Honey Cake (Medovnik) and Hot Chocolate in Cesky Krumlov

24 August, 2009

One should never leave Czech Republic without trying the Medovnik (Honey Cake).  Medovnik’s main ingredient is honey (‘med’ in Czech) and it is made up of three pastry layers glued together by custard.

It originated from Russia and had gained popularity in Czech Republic since it was brought into the country as Medovnik Original (a unique branding similar to that of the Original Sacher Torte in Vienna) in the 1990s.

Due to the presence of honey, consumption of Medovnik was said to have the following health benefits: combat flu, calm nerves and strengthen the body.

Klub Antre, just down the road from Krumlov House, is highly recommended for its Medovnik Honey Cake (best consumed with a hot chocolate drink especially in this cold weather).  Besides the Medovnik, we also tried a Cheese Panini (sandwich).


Interior of Klub Antre:

Klub Antre Interior Ambiance

Pictures courtesy: Klub Antre

We rate Klub Antre:

  • Food (honey cake + hot white chocolate – Best!):                  4/5
  • Ambiance (relaxed and cosy):                                                       3/5
  • Service (service was fast and helpful):                                      3.5/5
  • Location (easy walk from Krumlov House):                            4/5
  • Value (40 Kc for slice of Medovnik – reasonable):                3.5/5

Map of Klub Antre

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