Affordable Gozen and Bento Set Meals at Sakae Sushi

3 July, 2010

For value-for-money and at the same time filling meal, one can consider the gozen and bento sets offered by Sakae Sushi. For bento sets, there is a good selection combining different type of meat with other premium grade food (e.g. red plate-equivalent or higher) in Sakae. For example, the Teriyaki Chicken and Hotate Mentaiyaki Bento Set which comes with rice and miso soup cost just $16.99 – saving a few dollars compared to if these items were ordered separately.

Teriyaki Chicken and Hotate Mentaiyaki Bento Set Sakae Sushi

If you like variety in your set meal, one other option to consider is the Gozen Set Meals which combines 4-5 side dish with one main dish. For example, the Geisha Gozen which comprises of Chicken Kaminabe with side dishes – Salmon Teriyaki, Sakura Ebi Tofu and the popular Sakae Chawanmushi – all for just $18.99. Depending on your appetite size, this meal could also be shared, achieving more savings and appetite to try other dishes in the menu.

Geisha Gozen Sakae Sushi Chicken Kaminabe Salmon Teriyaki Sakura Ebi Tofu Chuka Kuraje Sakae Chawanmushi

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