Winners of National Day Parade 2011 Pair of Preview Tickets Giveaway

25 July, 2011

Thank you for participating in’s NDP 2011 Preview Tickets Giveaway.

The winner (based on most creative entry) is Pang Xue Yao(冯学耀) for his comment about what Singapore Spirit means to him:

This is what SINGAPORE SPIRIT means to me…..

S- SEIZING the opportunity given to me.
I- INDEPENDENT country where I grow and learn.
N- NEAT and clean country where cleanliness is the top priority.
G- GRACIOUS hosts to event such as the first Youth Olympic Games.
A- AMBITIOUS goals in which citizens work together to achieve.
P- PASSIONATE in bringing different people with different family backgrounds in to promote racial harmony.
O- OPEN doors wholeheartedly to foreign talents to give them opportunity to shine out of their own country.
R- REALISTIC vision and mission in which makes me motivated to be a Singaporean.
E- ENTHUSIASTIC about allowing young people to shine in different ways.

S- SUCCESSFUL country where I belong to 🙂
P- PROUD to be born and raise in Singapore!
I- IDEAL country in which investors would want to invest in…
R- RELAXING country which tourists would want to visit….
I- INSPIRATION for me to work towards my goals and dreams 😀
T- TRUSTWORTHY country which makes me feel safe and secure!



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Zhiqiang & Tingyi