Meaningful Holiday Souvenirs You Should Consider

3 July, 2016

Souvenirs should remind you of the where you’ve been, who you met and the experiences you enjoyed whilst on holiday. Whether it be a rock or a tacky fridge magnet, these items bring a smile to your face as you recall holiday memories and days well-spent.

From confectionary, local produce, to photographs, there are dozens of ways to bring home a holiday memory. If you’re thinking about buying a thoughtful holiday gift for a loved one or a souvenir for yourself, here are a few gift ideas to help you best recall your vaycay:

1. Keep a Holiday Diary



If you’re on a budget, keeping a diary is a great way to document your experiences and relive them at a later date. Even if you’re useless at drawing, use stickers or have a go at some illustrations to give a more visual element to the diary; it makes for a unique holiday keepsake.

2. Local Products

If you are overseas, you have to be careful what you bring over the border. Animal produce, for example, is rarely a good gift to bring through airport security. You could opt for a locally-made rug, musical instrument, or piece of artwork. If you’re headed to Mexico, be sure to check out the locally made Lucha Libre masks – a mandatory purchase, for sure!

3. Everyone loves a cliché

Been to Vegas? Bring back a tacky ashtray, or a ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign (ideally, a small, replica version). A keyring is a great cliché souvenir – a useful mood-booster when you grab the car keys, as you begrudgingly make your way to work on a Monday morning!

4. Charity Gifts



Choose a gift that gives back and extends the ‘feel-good’ holiday vibes by purchasing a charity gift. If you keep an eye out, there are a number of charitable gifts available from most holiday hot spots. A great gift for children is to adopt an animal. Many safari parks and zoos across the world will allow you to adopt your favourite animal – you’ll pay an annual fee, which will contribute to the conservation of endangered species, and help to return animals back to the wild once safe. With adoption packages, you’ll usually receive monthly pictures of your adopted animals, fact sheets, newsletters and a personalised certificate. While you won’t actually be able to take the animal home, each adoption helps with valuable conservation work and comes with regular updates and educational literature.

5. Throw a Themed Party / Meal Post Travels

Give your friends and family a first-hand taste of your travels by hosting and preparing them a meal based on the traditions and culture of the place you’ve recently visited. You don’t have to have travelled somewhere far away and exotic – whether it’s Staffordshire oatcakes or a Philly cheese steak, get your ingredients together and start cooking a feast!

6. Meaningful Not Expensive

The Spanish word for a souvenir is “recuerdo” – which translates as “reminder”. Reminders don’t have to be expensive, and they aren’t meant to impress people. With this in mind, a rock or a fridge magnet can still serve as the perfect souvenir.

Whether it’s a bottle opener you used in a bar or a stone from the beach, a souvenir does its job when it brings back great memories.


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