1. Benson
    August 2, 2010

    I went to feng shui inn with my family members for dinner last month i find that the service really veri sucks.We went in to the restaurant and were lead to our table you guess what we saw?They are clearing the table and we were asked to wait standing there looking at them clearing the table..The way they clear the table is like how the coffeeshop zi cha store do the clear.Place everything in a bucket and bring away.Im also in F&B line i noe this is not the way to do it..Firstly its not nice to clear the table infont of the others secondly they should not bring in the customer to the restaurant as the table is not ready setup..As we were seated and we ordered a pot of jasmine tea,you guys guess how long they take to serve?Its 30 mins and yet we got to ask them to serve many and den they bring the tea to us..In fact this is not the way to do service la..Once customer step in the restaurant and seat down the tea got to be serve to them straight.Maybe you all will say they are busy with customer but the resuarant is not busy juz a few tables onli and yet they got more den 7 staffs working..Btw this is my view for the resturant. :)

    • Zhiqiang & Tingyi
      August 2, 2010

      wow – thats quite bad service from them; we went on a weekday lunch and there were only a handful of customers but didnt encounter this situation. Do feedback to the management directly and let us know what they say. :-)

  2. Benson
    August 2, 2010

    In fact working in F&B line service is very important..Somemore they are those high class restaurant at RWS.By giving such a kind of service is really a disgrace for the resort & their company..I suggest they should go restaurant management school for a training before they start work..

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