7 Unnecessary Items You Should Leave at Home During Your Honeymoon Trip

10 December, 2015

When packing for your honeymoon trip, or any vacation for that matter, you will probably concentrate on a checklist of the things you should bring. We have gathered a list of items that you should consider leaving at home, be it for safety or convenience reasons. While you might think that bringing these items might come in handy later on, they will usually bog you down by adding extra weight and taking up space. Packing too much for your honeymoon trip will not only slow you down, but also subsequently make your romantic trip more inconvenient. So remember to leave them behind!

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1. Comfort blanket
If you still own a comfort blanket, maybe it’s time to learn to sleep without it during a holiday! Carrying comfort blankets will only take up more of your limited luggage space, especially those made of quilt material.

Quick tip:
Leave your fluffy blanket at home and bring along a versatile and light-weight scarf instead. This scarf can be multifunctional, where you can use it as a bikini cover-up, shawl or even picnic mat.

2. Full-size toiletries and excessive makeup products
Unless you are going somewhere remote and isolated without access to any convenient stores, you will most probably be able you can find full-sized shampoo, conditioner or toothpaste in convenient stores nearby. For ladies, we will suggest that you repack your makeup pouch and only bring your necessities. You might be surprised by the amount of weight you can reduce just by leaving 6 different shades of lipsticks behind!

Quick tip:
Pack travel-sized toiletries instead of the regular-sized ones to help you save space and avoid violating any of the airplanes’ regulations on liquid items. Makeup wise, choose to bring along the products you absolutely can’t live without, like your face foundation with extra SPF, one coloured and one nude lipstick, eyeliner or mascara.

3. Hair dryer and hair-styling products
Bringing a travel-sized hair dryer, curler or straightening iron will only take up unnecessary space in your luggage.

Quick tip:
If you’re staying in a hotel, they will usually provide a hair dryer, or you could request for one from the front desk. So it’ll be safe to ditch the hair dryer if you’re staying in a hotel. If you’re booking an apartment with Airbnb, check with the owner prior to booking to see if a hair dryer will be provided. Alternatively, you can leave your hair the way it is and embrace that sexy and messy beach-hair look if you’re taking a romantic beach honeymoon.

4. More than 2 pairs of shoes
This is especially so if you are planning to bring along those thick chunky heels. Traveling light will be ideal if you are planning to travel to a few locations on your honeymoon.

Quick tip:
Limit your shoes to 2 pairs of shoes – either bring along a pair of casual and dress shoes or dress shoes and sandals. Remember, the comfier, the better!

5. Thick books
It is always such a temptation to tackle the long hours of layover by finishing the epic trilogy you are currently reading, but imagine how heavy it will be if you add the thick and bulky books into your bags.

Quick tip:
You could consider getting an e-reader if you’re an avid reader. With an e-reader, you’ll be able to download e-books and bring along hundreds of reading materials without the weight of actual paper books!

6. Jewellery and valuables
Do not risk bringing all your expensive valuables on your honeymoon! It’s always better to be safe than sorry. By leaving them at home, it will lower the risk of your expensive jewelry and valuables getting stolen and the hassle of making a police report should they go missing.

Quick tip:
You might want to bring your wedding ring and engagement ring on this special honeymoon – but it’s always safer to store it in the safety box in your hotel’s room if you’re going to have an active itinerary for the day.

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7. Unnecessary gadgets
Our daily lifestyle and dependence on electronic gadgets make it seem impossible to be away for a week without these gadgets. If you’re thinking of packing your laptop, two iPads and three smartphones on this romantic getaway, you might want to reconsider.

Quick tip:
Having your smartphone is enough to provide you with practical maps and it is able to snap some pictures for memory sake as well. However we will suggest that you turn on the automatic reply on your e-mail account to notify people at work that you’re away from the office so that you can enjoy more of your partner’s company than the company of your gadgets!

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