Defying Laws of Gravity at Mysterious Road in Jeju, South Korea

13 June, 2015

Having experienced the fun optical illusions in the Jeju Alive Museum, we travelled north to a road near Jeju City. This road is known as Jeju Mysterious Road – the locals call it Dokkaebi Road. It is mysterious because objects on this road seem to defy the laws of gravity!

See the picture below – it looks like the cars are going uphill right? But no, with just neutral gear and foot off the accelerator, cars can actually go “uphill” on this road!

jeju mysterious road uphill no acceleration south korea

To get to Mysterious Road, you can key in the following number 7126988 – this will bring you to Loveland but don’t go in yet. There will be road signages around the area saying Mysterious Road. The signages get lesser along the way) so if you are worried of getting lost then follow the big tour buses and vans – they will likely be going there to Mysterious Road.

Do note that typically on tourist brochures, this number will be provided for Mysterious Road – 7103314 – this number is NOT accurate and will not get you there.

mysterious road jeju drive car gravity slope

This Mysterious Road actually has a downward slope of 3 degrees but appears to be uphill because of the higher surroundings. The Mysterious Road only stretches for about 100 meters and is clearly marked by a signpost at the start. If you drove to the Mysterious Road, you can put your gear to Neutral and release your foot off the accelerator at the starting point marker and see how your car moves uphill. For a video of how we did it, see:

Another signpost indicates where this stretch of the Mysterious Road ends. This is when you need to drive normally with your foot on the right pedal. It also gets crowded here as there are food and souvenir stalls around here.

south korea jeju mysterious road attraction tourist

Some tour guides will demonstrate the “magic” of the Jeju Mysterious Road by pouring water on the road so their tour groups can see water flowing “uphill”.

mysterious road water flow uphill demonstration tour jeju

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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