist ‘N’ Dunk Pizza.  This new pizza comes with 18 mini crusts topped with savoury Italian herbs.  For the best dining experience, twist these mini crusts off the pizza (see how we did it in the picture below) and dunk them into cheddar cheese and nacho chips for the cheesy crispy taste.  One set of cheddar cheese and nacho chips condiments is provided with each order of the pizza.  You can choose your preferred toppings (e.g. Hawaiian, Curry Chicken, Veggie Lover).

Twist 'N' Dunk Pizza

If you have a Citibank credit card, you will enjoy a 25% discount on any Ala Carte Dine-in Order for the Twist ‘N’ Dunk Pizza til 1 December 09.  We ordered a Family Favorites Twist ‘N’ Dunk Pizza with Hawaiian toppings at just $13.88 (25% discount – usual price: $18.50).

We rate Pizza Hut’s Pasta Perfetto and Twist ‘N’ Dunk Pizza

  • Food (Chicken Pomodoro tomato base sauce well mixed and cooked):              4/5
  • Ambiance (quiet and welcoming):                                                                                      3.5/5
  • Service (helpful and friendly):                                                                                             3.5/5
  • Location (Pizza Hut outlets are everywhere in Singapore):                                     4/5
  • Value (the Citibank 20% discount for Twist ‘N’ Dunk Pizza good deal!):              3.5/5

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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