Review of 澎湖馬公市和田大飯店 MF Hotel Penghu

19 July, 2013

If you are looking for a centrally located hotel in Penghu 澎湖 with modern facilities and amenities, MF Hotel 和田大飯店 is one of the best choices available in Penghu.  MF Hotel is located just beside Penghu Fisherman’s Wharf in Magong City 馬公市 and about 5 minutes walk away from Zhong Zheng Road 中正路 – the busy road where most shopping and eateries/restaurant can be found.  If you are planning to rent a scooter to explore Penghu island, you will be spoilt with choices with the many scooter rental shops available just outside MF Hotel.

Take your time to travel, admire and enjoy (慢遊.慢賞.慢享) – that is MF Hotel’s 3 key service motto (和田飯店品味澎湖三部曲).  So even with all the excitement of city life (just a few minutes away at 中正路) and the fact that MF Hotel seemed like a very professional hotel, we didn’t feel the rush (like that of a big chain hotel where they rush you through check-in/out process and long queues) when we checked into MF Hotel.  The service staff at the lobby were friendly and helped out with suggestions on places to see and good restaurants to check out around the area.  This made our experience at MF Hotel very comfortable – especially since we have going all around Penghu with horseshoe tours and island-hopping for past few days.

澎湖Penghu 馬公 Magong MF Hotel 和田大飯店 accommodation Review

The lobby of MF Hotel 和田飯店 felt very welcoming with its simple minimalist and spacious design.  There are public computer terminals (Apple 27-inch iMac!) for guests to check their emails, check-in for flights or plan their itinerary around Penghu.  Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel – even at the rooms.

澎湖Penghu 馬公 Magong MF Hotel 和田大飯店 accommodation Review lobby

There are a few categories of rooms available at MF Hotel 和田飯店 from the standard rooms (come in 2/3/4 persons configuration) 標準雙人客房 to the premium rooms (with views of the Magong city, Fisherman’s Wharf and the sea just off the coast of Magong City) 觀景都會風格客房 and 和田海洋風格客房 to the MF Hotel suite 和田套房.

We stayed in the city view room 觀景都會風格客房 – 觀景都會風格客房均位於飯店5樓以上,窗外就是波光淋漓的澎湖海,天氣好時更可遠眺蛇頭山、四角嶼甚至更遠的西嶼。讓您在飽覽澎湖的陽光海水之後,能享受到舒適的住宿體驗。

Our room was interestingly equipped with a bar counter – no alcohol/beer provided in the room though.  However there is a nespresso machine with some capsules so you can make your own coffee and chill out by the bar or at the comfortable recliner by the bar with travel and fashion magazines (in Chinese though) available in the room.

The toilet/bathroom is pretty high technology – it is equipped with a Japanese automated toilet (which functions as an automated washer/bidet and seat warmer) as well as a spa shower (you can do your own spa with different shower settings and intensity of the jet stream. 

●客房坪數:7坪~7.5坪 ●32吋液晶電視與DVD播放機
●MOD隨選視訊  ●客房無線上網

澎湖Penghu 馬公 Magong MF Hotel 和田大飯店 accommodation Review room

Breakfast (享用現點現做的套餐式早餐) is served at the Munching Kitchen 和咊洋食 on Level 1.  You are given a selection of set breakfasts and fruit juices/coffee/tea/hot chocolate to choose from.  Do check out their heart-shaped waffles set – tasty and crispy plus a good photo opportunity too!

澎湖Penghu 馬公 Magong MF Hotel 和田大飯店 accommodation Review hotel breakfast

澎湖 Penghu MF Hotel 和田大飯店 room bookings/reservations can be made online at

Address: 880澎湖縣馬公市民權路2號
Telephone: +886-6-9263936

Map of MF Hotel Penghu 澎湖和田大飯店

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