Review of Forever Crazy (by Crazy Horse Paris) Restricted-18 Performance at Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre

15 October, 2017
While the Forever Crazy performance at Marina Bay Sands is R-18 for nudity, you can be rest assured that this review is Safe for Work (SFW) – even the pictures are too.

Here is what you can expect from the Forever Crazy performance – nudity, yes the girls are really naked – bare breasts and buttocks, however there is a small patch covering their genital area. Forever Crazy is 80 minutes of short dance routines with individual performances as well as dynamic, energetic ensembles.

Don’t worry about being seated too far behind and not being able to see a thing – the show will also be projected on two big high definition LED screens on the sides (see picture below). However the screens are not showing the live performances but are pre-recorded videos of the exact same performances (sometimes by different dancers). The videos are most of the time in-sync in terms of dance routines with the actual live performances. However if you want to get up close, you can splurge for a $450 Forever Lounge (2 seats) – the cushion seats you see in the picture below. Each Forever Lounge seats include one bottle of Prosecco or Moscato too.

crazy horse forever crazy singapore review paris cabaret seating

The Forever Crazy performance starts with its famous opening number, a saucy satire on British military marching called God Save Our Bareskin. What you see in the picture below is a Safe for Work version – at the actual Forever Crazy performances, the red tops are off. This is one of the best dance (although they are more like marching) ensemble routine throughout the performance.

forever crazy paris singapore changing guard uk review

All the girls look identical and that is because of the strict audition requirements of height as well as distance between nipples of 21cm and leg length has to be precisely two-thirds of the distance from shoulder to sole. Most of the performances make use of lighting effects to illuminate the performers’ bodies, thus there are such specific requirements so as to achieve precision in the lighting effects.

Another great dance routine is the “Upside Down” which uses mirrors to create stunning reflections – here you can see how the performers’ legs and lighting effects make for beautiful visual effects.

crazy horse forever crazy singapore review paris upside down

The greatest surprise of all is that a male performer in this Forever Crazy performance is one of the most popular act. Guest artist Robert Muraine’s contortionist routine was very well received and you will be amazed at how “flexible” he is – you just have to see it for yourself.

If you have always wanted to enjoy the Crazy Horse Parisian cabaret experience, the Forever Crazy performance is the next best thing without having to fly all the way to Paris to experience it. Even though you may watching the show in Singapore, it is also presented in the exact same type of stage – measuring just 6m across, 2m high and 3m deep, to perfectly “frame” the dancers. Also, all the performers have trained and performed at Crazy Horse Paris. So you can be assured that it is just as good as the version in Paris.

Forever Crazy will run at the Grand Theatre at Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands until 22 Oct (Sunday). It is rated Restricted 18 for nudity.
Forever Lounge (For 2 seats): S$450
VIP : S$175
A Reserve : S$150
B Reserve : S$95
C Reserve : S$75
D Reserve : S$55

Cool Tix (Students & NSFs) at S$35 nett ticket*
Silver Tix (Senior Citizens above 60 years old) at S$35 nett ticket**Only applicable to D Reserve ticket.

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