Fish, Fish and More Fish at Sakae Sushi

27 February, 2010

Just to clarify here that the fishy business here does not mean anything illegal or bad but rather a reference to the myriad of fish dishes on offer at Sakae Sushi – not just pieces of raw fish wrapped around rice kind of sushi but rather main courses of fishes cooked in various ways.

To start off, there is the Salmon Kabuta Yaki – it is essentially a very big fish head but surprisingly, there are loads of fish meat available, as compared to typical fish head, where you get mostly bones. The fish meat are cooked well and is served best with doses of soya sauce and even better with wasabi.

For Sashimi, a must-try is the Salmon Sashimi which offers 4-5 pieces of big and tasty salmon and cost just $5.99 – a bargain for good quality Sashimi. The Sashimi Salad ($9.99) offers the a great combination of fresh seafood e.g. Salmon Sashimi, prawns with healthy salad.

The Shisamo ($4.99) is a regular staple for Japanese breakfast with boiled egg, hot steam rice and tsukemono (vinegared veggies) and is known to be famous in Hokkaido. These are grilled fish with lots of eggs and soft bones. You can just eat the whole fish even with the head and tail as the bones are soft. There is not much flesh as the whole body is filled with the fish eggs.

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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