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Orangeways Bus from Budapest to Vienna

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 30, 2009
Orangeways Bus

Our Orangeway Bus to Vienna departs at 7am from Budapest.  That means we have to take a cab from our apartment to a stadium near Nepliget metro station at abt 6.30am.  How to hail a cab so early in the morning especially with at such an isolated part of Budapest?  Definitely my experience of being […]

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Cafe Kor Hungarian Fine-Dining at its Best

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 29, 2009
Budapest Cafe Kor

Cafe Kor This restaurant comes recommended by 2 guidebooks – Lonely Planet and EyeWitness Guide.  According to the brochure on the restaurant, it serves modern european cuisine with a wide selection of Hungarian quality wine. It is highly recommended that you make a reservation with the restaurant early or you will end up sitting outside […]

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Budavari Siklo – Expensive Budapest Funicular

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 29, 2009
Budavari Siklo Hungary Funicular

Budavari Siklo The Budavári Sikló is the Buda Castle Area funicular that will take you in a minute to the top of the hill.  While rather expensive (800 HUF) for such a short ride, it saves you a tiring uphill walk to the Buda Old Town and Castle. View from the Budavari Siklo A short […]

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Budapest Kisharang Etkezde Lunch Review

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 28, 2009
Budapest Kisharang Etkezde

Kisharang Etkezde Another Lonely Planet recommendation – the central ‘Little Bell’ is an etkezde that is on the top of the list with students and staff of the nearby Central European University. Etkezdes are canteens which serve simple dishes that change daily. TY and I ordered a clear broth with egg and their specialty meal […]

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Mini-Car Ride in Margaret Island

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 28, 2009
Margaret Island Budapest

Margaret Island Margaret Island is named after Princess Margaret who lived in a convent here in the thirteenth century (the ruins of which can still be seen). In the 13th century King Béla IV. founded a nunnery on the island after the Mongol Invasion.  The king had made a vow to sent her daughter, Princess […]

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Budapest Zugliget Chair-lift (Zugligeti libegő)

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 27, 2009
Budapest Libego

Zugliget Chair-lift According to Lonely Planet – a more interesting way down the hills is to get off at Janos-hegy, the fourth stop on the Children’s Railway and the highest point (527m) in the hills.  About 700 m due east is the chair lift (Budapest Zugliget Libego) which will take you down to Zugligeti ut. […]

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Budapest Children’s Railway (Gyermekvasút)

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 26, 2009
Children's Railway Budapest Gyermekvasut

Children’s Railway (Gyermekvasút) From the Cogwheel Railway stop at Szechenyi-hegy (last stop), you can take a 5-minute walk to the Children’s Railway. Follow the crowd if you are not sure. Group of teenagers reporting for work at the Children’s Railway?  No.  Just a school excursion. Children aged 10 to 14 control the traffic and commercial […]

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Budapest Cogwheel Railway (Fogaskerekű vasút)

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 24, 2009
Budapest Cogwheel Railway

Cogwheel Railway The railway – originally built in 1874 – hauls itself up the steep hills using a cog system underneath the train, which engages with a rack on the tracks.  It goes from Városmajor terminus (two stops from Moszkva tér metro 2 station by tram 59 or 61) to Széchenyi hill (Széchenyi hegy) – […]

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Budapest Nagy Fal Kinai Bufe (Chinese Restaurant) Review

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 24, 2009
Nagy Fal Budapest Chinese Restaurant Lonely Planet Recommendation

Budapest Nagy Fal Chinese Restaurant After days of western food, some of us were starting to miss Chinese food so we picked one recommended by the Lonely Planet. Nagy Fal refers to the Great Wall of China.  Lonely Planet said that this cheap and cheerful Chinese place has a seemingly endless menu of dishes to […]

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Budapest Great Market Hall (Nagycsarnok)

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJuly 23, 2009
Hungary Budapest Souvenir

Budapest Central Market Hall Just across the Independence Bridge lies Budapest’s largest indoor market – Central Market Hall.

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