Student Agency Bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague

Getting to Prague from Cesky Krumlov (Student Agency Bus)

Prague is 2hr 55 min away from Cesky Krumlov by bus.  The Student Agency bus is one of the cheapest and most convenient way to travel to and fro Prague.  Alternative transportation means include trains to Prague (inconvenient – you have to take a bus to Ceske Budejovice and then take a train to Prague – longer journey + more expensive) or private shuttle (very expensive)

Student Agency Bus is just the name of the transport company.  You can also buy tickets (Adult ticket price: 150 Kc) if you are not a student (discounts available for students).  Hot chocolate is served during the ride and you can also enjoy a 70s-80s era Czech movie with weird English subtitles.  The services available are similar to that provided by our Orangeways bus from Budapest to Vienna.

If this is not enough to keep you entertained, surf on the net by tapping on the free Wi-Fi inside the bus.  Yes! Wi-Fi in a bus travelling at 70km/h cutting across Czech Republic!

Student Agency Bus Cesky Krumlov

As this route is quite popular among the local population and tourists, book your tickets online at early to secure your seats.  Don’t feel intimidated by the Czech wordings when you reach the site.  The booking process had became much more easier since they implemented an English version of the booking form.  Previously, I had to learn a bit of Czech language to book 4 bus tickets!

How to book Student Agency Bus tickets

Follow these steps (with screenshots) to book your Student Agency bus tickets to and fro Prague:

Step 1: Go to and click the UK English icon on the top right of the screen.

Booking Student Agency Bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague Step 1

Step 2: That should bring you to the following page.  Click on National Bustickets to book tickets for travel within Czech Republic e.g. from Cesky Krumlov to Prague.

Booking Student Agency Bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague Step 2

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Step 3: Select your route (Cesky Krumlov – Praha) among the available ones and click “Search coach service”.  If you intend to go to Cesky Krumlov from Prague, click “Cesky Krumlov – Praha” and click “Swap destination”

Booking Student Agency Bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague Step 3

Step 4: Select your preferred timing and click <<the magnifying glass and booking>>.  The movie that will be played during the journey is also indicated here :-)

Booking Student Agency Bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague Step 4

Step 5: Select your preferred seats.  Red squares are reserved and you can only select the green squares.  Once you are done, click Pay to pay for the seat.  The system allows one ticket booking at a time so you have to repeat the process for more tickets.

Booking Student Agency Bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague Step 5

Step 6: Check your route details and provide your name and email to book.  Follow the payment instructions after this (very straightforward)

Booking Student Agency Bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague Step 6

You are done!  Repeat Steps 3 to 6 if you are buying more tickets.  Check your email and print out the receipts.  Show it to the bus stewardess before boarding and enjoy the ride!

Disclaimer: This guide is accurate as of 8 September 2009.  Do let me know in the comments if any of these steps no longer work.  :-)


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  1. I followed the steps but it requires me to login..
    May I know if I need to have a “Ticket Card No” or “Ticket Barcode No” in order to buy the tickets through Student Agency National Bustickets?

    • I just looked thru the booking site – there seems to be no change in the procedure as indicated on my blog post. While there is a red box saying you have to login – that’s for specific routes not the Cesky krumlov to Prague route – if you are booking tickets for other routes, you could consider registering an acct at the site.

  2. Hi Zhiqiang,

    I’m planning to take the student agency bus from Prague to Cesky and would like to stay at a hotel near where the bus drop off the passengers at Cesky.

    Could you recall where or which street the student agency bus drop passengers off?


  3. Hi Zhiqiang,

    Thank a lot for very useful information. I’m planning my trip to Cesky Krumlov too. And I’ll book Student Agency bus. Is the front seat (seat no. 1) on the bus good for enjoying the view? I love to do that and hope i can get a good seat to enjoy my trip to Cesky. Thank again.

  4. Dear Zhiqiang and Tingyi,

    We need to take the Student Agency Bus between Cesky Krumlov and Praha Na Knizeci on 7 Sept 2010. We will be staying at the Hotel Konvice in Cesky and it is located at Horni Ulice 146. We notice that there are 3 places to catch the bus and we would like to sign up for the one nearest our hotel for the convenience of transporting our bags, etc. Our hotel appears to be near the main square, Namesti Svornosti. The names of the three bust stops are: 1) Cesky Krumlov, 2) Cesky Krumlov, AN, st. 4 and 3) Cesky Krumlov, Spicak. Do you know which one of these would be the closest to the main square and therefore, our hotel?

    Thank you for your time. We really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Fred and Martha
    [email protected]

    • I know that Cesky Krumlov has one main bus stop from which Student Agency bus arrives/departs and its very far away from the main square – abt 15 min walk. I suggest that you talk to your hotel and arrange for a shuttle and to seek their advice on the closest venue.

  5. We have read warnings about possible theft of luggage which is placed in the storage beneath the bus. Is this a problem? One suggestion is to sit on the side of the bus where the luggage is stored and keep watch during stops to prevent this. Is there room to store a small suitcase within the passenger area of the bus?

  6. We will be taking the bus from Prague to Cesky Krumlov in September. We are staying in the old town of Prague. Where is the Student Agency bus station closest to old town? How long will it take to get there?

    • Our bus trip was from CK to Prague and we alighted at a bus station at the outskirts of Prague (accessible by Metro about 20 minutes) – suggest that you check with Student Agency Prague branch for the exact pickup location at Prague.

    • Perhaps i can help here… i just took the student agency bus from Prague to CK a few days ago. The bus station is at Na Knizeci. The metro station to the bus station is Andel, but becos we have luggages, we took a taxi instead.

      As for luggage, there’s no space in the cabin for them, i did not encounter any lost luggage.

      Thanks Zhiqiang for your blog, i managed to find my way to CK and then to Vienna via Linz :)

        • Hi Chris/Zhiqiang

          we are going Prague to CK too. So do u mean we take metro to Andel then to go take studentagency bus we need to go this bus stop Na Knizeci to board the bus? Please enlighten me. Thank you :)

          • Yes, thats right. The metro station for Na Knizeci, is Andel. If you exit at the right exit, the student agency pick up point is just at the exit. When you book your ticket from the student agency website, and when you choose to depart from Prague to CK, the departure bus stop is Na Knizeci. The student agency bus is yellow in colour (there are other bus departing at the same bus stop to Ck as well but just keep a lookout for the yellow student agency bus, and the bus leave on time, don’t be late).

          • Thank you Chris. Just another qns if you and everyone reading can help. Me and my wife taking Euroline from Amsterdam to Prague(Overnight bus). Just to ask anyone here board euroline bus before? Is it comfortable compare with student agency? Ok back to my qns hehe, the euroline bus alight at this place (Plague) call Autobusové Nádrazí Florenc, Krizíkova 6, Halte 4+ 5. Anyone understand that? Thank you very much. :)

          • Havent took eurolines before – suggest you check tripadvisor for reviews. For an overnight bus, from my personal experience – key things to check: do they have a toilet onboard, how many times do they stop (very impt to manage your sleeping patterns), is there inflight entertainment e.g. movies, Wi-Fi (to keep you occupied in case you cant sleep).

            Not everyone is suited to take overnight buses – if you are one of them, then be prepared for a light day when you reach Prague or you will be like a zombie walking about (that’s what happened to me in Turkey).

            Florenc is a very good location for a bus terminal, near the city centre, definitely better than the Na Knizeci.

      • Hi Chris,

        Thanks for the helpful information. We also plan to travel on to Vienna via Linz. Did you take the Lobo shuttle from CK to Linz? We also want to see the Danube between Melk and Krems and plan to use a cruise for that leg, then a train on to Vienna. Any suggestions would be helpful.

        Tip & Judy

        • We took the Sebastian shuttle to Linz (as recommended by Zhiqiang in another section) instead. Its 399 czk per person. Its a 8 seater mini van and the driver is rather skillful. We then took a train to Vienna from Linz, you can buy train ticket when you reach Linz.

          We went to see the Danube, Melk and took the cruise along a short section (abt 1.5 hrs) along the Danube. This is a day tour from Vienna by Cityrama booked from the hotel in Vienna, cost abt 61 euro per person. The coach drove by the town of Krems but no stop there. Hope this helps.

  7. I am planning to go to Cesky Krumlov on Oct 10 and make it a day trip from Prague —leave at 7 AM and return same day. Which time do you suggest coming back to Prague the 3 o’clock bus or the 7 o’clock bus.. there seem to be only two options to get back to Prague.

  8. Charca,

    The Student Agency bus to Chesky Krumlov makes two stops at CK. The first stop is closest to the center of the town, but the second stop is much further away. We had to walk quite a distance.

  9. Sorry really need your help. We are going there next week. The czech crown where can we change? We arrived prague at Florenc, then we procced to our hotel Merkur within walking distance. After check in, we will go sightseeing. We plan to take bus but we dont have any czech crown yet! Can we change at hotel or any suggestion? I do hav problem for budapest currency too. Thank you for your help. :)

    • Change at the last destination you went from – i think you are flying there from London right? If so, change Czech crowns and Hungarian Florint there. Otherwise, change at the airport or train station when you arrive – altho note that rates here are typically quite bad – just change enough to get around to your tourist attraction/shopping area and you shld be able to find moneychangers with good rates.

      • I am not flying from london. Before prague is amsterdam. We took a night bus from amsterdam to prague stop at florenc bus stop. Will check amsterdam have any czech crown or not. Thanks.

        • Actually you can change the czech or hungarian currency at their respective countries… its cheaper than if you change it elsewhere. Of course, the rates at airport/train station is more expensive than in the city. Thus, just change a bit when you reach the airport/train station, then change the rest in the city centre where you can compare rates.

  10. You you could make changes to the post subject Student Agency Bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague to more better for your webpage you make. I loved the blog post however.

  11. We are going to Prague the first week of December (1-8, 2010). Very interested in going to Cresky Krumlov and have read the posts with interest. We would be leaving from Na Knizecki (which I gather is a BUS STOP not a bus station? outside the Andel Metro Station). If I didn’t book online for the tickets for the student agency bus, where could I get them in Prague?? Other main question is once in Cresky Krumlov which bus stop is the last bus stop and closest to town (Spicak? or An, st .4)? Any help on the above would be deeply appreciated.

  12. I am taking a train from vienna to Budapest Keleti pu.
    I would like to stay at the 2Night Private
    22. Szent István krt, Budapast like both of you.

    What is the most convenient way to go from the train station to the hostel?

  13. How far in advance do the tickets go on sale?? I am planning on going from Prague to CK on May 2nd and returning on May 5th. The website is saying it’s probably to early…am I doing something incorrect when entering the ticket information?

  14. Think the price has increased to 185 CZK per person, even for youth. I just booked two seats for the weekend of the Five-Petalled Rose Festival in Cesky Krumlov :)

  15. Hi, just back from a fab trip to Prague and Krumlov. Took your advise and went by the student agency bus from Prague to Krumlov and absolutely liked the trip, highly recommended!