Review of J Hill Hotel Myeongdong in Seoul

30 November, 2014

If shopping is one of your main objectives for coming to Seoul for your holiday, then i strongly recommend staying in Myeongdong – one of the top 4 shopping streets in Seoul. There are many hotels in Myeongdong at different price ranges – I recommend J Hill Hotel Myeongdong for its value for money room rates and very convenient location – right in the heart of the Myeongdong shopping district.


J Hill Hotel occupies the 9th to 14th floors of the Chung Whi Building and the lobby is at the 13th floor. There are plastic surgery clinics, dental clinics and massage places at other floors. You check-in at the 13th floor to get your room keys. There is a security desk at ground floor but they don’t handle any J Hill Hotel matters.


The rooms are very small – the queen size bed takes up most of the room space – the other half of the room comprises a dressing table, a cupboard for you to hang a few clothes and some space for you to put your luggage. So manage your expectations with regards to the size of the room – the most important thing is that the room is quite clean. There is also complimentary Wi-Fi in-room and at the lobby.


The toilet/bathroom is also quite small and also very clean. There is even a bathtub and toilet seat with automatic washer.


A buffet breakfast is served at the lobby level (13th floor) – the variety of food on offer is quite ok – the standard pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon and sausages. There are also yoghurt and sandwiches available.


At the lobby, there is also a weighing scale to measure your luggage weight – very thoughtful of them – I expect that there will be quite a lot of people with luggage full of facial masks, cosmetic products and fashionable Korean-designed clothes to bring back home. 🙂


There is also a laundry room – coin operated dryer and washing machine and even a vending machine for washing powder! Ironing is free – just do it yourself using the ironing board and iron.


For smokers craving for their smoke fix, go up to the 14th floor open air terrace which is also the designated smoking area for the building.


Overall, I think J Hill Hotel is a very convenient hotel for shopaholics in Myeongdong – you can unload all your shopping barang barang at your room and go for your second/third or more round of shopping or just take a break or a nap.

There are a lot of good eating places around the hotel e.g. Andong Chicken Jjimdak, Ginseng Chicken, Yoogane Fried Rice, Chinese Gyoza Dumplings (all within 5 minutes walk). J Hill Hotel is also just a short 5 minutes walk away from NANTA Theatre Myeongdong!

Taxi drivers are not quite familiar with J Hill Hotel and the roads leading to J Hill Hotel are often congested because of the crowds around Myeongdong shopping district. If you are taking a taxi from the airport to J Hill Hotel, I suggest writing the address and name of J Hill Hotel in Korean so that you can show the driver (most of them don’t speak or read English well).

If you are having difficulties communicating to the Seoul taxi driver on getting back to J Hill Hotel after shopping/eating elsewhere in Seoul, you might want to consider dropping off at Myeongdong metro station instead. It is a more familiar drop-off point for most taxi drivers and you can walk back to J Hill Hotel in about 5-7 minutes and you can also shop along the route back to the hotel.

If you intend to take the airport shuttle from the airport – take Airport Shuttle 6015 and alight at Ibis Hotel, walk for about 5 minutes along Myeongdong main street to J Hill Hotel.


For more info about J Hill Hotel and reservations, see

Room Type Weekdays (Mon-Thu)  Weekend (Fri-Sun)
Double Room Inside Double (No windows) ₩126,500 ₩143,000
Double ₩143,000 ₩159,500
Twin Room Inside Twin (No windows) ₩152,900 ₩170,500
Twin ₩170,500 ₩192,500
Triple Room Inside Triple (No windows) ₩209,000 ₩225,500
Triple (1 Single Bed + 1 Double Bed) ₩209,000 ₩225,500
Family Room Family Room ₩231,000 ₩247,500

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

Comments (4)

  • Jassica GellerReply

    1 December, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    Been there and according to me it is one of the best hotel in Seoul, which provide all the amenities with great service.

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  • KittyReply

    29 June, 2015 at 12:52 am

    Hi, I just wanna ask how you booked for Hotel J hill? I went to their site and it seems like you have to book via email or phone. Do I have to pay for a down payment if i reserve a room? Also, are they able to properly communicate with you in english? Sorry i’m asking this coz i haven’t been to Korea for a while. The last time I was there, we had a hard time with communication, nobody knew how to speak in english even the staff at the reception we stayed at only knew very few english words. Good thing we had a friend who helped us with translation.

    • Zhiqiang & TingyiReply

      30 June, 2015 at 9:15 pm

      Hi Kitty – we booked through The staff at J Hill Hotel communicates very well in English 🙂

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