Budapest Karpatia Dinner Review

22 July, 2009

Karpatia LogoKarpatia Restaurant

According to Lonely Planet, this restaurant serves almost modern Hungarian and Transylvanian specialities and this is the place to hear authentic csardas Gypsy music.  Unfortunately as we did not have a reservation, we could only be seated at a part of the restaurant where we could not hear any Gypsy music.

Karpatia Restaurant

The decor is very stylish and the food is quite good.  The price is also quite reasonable for a fine-dining establishment.

Budapest Karpatia Restaurant Ambiance

Budapest Karpatia Restaurant Decor

Karpatia Restaurant and Brasserie

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TY and I ordered:

Rantott Csirkemell Petbu – Chicken breast with paprika-potatoes (Baked chicken breast, potatoes in a paprika sauce, celery puree and grilled green pepper cream) for 3100 HUF

Laskas-Tejfolos Csusza – “Csusza” with sour cream (vegetarian) (Handcrafted traditional noodles with a sour cream-mushroom ragout) for 2200 HUF

Rantott Csirkemell Petbu Laskas-Tejfolos Csusza

Karpatia Restaurant Food Dinner

We rate Budapest Karpatia restaurant:

  • Food (yummy!):                                                                                                                5/5
  • Ambiance (quiet and classy; however no Gypsy music):                                3.5/5
  • Service (efficient and helpful):                                                                                     4/5
  • Location (very near Ferenciek tere Metro ):                                                         4.5/5
  • Value (2977.50 HUF/pax for a main course + appetiser – expensive):     3/5

Karpatia Map

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