Best Viennese Chocolate Cake (Sacher Torte) Ever

by Zhiqiang & Tingyi on August 5, 2009 · 28 comments

Cafe Sacher Vienna

Cafe Sacher – Sacher Torte (Vienna’s Chocolate Cake)

Now I finally can answer anyone who asked me “What is the best chocolate cake you had ever tasted?’ – Definitely Vienna’s Cafe Sacher – Sacher Torte!  (Sidenote: why anyone would ask me that question, I also don’t know.)

The Sacher Torte (pronounced Sa-kei Totei) is a chocolate cake, invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher  in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties.

The cake consists of two layers of dense, not overly sweet chocolate cake (traditionally a sponge cake) with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle and dark chocolate icing on the top and sides.  It is usually served with whipped cream without any sugar in it as most Viennese consider the Sacher Torte too “dry” to be eaten on its own.

Sacher Torte

The ambiance of Cafe Sacher (where we had the Sacher Torte) is also very classy.  Even better than the Schonbrunn palace!  Eating here makes me feel like a king!

Cafe Sacher

We ordered apple strudel to complement our Sacher Torte (Chocolate cake) while our travelling mates ordered a yummy looking fruit ice-cream salad.

More Cakes

We rate Vienna Cafe Sacher:

  • Food (Excellent Chocolate Cake!):                                                       5/5
  • Ambiance (Classy):                                                                               4.5/5
  • Location (just behind Opera House, Karlplatz U-Bahn stn.):   4/5
  • Value (expensive – €4 for a slice, but worth it):                             4/5
  • Service (Waiters ok; reception/cloakroom staff to improve):   3.5/5

You will be requested to deposit your coats in the cloakroom when you enter.  It will cost you €1 per coat.  However, if you promise the reception/cloakroom staff that you will keep your jacket/coat on while you dine at the cafe, they will allow you to do that.

However this was not made known to us, perhaps due to language barrier (reception staff could not communicate this in English)

Cloak Room Cafe Sacher

Our Cloak Room Tickets

See below for a video of the famous Sacher Torte.  FYI.  A 1kg cake with 16cm diameter cost about €30 !

Map of Cafe Sacher

Cafe Sacher

Walk towards the back of the Opera building and look out for this Cafe Sacher entrance…

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