Krakow U Babci Maliny Dinner Review

13 July, 2009

U Babci MalinyU Babci Maliny Restaurant

This restaurant is highly recommended by Greg and Tom hostel staff.  It is very easy to get to – from Barbakan, walk straight towards the Florian Gate and turn left after the gate.  Turn right once you reach Szpitalna street and walk straight til you see this restaurant.

This restaurant has a very retro ambiance, especially the basement dining rooms.  The menus (in English and Polish) are also well-designed to fit in with the theme.

U Babci Maliny Restaurant Ambiance

U Babci Maliny Restaurant Menu

TY and I ordered:

Zurek z ziemniakami + kielbasa (white borsch with potatoes + sausage) – 7zł.  A very salty soup

Zurek z ziemniakami (white borsch with potatoes + sausage)

Keski drobiowe panierowane + ziemniaki (coated inflour chicken bites + potatoes) – 23zł.  This is essentially just chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes – tasted quite good; comes with a bowl of cabbage which was quite salty.

Keski drobiowe panierowane

We also shared a set of 15+ fried pierogi (dumplings with meat and cabbage) – 24zł with Caroline and Val.

fried pierogi (dumplings with meat and cabbage)

The menu translates the Polish terms literally – Zurek w chlebie (white borsch served in bread).  We thought this soup will be served with bread (for you to dip into the soup).  Instead the soup is really served in bread (bowl).

Zurek w chlebie (white borsch served in bread)

Our full spread of food at U Babci Maliny

Polish U Babci Maliny Restaurant

Not sure why Caroline would like to pose with the bread plate that was served with the pierogi…  While the plate is bread, it was too hard to be cut, let alone eat (not even sure if we are supposed to eat it).

Pierogi Bread Plate

Other parts of the restaurant:

U Babci Maliny Restaurant Decor

We rate U Babci Maliny restaurant:

  • Food (good and tasty, though soups were quite salty – could be a local flavour):  3.5/5
  • Ambiance (need i say more?  see pictures in our post!):                                                      5/5
  • Service (helpful and friendly; staff meal recommendations were good):                      4/5
  • Location (centrally located – easy to find):                                                                                4/5
  • Value (26.5zł/pax for soup + main course + drink + dumplings):                                   4/5

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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