Review of Black Pork BBQ Restaurant at Seogwipo, Jeju Island

8 March, 2015

We tried quite a few Jeju yummy delicacies during our 4D3N trip in Jeju e.g. abalone porridge and grilled mackerel, black pork tofu kimchi hotpot and the pork ramen at Jeju city – the black pork BBQ was my favorite.  This black pork BBQ restaurant came at the recommendation of our Feliz Telcon hotel reception staff – I don’t know the name of the restaurant but I do have the GPS coordinates i.e. 7628588 so just key the number into your rental car Korean GPS and it should bring you there – it is located in the Seogwipo area so it will be quite out of the way if you are staying in Jeju city.

assorted black pork bbq jeju

Go early around 6+ pm because the restaurant is quite packed around 7+ pm – most of the diners are Koreans and there are even a few tour buses parked outside the restaurant and these are Korean tourists (probably from other parts of Korea).  We were quite assured knowing that a place frequented by locals and Koreans themselves means that the restaurant must be good :-).  Curbside parking is free but by the time we reached at around 6+, there are so many cars parked by the curb of this restaurant and surrounding areas so we had to park somewhere further down the road (also free parking).  Do note that this black pork bbq restaurant is not located in the heart of Seogwipo city – it is about 10 minutes drive away from the city centre (and about 1.5-2 hours drive away from Jeju city).

This is the signboard you should expect to see for the Jeju Black Pork BBQ restaurant – the number you see on the board is the phone number of the restaurant (and also doubles as GPS coordinates to the restaurant like all other places in Jeju).

famous restaurant seogwipo jeju black pork bbq

Just order the quantity of the black pork you need and the server will cut and BBQ the meat for you.  There is an English menu for this Jeju Black Pork BBQ restaurant (I will show it in a picture below) so it wasn’t a problem communicating what you want to eat with the restaurant servers – however if you have special requirements on how you want your black pork to be cooked, then it will be quite challenging as they don’t speak English at all.  Just order and eat what they cook lah.

jeju black pork bbq service cut

As with any other Korean meals in Jeju, there are lots of small side dishes provided – Kimchi and some egg soup etc. – all complimentary.

jeju black pork bbq kimchi side dishes radish

The vacuum system they have in this restaurant is quite powerful.  We expected that our clothes will stink with all the barbequing but it was not too bad – we left the restaurant with just a slight hint of smell.  You can try barbequing yourself if you want or just leave it there and the server will do what’s needed to be done – ensuring that the meat is cooked well – each server is in charge of a few tables so they will walk around and check in if the meat is cooked and then move on to the next table if no further action is required from them.

assorted black pork heukdwaeji hanmari jeju south korea

This is the English menu provided at the Jeju Black Pork BBQ restaurant (sorry I don’t know the exact name of that restaurant so just have to be very literal about the name of the restaurant :-)).  The weight and suggested serving size is indicated in the menu itself.  The portion we ordered above was for 2 persons – 500 grams all meat (no bones) – not cheap though (39000 KRW = about 35+ USD).

jeju south korea menu black pork bbq

This is from our neighbouring table – looks like a 4 person portion.  I am not a meat expert but it seems that the meat is quite well marbled i.e. see the different colors on the meat (with fat and muscle interspersed) itself and this means that the meat will be quite tender and juicy and flavorful (but more fat also means more calories intake!).

seogwipo black pork bbq jeju south korea

People come to this restaurant for the black pork BBQ so don’t expect a lot of other dishes on the menu – but if for some reason, you are here not to eat black pork BBQ then there are a few noodle selection – bibim guksu (spicy mixed noodle) – 3000 KRW- this is a cold dish; I don’t quite like it.

bibim guksu spicy mixed noodles jeju

Or you can order the myeolchi guksu (noodles with vegetables in dried anchovy broth) – 3000 KRW.  We tried a version of this at the Jeju City Ramen Street.  This tastes ok – if you don’t eat black pork BBQ and you don’t like cold noodles – this is your best bet for a good meal at this restaurant.

myeolchi guksu noodles vegetables dried anchovy broth jeju

The carnivores at the black pork BBQ restaurant in Seogwipo, Jeju.

jeju black pork restaurant famous tourist south korea

There are table and chair seating arrangements and also the traditional Korean seating i.e. sit on the floor type.  As you can see, it is quite crowded and almost full house by the time we reached at around 6+pm so be there early if you want to try this black pork BBQ.  I don’t think that this place is accessible by public transport – there will probably be a bus somewhere but I won’t be able to advise you on this.

popular black pork bbq famous

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  • June LimReply

    11 March, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    Restaurant is call Jeju Hukdon Saesang Suragan

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