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Floating above Cappadocia with Urgup Hot Air Balloon Flight

by Zhiqiang & TingyiMay 19, 2011
Hot Air Balloon Turkey Goreme

A visit to Cappadocia, Turkey is not complete without taking a Hot-air Balloon Flight over its beautiful landscape in the early morning. The view from the top of the many fairy chimney rock formation that dotted the Cappadocia area, is just breathtaking. It is no wonder that this is the top tourist activity in this […]

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Flintstone Experience at Cappadocia Goreme Dervish Cave House

by Zhiqiang & TingyiFebruary 9, 2011
Dervish Cave House

From the coastal town of Fethiye, we took an overnight bus to the Cappadocia region which is well known for its unique natural chimney rock formations created by thousands of years of erosion and volcanic actions. Cappadocia covers part of the Central Anatolian region with provinces of Aksaray, Nevsehir, Nigde, Kayseri and Kirsehir. To explore […]

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Traditional Turkish Folk Performances at Turkish Night

by Zhiqiang & TingyiFebruary 7, 2011
Turkish Night

The Turkish Night experience is one of the most touted activity in any region of Turkey and you will surely find it featured in any city tourism brochures from Istanbul all the way to even Goreme. What you get in each city is very similar – promise of unlimited drinks and folk dance performances from […]

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Uniquely Turkey Experience – The Turkish Bath Massage (Hamam)

by Zhiqiang & TingyiJanuary 16, 2011
Turkish Bath Fethiye Istanbul Massage

Wherever you go in Turkey, you will see and hear references to hamam, be it along the crowded streets of Istanbul (where you can find hamam businesses at every other streets) or recommendations from tour guides to try the Turkish Bath (hamam) experience. Wherever you go in Turkey, the Turkish Bath process is similar. A […]

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Beyond the Seaside – Alternative Travel Ideas for Turkey

by Zhiqiang & TingyiDecember 20, 2010
Turkey Sailing

Turkey is a country that can offer much more than the traditional summer beach holiday, although several coastal resorts have become popular with European tourists for just this kind of vacation over the last few years.  During winter, when the word Turkey perhaps conjures images of large roast birds and a week of protein packed […]

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Turkish Carpet Factory Tour

by Zhiqiang & TingyiDecember 16, 2010
Turkey Carpet Factory Tour

A trip to Turkey wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a Turkish carpet factory and if you are on any day tours, rest assured that it will most likely already been factored into the itinerary. This is similarly the case for our 2D1N Ephesus-Pamukkale tour from Fethiye.  Here in these factories, you will get […]

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Ephesus /Pamukkale 2D1N Day Tour Hotel Grand Marden and Meal Review

by Zhiqiang & TingyiDecember 13, 2010
Grand Marden Hotel Denizli Pamukkale

The 2 Day 1 Night tour from Fethiye organised by TinyAkropol covers Ephesus and Pamukkale with meals and accommodation for £50 per person. We have received a few queries on what the food and accommodation on the tour is like so we have prepared a quick summary of them with pictures to illustrate them. Hotel […]

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Exploring History, Natural Beauty and Beaches at Turkish Paradise of Antalya

by Zhiqiang & TingyiDecember 9, 2010

Continuing on our Turkey travel series, we have a guest post from Ryan Child who usually writes about car hire Antalya on behalf of car rental site  Here Ryan shares his experiences of Antalya and the best places to visit in the area with Turkey car hire… Antalya is a city that perfectly illustrates […]

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Exploring Cotton Castle Pamukkale and Roman City Ruins of Hierapolis

by Zhiqiang & TingyiDecember 7, 2010
Pamukkale Travertines

Continuing on from our Day 1 exploration of ancient Greek city of Ephesus, we visited the famous cotton castle, Pamukkale and the historic Roman city ruins of Hierapolis on Day 2 of our 2D1N tour from Fethiye organised by TinyAkropol agency. Just like the Greek city ruins of Ephesus, the Hierapolis has a long history […]

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Ancient City in Anatolia – Ephesus

by Zhiqiang & TingyiNovember 1, 2010

There are lots of ancient cities (which are all lying in ruins now) in Turkey and the most famous one of them all is Ephesus which is featured in almost all travel agents’ itineraries for a Turkey trip. Based in the heart of Turkey of Western Anatolia, Ephesus was a 2000-year old Greek ancient city […]

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