Legend of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise Explorer Academy

27 January, 2010

Just when you think there are enough activities to keep you occupied onboard via eating, shopping, gambling and rock-climbing, Legend of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise staff would come out with even more – family-friendly activities e.g. Explorer Academy which provides cruisers with interesting lessons such as origami, dancing and even towel-folding!

Remember the towel Elephants mentioned in our post on the Legend of the Seas Ocean-View Stateroom? Yes you can learn how to fold more animals on your own with their towels. ~Their towels~ being the keyword – not sure how transferable is this skill to your daily life unless you intend to join them as a room attendant or have towels of the same length and width. 🙂

Nonetheless, it is interesting for this behind-the-scene look at the effort they put in in folding the rabbit, turtle towels. Be prepared for the crowd though as this is one of the most popular Explorer Academy class onboard – you will also be provided with towels – small/medium/big for you to practice your towel-folding skills on.

After the quick lesson on how to fold rabbit, turtle, elephant and even monkey, we decided to put into good use what we learnt and the results (as shown in the picture below) are our severely deformed rabbit and turtle (nothing like what they had taught!). The monkey and elephant was what our room attendant had earlier folded and left in our room. 🙂 We decided to surprise her by putting our “creations” alongside hers. Instead, she left a pair of swans for us on our last day of the cruise.

Families and friends can also bond onboard via board games and other interesting table games in the games room. There is even mahjong and card games for those into some informal gambling sessions. 🙂

For a quieter moment or some reflection time onboard, check out the library with its interesting and relatively large collection of books, magazines. There is something for everyone as it seems to provide books in different areas e.g. romance, suspense, horror, non-fiction. All you have to do to borrow is just sign out the book on their register.

For a comparison of the different Royal Caribbean cruises available and reviews from other cruise guests, check out Cruiselinefans.com

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

Comments (4)

  • EuniceReply

    6 December, 2010 at 2:01 am

    very funny u tied so many “animals”!!

    • TingyiReply

      6 December, 2010 at 10:23 pm

      Yaa!! We were very mischievous we wanted to put on the bed to surprise her. However, we worried that the room attendant will not replace the towels, so in the end we put all of the towel animals on the toilet floor with a thank you note! =D

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