Sumiyaki Onigiri Meal (Japanese BBQ) at Sakae Sushi Wheelock

31 October, 2009

Besides sushi, Sakae Sushi also offers many variety of Japanese food – one of which is Sumiyaki (a form of Japanese BBQ). There are different sets of Sumiyaki offered at Sakae Sushi Wheelock Place (near Orchard MRT) – different pricing for various quantities and flavours.

We ordered the Sumiyaki Onigiri set at $12.90 which comprised the following items:

  • Tebasaki (BBQ Chicken Wings)
  • Yakitori (Grilled Chicken on Sticks)
  • Salmon Bara (BBQ Salmon)
  • Gyu Bara with Asparagus (BBQ Beef Bacon wrapped around Asparagus)
  • Onigiri Lime (Japanese White Rice Balls)
  • Onigiri Katsuobushi
  • Yaki Pineapple
  • Miso Cabbage
  • Miso Soup

Sakae Sushi sumiyaki onigiri

If you like BBQ food, you will like the Sumiyaki set and you can choose a variety of Sumiyaki sets ranging from $8+ to $20+, depending on your preference of ingredients and quantity.  For a limited period only, Sakae Sushi Wheelock Place is also offering a 30% discount on single sticks of Sumiyaki (not valid for set meals and platters).  Perfect if you just want to sample and try these Japanese BBQ food.

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Besides the usual red and colored plates one would have during meals at Sakae Sushi, you can also try out yummy appetisers: Unagi Tofu – 3 Unagi pieces wrapped around tofu dipped in soya sauce ($6.99) and the crispy Japanese pancake, Okonomiyaki ($2.99).

Unagi Tofu Okonomiyaki Curry Cheese sushi

The mango juice with aloe vera make the perfect drink to quench any accidental/over-indulgence in wasabi.  Also try out the curry cheese crab sushi ($5.99) if you like uniquely flavored sushi.

Sakae Sushi Wheelock Place shares with the Woodlands Causeway branch similar characteristics – quiet, soothing ambiance, perfect for an indulgence in sushi!

Sakae Sushi @ wheelock place

We rate Sakae Sushi @ Wheelock Place:

  • Food (Appetising Unagi Tofu & Fresh Sushi):                           4/5
  • Ambiance (Soothing, no-pressure environment):                  3.5/5
  • Service (Fast and Friendly):                                                             4/5
  • Location (over 20 Sakae Sushi outlets island-wide):             4.5/5
  • Value ($13 for a BBQ Sumiyaki set lunch – worth it!):              4/5

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