5 Destinations A Solo Female Traveller Can Explore

15 March, 2016

Travelling solo is one of the best ways for you to discover yourself, especially when you experience a change in environment and get to enjoy a whole new culture. On top of that, travelling solo is also a mark of independence. To all the women out there who are thinking of exploring beyond the boundaries of our sunny island, here are 5 travel destinations you can consider checking out on your road to self-discovery.

1. Seoul

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Seoul is the land of tear-jerking dramas, good food, and retail therapy. With a good mix of natural charm (cherry blossoms are a definite must-see in February) and a modern city skyline, it has much to offer. Seoul warmly welcomes solo female travellers in the form of an efficient public transport system and clear, well thought out signs, ensuring that navigating through this city is a piece of cake. Above all, the beautiful sights in Seoul will create wonderful photography opportunities.

The warm locals are usually more than willing to guide you to the most comfortable places for a good night’s rest while pointing you to one of their secret hideouts for the best Bibimbap (literally translated to “mixed rice”) or Bingsu (shaved ice with toppings of your choice). On top of that, the low crime rates are sure to give you a peace of mind so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest!

2. Nicaragua

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The beautiful country of Nicaragua is a haven for women who are seeking more adventure and thrill. With a tourism trade that is just beginning to soar, you can be assured of highly attractive prices and deals. In the south-western part of the country close to the boarder to Costa Rica, you will find San Juan Del Sur – a small, sleepy fisher town-turned-epicentre of surf tourism in Nicaragua, where you can catch some waves.

On top of that, you can go Volcano Surfing! Grab a wooden board and slide down the sandy ash for a hotter twist on traditional snow-boarding. You can even bring your food in a metal box and bury it in ash at the summit to have ‘freshly-cooked Volcano food’.

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In every woman lies an aspiring adventurer, and this could be just the place for you to satiate your wanderlust.

3. Vietnam

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In Vietnam, you can explore a wealth of culture by paying a visit to the renowned Ha Long Bay, or even by taking a tour through the Cu Chi tunnels, an extensive tunnel network that the Vietnamese soldiers had built and used to move through the jungle during the Vietnam War, keeping them undetected by enemy forces. Of course, you can also cruise down the renowned Ha Long Bay on a private tour to fully immerse yourself in Vietnam’s distinctive landscape!

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can consider a 3-day home-stay in Sapa, Vietnam with a female guide. Sapa Sisters has received excellent reviews and their guides are known to speak fluent English. During the home-stay, you’ll get the chance to explore the highlands by motorbike, meet the local families, and learn to cook Vietnamese traditional meals.

From scrumptious delicacies (such as Vietnamese Pho) to taking a hike through Paradise Cave, the solo female traveller will never be bored or short of things to explore. In Vietnam, most of the activities are available at affordable prices. There are several deals for accommodation or tour packages on Expedia up for grabs so you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

4. Bolivia


For the independent woman, backpacking is one of the best ways to reach self-discovery. The beauty of each country is seemingly amplified by your strong sense of solitude when you can take on the world on your own. Moreover, Bolivia is known to be the ultimate backpacking destination throughout South America and draws in hordes of solo female travellers each year.

Famous for their salt plains, Atacama desert and wildlife, your eyes will be in for a treat. Some say that at night, the salt plains of Bolivia look like the point where the earth and heavens meet (surely you wouldn’t want to miss that?). To say the least, Bolivia is a must-see destination for any aspiring adventurer and is especially targeted by women who are looking for affordable costs of living and accommodation.

5. Japan

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While Japan remains at the forefront of the technologicalhttp://www.shutterstock.com/pic-237866137/stock-photo-nachi-japan-at-the-pagoda-of-seigantoji-and-nachi-no-taki-waterfall.html?src=6JYdehVdd64hhYSjKSKvkw-1-48 frontier, it still retains a rustic charm amidst a bustling city landscape. Ranked amongst the safest countries across the globe, Japan’s night life is something that solo female travellers can most definitely enjoy.

Japan is a wonderland of entertainment and scenery that is bound to leave you feeling refreshed. Transportation is also made easy for solo travellers with this interactive map that shows you where to go from the nearest hotel to Tokyo Disneyland. Japan even has all-female carriages in their trains during peak travel periods catered just for women so you won’t have to worry about the (in)famous packed-to-the-brim train carriages while travelling in Japan.

Travelling is, indeed, food for the soul and going solo is a unique experience that every woman should try at least once in her lifetime. It is not as intimidating as it sounds if you’re careful and is bound to be every bit as exciting as you’d imagine. So to all the ladies out there, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and blaze the globe with your trail because the world is your oyster!


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