Gellert Hill – Independence Bridge – Chain Bridge

22 July, 2009

Today’s breakfast – Maggi mee with Krakow Bagel (left in the fridge for the past few days – oven baked to crispiness) and Chocolate pudding with Vitamin C juice.  Our supply for instant noodles and milo for the next few days on the kitchen top.

Budapest Apartment Breakfast

Gellert Hill

The Gellert Bath complex beside Gellert Hill.

Gellert Bath Complex

Budapest is a famous spa city.  The baths are the last vestige of Turkish culture in Budapest, left over from their occupation of the city.  Hungarians have modified and molded this tradition into something of their own.

All baths are built around hot springs, and their central part is one or several thermal pools. They are usually complimented with several steam baths, saunas, massage services and other therapies including drinking cures.  See below for a short clip on baths in Budapest.

Views of the Independence Bridge from Gellert Hill.  Each post of the bridge is topped by a mythical turul bird ready to take flight.

Budapest Independence Bridge

Independence Bridge Budapest

Chain Bridge

Night view of another famous bridge in Budapest – Chain Bridge with the Castle Hill Royal Palace in the backdrop

Chain Bridge Night View

Chain Bridge Castle Hill

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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