Spend a Relaxing day in Taichung (東勢林場遊樂區 Dongshih Forest Garden)

7 October, 2015

Once in a while, we all need a little getaway from the city life and the stresses of technology. Here in 東勢林場 Dongshih Forest Garden, Taichung, you can spend an entire day just relaxing and soaking in the scenic views of the surrounding nature.


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dongshih forest garden taiwan

Upon arrival, the lush greenery and flora (depending on which season you go) instantly relaxes your eyes. Guests can have lunch at 佳霖餐廳 Jialin Restaurant within the Dongshih Forest Garden which serves Hakka cuisine. The simply decorated restaurant looks unassuming at first, but the amazing fresh taste it serves up will definitely delight your tastebuds.

jialin restaurant dongshih forest garden

jialin restaurant hakka cuisine dongshih forest garden

fresh vegetable dongshih forest garden jialin restaurant

The restaurant has many specialties, including the Braised Pork, Black Chicken soup with more than 4 different kinds of mushrooms, and the most interesting silky textured wild vegetables. Later on, we found out that these were special types of edible ferns found within the forest. These tasty dishes would win over the hearts of even non-vegetable lovers.

After lunch, head down to the Dongshih Forest Garden Administration Building to appreciate some Chinese Tea, and compete to solve a puzzle game.

dongshih forest garden chinese ta administration building

Fun fact: This paper puzzle game was designed and developed by the General Manager himself! This game looks simple but is increasingly challenging.

Next, take a walk around the enchanting forest and get ready for some amazing nature shots. Apart from the picturesque scenery, we encountered a great variety of flora and fauna along the way so bring along your cameras for some great snaps.

dongshih forest garden flower

dongshih forest garden nature

dongshih forest garden review

If your feet gets tired along the way, dip your toes into an outdoor hot spring within the forest garden.

dongshih forest garden outdoor hot spring

If you would like to bring home a little bit of nature’s best from Dongshih Forest Garden, take home a bottle of locally sourced honey from their little bee farm. The bees are really friendly so take this chance to go near and admire that which we often take for granted.

dongshih forest garden bee farm

dongshih forest garden bee honey farm

In the evening, book a private hot spring room within the compound (森之湯)and watch the sunset while soaking in the natural spring waters. Each room has an unobstructed view of the mountains, providing you with privacy and closeness with nature. The natural spring water here is full of minerals which will revitalise your body.

The hot springs are also fitted with a Jacuzzi setting, so you can drown out your stressed thoughts with the soothing bubbling.

Drinking water is provided in each room, as guests are all encouraged to drink up after soaking. Don’t worry about packing toiletries, everything is provided within the hot spring rooms itself.

dongshih forest garden private hot spring room

March to May is the best season for fireflies watching. Make a trip down during that time to appreciate a blanket of fireflies lighting up the valley in the night. There are also fireflies tours that you can sign up for such as from Round Taiwan Round. http://www.rtaiwanr.com/taichung-city/dongshi-forest-garden

dongshih forest garden fireflies watching season
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/tsfa.firefly

Address: No.6-1, Shilin St., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Telephone: 04-25872191
Opening Hours:06:30~22:00

Best way to get to Dongshih Forest Garden

Driving: Take Highway No.1 and connect to Highway No. 4 at 166km Exit. Follow Dongshih Road Towards Dongshih township that will lead you to Dongshih Forest Garden.

Public transport: Take the bus or train to Fengyuan Train Station. There will be a Fengyuan Bus route to Dongshih Forest Garden.

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