Review of Atayal Resort – Six Fun Activities to Do While Experiencing Culture of Atayal Tribe

28 September, 2015

To truly discover the multi-faceted beauty of Taiwan, one would need weeks, maybe even months to do so. For an offbeat experience that’s scenic, relaxing and rich in culture, try the Atayal Resort (泰雅渡假村) situated in Ren-ai Township, Nantou County. Address: 南投縣國姓鄉北港村北原路56-2號

The grounds spans across 47 hectares and is known in Taiwan as a premier theme park that is rich in cultural heritage and recreational facilities.

The resort’s grounds are lush and well maintained with a beautifully designed garden



It also offers a Baroque-style Palace Hotel and comfortable vacation log cabins for families, groups of friends or couples to enjoy a couple of nights away from the city.

atayal resort hotel baroque style architecture

atayal resort hotel room review

atayal resort hotel room couple

Atayal Resort was established to celebrate the rich cultures of the Sediq and Atayal tribes. Interesting fact: movie scenes from “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” were also filmed here! Here’s six must-do items when you visit this one-of-a-kind destination!

Guests can sign up to meet members of the Atayal tribe and experience their culture activities such as learning how to “hunt” with a bow and arrow, basket weaving and partaking in aboriginal games.

Our first three must-dos will bring out the inner “Hunger Games” tribute in you, and everyone, from all ages, will leave with a smile on their face.

  • Learn to shoot a bow and arrow

The history of the Atayal tribe is that the men are known to be strong and brave warriors. The people also hunt for their food and one of the novel activities includes learning to shoot with a bow and arrow. This activity is done in an open space with wooden targets so it is perfectly safe and a lot of fun. Along with learning how to “hunt”, guests are also shown the traditional method of starting a fire.

atayal resort seediq tribe bow arrow

atayal tribe fire starting traditional

atayal tribe traditional culture resort

  • Play native tribe games

Another must try activity is the native tribal games. There is special significance to this game where balls/packages representing love, career, health is tossed into the air by a tribe leader one at a time, and the person who pierces it is said to have that blessing for the rest of the year.

native tribal games atayal ball blessing

atayal tribe ball game

atayal tribe special game

  • Learn to weave

In the Atayal culture, women must learn to be good weavers and a great cultivator. They start training them at the tender age of 10, and only after she masters the necessary skills, is she allowed to be taken as a bride.

atayal culture tribe learn to weave

atayal tribe weaving culture

atayal resort culture weaving bride

  • Soak in the hot spring

The premise also boasts a carbonated hot spring from Mt. Hehuan that in an open hot-spring area or in the hotel rooms for guests to unwind and enjoy.

atayal resort hot spring

atayal resort hot spring hotel room

  • Sample the Atayal cuisine

No doubt one of the tastiest dinners you will experience, sample the Atayal cuisne which features traditional cooking methods with fresh local produce, herbs and spices. The taste is amazing. Try their wild vegetables, traditional soups, seasonal dishes and the roasted wild pig.

atayal cuisine wild vegetables herbs

atayal cuisine bamboo rice

atayal culture mayal_pepper_pork

atayal cuisine prawn

For the braver taste buds, there’s an omelette with generous amounts of meal worms!

atayal cuisine mealworms omelette

Here’s one for the coffee lovers. The Atayal Resort also grows and roasts their own coffee beans! An aromatic and rich brew, buy back some beans as the quantity is limited!

atayal coffee

  • Take in the breath-taking view at the highest point of the resort

There is a popular skywalk which hangs out of the mountain located 500 meters above sea level which offers a stunning view of the mountainous landscape. A perfect spot for photos, you can choose to hike up or take a 10-15 minute tram ride.

atayal resort panaromic view skywalk

atayal resort skywalk view

atayal resort train cable car view

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