Review of 綠的旅店民宿 Green Travel Homestays at 澎湖馬公市 (Penghu Magong City)

3 July, 2013

The next 澎湖Penghu 馬公 Magong Minsu (民宿) we stayed in was the 綠的旅店民宿 Green Travel Homestays.  The experience at 綠的旅店民宿 is more 旅店 than 民宿 i.e. it felt more like a hotel than a homestay with modern facilities and room design.  Actually there are 2 branches of Green Travel Homestays – the branch we stayed (at Wénguāng Road 馬公市文光27-3號) is 【綠的旅店】 – the hotel version and the other branch (at Chunghwa Road 澎湖縣馬公市中華路22號) is 【綠的民宿】or commonly referred to as 【綠的】 – the minsu version.

The hotel version 【綠的旅店】is the newest of the 2 branches but further away from the Magong City Centre.  The building exterior of 綠的旅店 Green Travel Homestays looked very functional – just like an office building – you wouldn’t expect it to be a full-fledged modern hotel but you will be surprised once you checked out their rooms.  At the time of stay, the lobby is at the top floor of this building but I heard that there are plans to put it right on the first floor.  Do note that the lift is quite small (can fit about 3 adults with luggage) and as there is only 1 lift – you can expect quite a long wait for the lift during breakfast timings, check-in and check-out timings.  You can always take the stairs (if you have no luggage).

綠的旅店民宿 Green Travel Homestays 澎湖Penghu 馬公 Magong accommodation Review

There are 2 series of rooms at 綠的旅店 Green Travel Homestays – 精緻房間系列 (Classy room series) and 豪華房間系列 (Luxury room series) with the latter being slightly more expensive.  The 精緻房間系列 comes in double room and family room (4 persons) configurations whereas the 豪華房間系列 comprises only double rooms.  The luxury series room are slighly larger in room size and you get to enjoy the BOSE數位音響 Digital Audio System too.  All types of toiletries e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit are provided.  What was amazing was the size of the bathroom in the luxury room – very spacious and there are wet and dry zones with a huge bathtub and a Japanese-style automated toilet bowl (with heated seats and washer).

The mini-bar in the room is complimentary too – so if you are feeling hungry at night, just help yourselves to the cup noodles or snacks in the mini-bar! 

綠的旅店民宿 Green Travel Homestays 澎湖 Penghu 馬公 Magong Room Amenities Free Minibar Spacious Bathroom Comfortable Bed

Breakfast (included in room cost) is provided for your stay at 綠的旅店 Green Travel Homestays – ham and egg sandwiches with fruits slices and orange juice.  You can also rent a bicycle for free to ride around town and into Magong City.  Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

綠的旅店民宿 Green Travel Homestays 澎湖 Lobby Breakfast Free Bicycle Rental

Per room rates 綠的旅店 Green Travel Homestays start at 2520 NT per night for a double room at 精緻房間系列 on 平日(Monday to Thursday 週一~週四) and 2800 NT on 假日(Friday to Sunday 週五~週 日).  The room rates for the 豪華房間系列 on 平日(Monday to Thursday 週一~週四) is 3000 NT and on 假日(Friday to Sunday 週五~週 日) is 3600 NT.  Do note that there are sometimes discounted rates for off-peak season travel (April and October).

To book your accommodation, you can get in touch with 綠的旅店 Green Travel Homestays through the following channels:

Phone: (06)927-8801~2

Getting to 綠的旅店 Green Travel Homestays

Address of 綠的旅店 Green Travel Homestays: No 27-3 Wénguāng Road, Magong City, Penghu County, Taiwan 880 馬公市文光27-3號

綠的旅店 Green Travel Homestays offers free pick-up and drop-off at the Magong airport or Magong harbour if you are staying for 2 nights at the Green Travel Homestays.  If you are only staying for one night, you can enjoy one-way pick-up or drop-off.  住宿兩天均免費提供機場(碼頭)接送.  只住宿一天可自行選擇接機或送機

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