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16 February, 2011

During our travels around the world, we often leverage on city day passes to achieve great savings through free admission to tourist attractions and discounts with dining partners. Thus we were glad to have the opportunity to experience Singapore’s top sights with iVenture‘s latest offering – the See Singapore Pass. The See Singapore Attractions Pass is designed to provide the value and convenience that visitors to Singapore are looking for.

Some of the benefits include free entry to top attractions e.g. Night Safari, Underwater World, Zoo & things-to-do e.g. Original Singapore Walks, in Singapore. These are Real Savings of up to 40% on admission fees (which typically range around 20-30 Singapore dollars for adult tickets) by visiting as little as 2 attractions a day with a 3-day pass. Also enjoy the convenience of Cash-free entry – simply show your card and you are in! If you are not familiar with where each attractions are, the See Singapore Pass comes with a free easy-reference guidebook for you to plan your itinerary with the Pass. Too lazy to plan, the guidebook also provides some itinerary suggestion so just find out where the meeting point for your tour is and start your adventure.

See Singapore Pass iVenture Tourist City Pass Map Reference Guide

With our 2-day See Singapore Pass ($99 and $59 for Adult and Child respectively), we set off to attractions around the island over 2 days to see if the See Singapore Pass really lived up to its pitch of Great Value and Unbeatable Convenience! To live up to the “reputation” of PassportChop.com as the “independent travel guru”, we decided to ditch the See Singapore Pass suggested itinerary and embarked on our own itinerary around Singapore.

10 February 2011 (Thursday)
9.30am – We met the folks of Original Singapore Walks® at Bugis MRT Exit B, showed our See Singapore Pass and off we proceeded for the “Sultans of Spice™, A Kampong Glam Walk“. Through this 2-hour walk, we got the inside scoop of “How was Singapore sold to the British for 60,000 Spanish Dollars?” and uncovered a curious blend of Malay folk traditions and Islam in the legends of the mysterious keris. The Original Singapore Walks® led by an eclectic bunch of researcher-guides, have taken locals and travelers alike off the beaten track, and entertained with an endless store of anecdotes that reveal the true heart of the city. Savings of $30 achieved!

1.30pm – After lunch, we made our way to Sentosa to check out the Underwater World Singapore & Dolphin Lagoon – a unique and well-known oceanarium showcasing some 2500 marine life from 250 species from around the regions and is extremely popular with all our visitors for providing fun, leisure and educational experiences. Free entry with the See Singapore Pass! Savings of $22.90 achieved. Note that admission to Sentosa is not included in the Pass.

Underwater World Singapore & Dolphin Lagoon oceanarium showcasing some 2500 marine life from 250 species

3pm – Since we were at Sentosa Island, we took the opportunity to enjoy our cheap holidays by checking out some of its attractions e.g. Skyline Luge Sentosa (Show See Singapore Pass and enjoy the special offer of $10 for Skyride & Luge or Unlimited Skyride for $10 per day – savings of $2 to Infinity ~depends on how many Skyrides can one take in one day before being bored of it~ achieved!) and Megazip (Free Fast Pass with See Singapore Pass – savings of $15 achieved!). Note that Megazip tickets are not included in this Pass.

6.30pm – After a full afternoon of fun at Sentosa island, we proceeded to the Singapore Flyer for a top-of-the-world experience 165 metres up in the sky. During the 30-minute flight, we enjoyed breathtaking 360-degree views of the Singapore cityscape and even parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. Free flight with the Singapore Pass! Savings of $29.50 achieved.

Singapore Flyer

11 February 2011 (Friday)

9am – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and rightly so as we started the day with a unique Breakfast at Tekka Market tour. As you walk around the Food Centre and Wet Market areas on this 2-hour tour by Cookyn with Mervyn, we learnt about the origins of Singapore (Chinese, Malay and Indian) through its amazing food. Other highlights of the tour include a traditional Teh Tarik (tea pouring) demonstration and knick knack shop dive-in. Free tour with our See Singapore Pass! Savings of $60 achieved.

1pm – After lunch, we decided to take things slow today and reminisce about our childhood memories at the MINT Museum of Toys at Seah Street. Visitors to the MINT Museum enjoy a world-class collection of vintage toys and childhood memorabilia from more than 40 countries all under one roof (over 4 floors). Free admission with our See Singapore Pass. Savings of $10 achieved.

Mint Museum of Toys Level 3 Childhood Favourites

So far we have seen great value provided by the See Singapore Pass, what about the unbeatable convenience? We experienced this with the free shuttle to Night Safari exclusively for See Singapore Pass!

6pm – Daily free shuttle services are available for See Singapore Pass holders who plan to visit Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo or Night Safari. The shuttle to Night Safari is operated by Luxury Tours & Travel at 6pm every night. Call 2 hours in advance to book your place on the shuttle. The Night Safari – the world’s first wildlife night park, was where we observed nocturnal animals graze, frolic and hunt for their food with an up close encounter with some animals. The 30-minute Creatures of the Night show is a must-do activity when you are at Night Safari – I even had the opportunity to get real up close with a snake which curled itself comfortably around me during a segment of the show. Free transfer and admission to Night Safari with See Singapore Pass. Savings of $32 + $18 (taxi fare from city to Night Safari if we were to go there ourselves) achieved.

Night Safari Creatures of the Night show

Total savings achieved with a $99 2-day See Singapore Pass: Over $110! (Admission fees for the various attractions and taxi transfer savings add up to over $220!) and as seen in the above itinerary, we have checked out almost every category available for the See Singapore Pass i.e. Museums -> Fun & Adventure -> Sightseeing -> Wildlife & Gardens -> Singapore Experiences. There were still other offers with dining partners with See Singapore Pass which we did not have the time to explore. Needless to say, the See Singapore Pass really does live up to its name of being of great value and unbeatable convenience and perfect for people looking for things while on a Last Minute Holiday in Singapore.

Do take note that terms and conditions apply with regards to the usage of the See Singapore Pass e.g. you can’t utilise the See Singapore Pass privileges on more than one of the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari attractions in a day. The above itinerary is quite a busy and packed one and might not be suitable for all so make full use of the free easy-reference guide that comes with the See Singapore Pass to plan an itinerary that fits your needs.

Reference Guide Map See Singapore Pass Tourist City Discounts

To buy the See Singapore Pass or enquiries, please call +65 67489591 or go to www.SeeSingaporePass.com.

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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