Sakae Sushi $3.99 Pink Plate Sushi

1 May, 2010

Besides the new dessert menu introduced by Sakae Sushi, another new addition to the menu is the $3.99 pink plate sushi dish. The pricing structure used to be just $1.99 for any dish served on colored plates and $5.99 on red plates – the new pink plate seems to be a version of red plate but cheaper.

There is a whole variety of food available under the pink plate pricing e.g. premium makimono – tempura cheese maki and california mini maki (the servings are smaller – rather than 6 under the red plate pricing; this has only 4 but tastes just as good), the unique inari sushi such as the lobster salad combo and Ebi with Konifumi shown in the picture below.

$3.99 Pink Plates Sushi Sakae Sushi

The sushi available under the $3.99 pink plate pricing includes the Soft Shell Crab sushi shown above and also ebi tempura sushi. This new price offers the middle ground between premium grade sushi and servings and provides customers with the opportunity to sample them without breaking the bank.

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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