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Review for Superstars of Magic 4 Show at Resorts World Genting

by Zhiqiang & TingyiAugust 27, 2015
Genting Magic Show Review

Another non-theme park feature at Resorts World Genting is the exciting Superstars of Magic 4 Show, which is the Resorts’ fourth instalment of Asia’s biggest magic variety show. Boasting a repertoire of seven highly talented magicians from around the world, the “Magic of the East Meets West” themed show is a major crowd-pleaser, particularly with […]

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Review for Resorts World Genting Behind the Scenes Tour

by Zhiqiang & TingyiAugust 22, 2015
Genting Behind the Scene Tour

Resorts World Genting is almost synonymous with its indoor and outdoor theme parks, which have attracted families for decades. If you’re less keen on rollercoasters, no worries, there’s definitely something for you at the Resorts, and they certainly don’t involve any G-force or safety belts. About the Behind-the-Scenes Tour: If you have ever wondered how […]

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Review of Resorts World Genting First World Hotel XYZ Rooms

by Zhiqiang & TingyiAugust 14, 2015
Genting Resorts World Review First World Hotel

To many, Genting is often seen as the go-to holiday destination for family vacations. A massive entertainment complex, the huge compound comprises of a striking myriad of shops, outdoor and indoor theme parks, concerts, theatres, restaurants… And of course, the distinctive Genting Casino, attracting patrons game-ready to gamble on their annual bonuses- or just the […]

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Review of Hello Kitty Island at Jeju

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 16, 2015
hello kitty island singapore

We had earlier reviewed the Hello Kitty Cafe at Hello Kitty Island Jeju. The cafe is part of the Jeju Hello Kitty Island. Entrance fee for the Hello Kitty Island for adults is 12,000 Korean won (KRW) and children: 9,000 KRW – about 12 USD and 9 USD respectively – you will be required to […]

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Review of Singin’ in the Rain at Singapore Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 12, 2015
Singing in the Rain Singapore Musical Review

Singin’ in the Rain is probably the only musical in Singapore with a “Splash Zone” where audience in the first 4 rows are at risk of being drenched! After all, this Singin’ in the Rain Singapore musical uses a lot of water – 12,000 litres of water per performance! If you had paid top dollars […]

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Review of Hello Kitty Cafe at Jeju Hello Kitty Island

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJune 28, 2015
Hello Kitty Cafe Jeju

After a morning of fun at the Jeju Alive Museum, we proceeded on to another interesting themed museum – the Hello Kitty Island (also known as Jeju Hello Kitty Museum). The Korean GPS coordinates (by phone number) to get to Hello Kitty Island is 7926114 – just input this number into the onboard GPS provided […]

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Defying Laws of Gravity at Mysterious Road in Jeju, South Korea

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJune 13, 2015
mysterious road jeju south korea

Having experienced the fun optical illusions in the Jeju Alive Museum, we travelled north to a road near Jeju City. This road is known as Jeju Mysterious Road – the locals call it Dokkaebi Road. It is mysterious because objects on this road seem to defy the laws of gravity! See the picture below – […]

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Sakura Tulips Fiesta at Kanto, Japan

by Zhiqiang & TingyiApril 26, 2015
Red Tulips Fiesta

See Japan from the perspectives of a Singaporean – this is a guest post by our resident blogger Xiaoying who is currently based in Japan. she also sells a range of japanese stuff at her carousell store – shipped direct from japan! Sakuras are blooming in Japan for 2 weeks and get scattered away by […]

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Savouring Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup with Abalone at Jeju Seogwipo

by Zhiqiang & TingyiApril 19, 2015
abalone ginseng chicken jeju

Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup 삼계탕 is another must try food in Korea – there are lots of Ginseng Chicken Soup in Seoul but with all the great food here in Jeju e.g. BBQ black pork, Jeju Pork ramen, abalone porridge, we just had to try the Ginseng Chicken Soup here in Jeju as a round-up […]

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My Queenstown Heritage Trail – Explore Dawson and Alexandra Historical Sights with Free Guided Tour (Every Last Saturday of the Month)

by Zhiqiang & TingyiApril 16, 2015
Queenstown Heritage Bunker Tour

We did a tour with MyQueenstown Heritage Trail to explore historical sights around Queenstown and Tanglin Halt in July last year and it was a very educational and eye-opening experience to see how Queenstown had developed over the years since Singapore’s independence.  If you like heritage tours, that is definitely a tour not to be […]

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