Five (more) Things to Experience in Taiwan

23 September, 2015

From the bustling city to beautiful mountainous regions, the warmest people & amazing cuisine, it is no doubt why people keep returning to Taiwan.

Whether it’s your first time to this heritage rich island, or your annual pit-stop, here are five (more) things to experience if you’re planning a trip to Taiwan.

1. Experience a native tribal experience (Atayal Resort)

If you are looking to escape the stress of the city, step into one of Taiwan’s many enchanting cultural experiences. One such amusement park which houses both a scenic relaxing stay and native tribal activities is the Atayal Resort.

The Atayal Resort (泰雅渡假村) is situated in Nantou County and is known locally as a premier theme park rich in cultural heritage and recreational facilities. Address: 南投縣國姓鄉北港村北原路56-2號

native tribal taiwan aborigine atayal resort

taiwan aborigines atayal native taiwan taichung nantou

Guests can sign up to meet the Atayal natives and experience their culture activities such as “hunting” with a bow and arrow, basket weaving and fire starting.

nantou county atayal resort aborigine culture experience

You can also marvel at the stunning view of mountainous landscapes on the skywalk and viewing deck located 500 meters above sea level.

2. Explore nature

More than half of Taiwan is covered with mountains and forests with a large number of national parks and nature reserves waiting to be explored. The beauty of this land is unsurmountable with a wide variety of flora and fauna, insects, birds and reptiles to spot along the way.

One such nature reserve is Dong Shi Lin Chang (東勢林場遊樂區) – Dongshih Forest Garden located in Taichung. Address: 台中市東勢區勢林街6-1號

With over 200 hectres of land covered with dense forest and farmland at an altitude of 500-700 meters, the area is a beautiful place to visit and a great respite from the summer heat. Guests can spend the night in little huts surrounded by nature, or even learn about bee-rearing from the small farm nearby.

dong shi lin chang taichung forest garden

dongshih forest garden taiwan taichung

The scenery changes distinctively throughout four seasons, such as cherry blossoms in spring and maple trees in autumn.

dongshih forest garden taichung nature reserve maple trees

Taken from DongShih Forest Garden Facebook Page

For a once in a lifetime experience, the forest garden is also renowned for hosting thousands of fireflies during the March to May “Firefly Season”.

dongshin forest garden firefly season taiwan

Photo from Round Taiwan Round

3. Indulge in a hotspring experience

Due to its geographical position, Taiwan has one of the highest varieties of thermal springs in the world. If you’re keen to try odourless and clear water hot spring baths that is said to be good for your skin and health, head to the Atayal Resort in Nantou County or Dongshih Forest Garden for a rejuvenating experience.

hot spring atayal resort taiwan odourless

Apart from the huts in Dongshih Forest Garden, guests can also stay in the hotel where there are attached private bathrooms with a stone hot spring tub and an impressive view of the lush green scenery. Private hot springs baths are also available within each room in Atayal Resort.

atayal resort room hotspring private baths

4. Enjoy their theme parks and rides

If you’re looking for places for the whole family to enjoy, try one of the theme parks spread out across the island. Lihpao Land (麗寶樂園) in Taichung is a multi-facility area that provides fun for the thrill-seekers and kid-friendly areas to entertain he children.

Address: 麗寶探索樂園, 後里鄉安眉路115號

It has two roller coasters, including Gravity Max, the world’s first coaster to feature a true 90-degree drop and the world’s only tilt coaster. Also check out the water theme park within Lihpao Land with water rides & activities, perfect for summer time.

lihpao amusement park roller coaster

Lihpao Land Theme Park taichung taiwan

lihpao land taiwan water rides

Another family friendly place to visit is Farglory Ocean Park (遠雄海洋公園) situated in Hualien with its own hotel (Far Glory Hotel), live dolphin and seal shows, amusement rides and educational areas for young and old.

Address: 花蓮海洋公園, 壽豐鹽寮村福德189號.

farglory ocean park taichung taiwan

farglory ocean park live dolphin show

5. Savour their local cuisine

When you mention Taiwan, food is one of the first things that come to mind and with its fresh local produce and attention to taste, there is no wonder why. Different areas pay homage to different styles of cuisine. Try the local traditional food & beverage when you visit culturally rich areas like the Atayal Resort or farming regions like Dong Shih Forest Garden. With fresh menu items like wild vegetables, black chicken mushroom soup, mountain pig and braised pork belly on their menu, you’ll be feasting like a king and dreaming of the delightful fare after your vacation for months to come.

braised pork belly taiwan cuisine

If you’re a wine lover, tucked away in Taichung is an award winning winery with a five year waitlist for specific bottles.

winery five year waiting list taiwan

wine lover taichung award winning winery

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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    24 September, 2015 at 5:54 pm

    There’s a lot of restaurants and food stores in Taiwan, and some buffet-style restaurants offer more than 100 options, and the taste and look of those foods also full of surprise too.

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