First World Travel Problems & Hacks

30 July, 2016
I’m sure many of you have enjoyed the many perks and suffered pains to travelling. Here are 5 unnecessarily annoying First World Travel Problems that would make you feel like one First World diva.

1. Low Battery Syndrome

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Phone ran out of battery. Power bank ran out of battery. Spare phone battery ran out of battery. Fate: Disconnected for the day. We’ve all run into the low phone battery problem, which can be a real pain while travelling, especially when you desperately need to find your way around with Google Maps.

Fix-It Hack:

Wireless charging, with the aid of a nifty device called Qi Wireless Charger saving all you travelling smartphone addicts (compatible with selected Apple and Android phones).

2. Winter Woes

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As Singaporeans, we naturally gravitate towards cold and temperate countries for our choice of vacation. Snowy backdrops for our perfect #OOTD Instagram shot, being bundled up in stylish warm jackets, drinking hot chocolate in the icy winter weather… What’s not to love about winter? MANY THINGS. Splitting fingers, dry and cracking skin, freezing cold showers, colds… Winter Woe-nderland indeed.

Fix-It Hack:

Spam moisturiser, pack extra-thick gloves, bring heat packs, thermal underwear… During winter, less is never more.

3. One Plug Problem

When you have to charge your camera, phone, laptop, power bank… And your hotel room has only ONE power socket. Or that you only brought ONE international adapter. I’ve personally had to set alarm reminders throughout the night to wake up and switch the charger for various devices, which was honestly a downright pain.

Fix-It Hack:

Pack a multi-power socket along. Better yet, bring the international adapter socket version that allows you to plug in devices with any plug type.

4. Over-packing Issues

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We’re Singaporeans and kiasu. When we travel, we don’t just bring one pair of shoes, but we bring flats, heels, slippers, bedroom slippers, bathroom slippers, airplane slippers because #justincase #thenhow. Our innate need to pack everything also means that we’re bound to run into baggage issues… which also means alot of (crocodile) tears, whining and begging at the check-in counter.

Fix-It Hack:

Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel, there’s really no need to look fantabulous in another city where 99.999% of their population doesn’t know you. So tone down on the over-packing and bring only essentials. Or else, add-on more baggage allowance to your flight ticket, if you anticipate the need to wear an Alexander McQueen fur coat to Chatuchak Market.

 5. The Blind Eye

When your contact lenses get lost in your eyes or worse still, falls out while you’re walking, it’s pretty annoying to walk around the entire day with one blind eye (or both). Imagine trying to take a selfie when you can barely see the camera lens.

Fix-It Hack:

Pack along a spare set of spectacles in your bag or an extra set of contact lens dailies.

Have you ever encountered any of these travel problems? Share with us your experiences and personal hacks to get around these pet pains by commenting below!

Astrid Lim

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