Exploring the Coral Coast and Golden Outback Regions of Western Australia

21 November, 2017

The beautiful coastline of Western Australia flaunts some of the world’s most diverse marine habitats and pristine beaches. If you are planning to explore the coastline of WA this year-end, we recommend visiting Pinnacles dessert, Kalbarri and Monkey Mia to make the most of the region’s summer time.

Coral Coast Region (Western Australia)

Where to stay

For the ones that love water and are in the region to meet Dolphins, we recommend staying at Heritage Resort Shark Bay or RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort. Both boast an amazing view of the waters coupled by convenient services. You can also opt for Kalbarri Edge Resort, an affordable quality and stylish serviced accommodation located in the heart of Kalbarri.

Eat & Drink

The Lobster Shack provides a close-up encounter with the most valued single species fishery in Australia, the Western Rock Lobster. The state of art lobster fishing vessel enables visitors to experience a day in the life of a lobster fisherman. Indulge in one of their fresh lobster meals at the Lobster Shack, they promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Lobster Shack, Cervantes

Image credit: http://www.westernaustralia.com

See & Do

Walk on shells: A walk on Shell Beach in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area is like no other as the beach is made up of shells from just one type of animal, making it truly distinctive. The sand on this beach is replaced by beautiful shells in the most dramatic and picturesque way, making it a must experience location in the region.  You can swim, beach comb or just relax and enjoy the sunshine at the Shell beach.

Experience gorgeous natural landscapes: Kalbarri National Park exhibits the most exciting and spectacular views in Western Australia with the natural sights of the beautifully carved landscape. You can explore the depths and heights of the enchanting river gorges, sea cliffs and admire the floral beauty of the vast, rolling sandplains. The most popular site to visit in the park is Nature’s Window, don’t forget to capture some awe-inspiring pictures for your Instagram here!

Meet the Dolphins: Monkey Mia is one of Western Australia’s most famous dolphin watching destinations. Famous for the pod of friendly dolphins that visit the shore on most days to be hand fed, this bay is the perfect place for a rendezvous with lovely sea creatures.

Human interaction with a Monkey Mia bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), at Monkey Mia

Image credit: http://www.westernaustralia.com

Golden Outback Region (Western Australia)

Looking for the most popular things to do in the Golden Outback? Hit the road for an epic road trip adventure to wave-shaped rocks, gold rush history, and beaches that will leave you in awe with their beauty.

Where to stay

Travellers planning to surf the Wave Rock can opt for Wave Rock Motel situated in the heart of Hyden, only four kilometres from the rock formation in the Heartlands region. If you choose to do a road trip in the Outback, Esperance Seafront Caravan Park offers a view overlooking the beautiful Esperance Bay. You can choose from two-bedroom four-star deluxe cabins, standard cabins, and caravan and tent sites.

The unique granite formation Wave Rock, located near the Hyden townsite

Image credit: http://www.westernaustralia.com

Eat & drink

Enjoy the signature steaks at Rydges Primewest Grill in Kalgoorlie along with wine or aged whiskey. If you are on a trail to visit the whitest beach in Esperance at Lucky Bay, don’t forget to stop by Loose Goose Restaurant & Bar. Located in the stunning Southern shoreline, their menu of favourites includes locally sourced fresh seafood.

See & Do

Mount Augustus: Must see in this region includes the world’s largest monolith Mount Augustus. Whether you’re gazing up at the 860-metre high summit from its 49-kilometre scenic base trail or snapping shots from the Emu Hill Lookout, Mount Augustus promises to be an awe-inspiring sight. At sunrise and sunset, the colours change from cool greens and blues to golden glows.

4WD near Mount Augustus

Image credit: http://www.westernaustralia.com

Discover and explore: Journey through the Golden Quest Discovery Drive Trail that runs 965 kilometres through Western Australia’s Goldfields from Coolgardie through to Laverton. Be surprised by Niagara Dam and tour the old prosperous town of Kookynie. You can also make your way to Lake Ballard, a vast salt lake where 51 creations of sculptured metal ‘people’ stand scattered over the landscape, making it must see on your list.

What’s on?

Saint Barbara’s Festival: If the Outback life is what interests you, attend the annual Saint Barbara’s Festival in Goldfields.  The festival celebrates mining in the region and the local community. Experience the Outback culture in true spirit as you witness the Parade that is a fun-filled extravaganza for the whole family!

Date – 3 December 2017; Location – Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie WA

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