Choiix Portable iPad/iPod Travel Charger and Laptop Adapter

9 November, 2010

Two of the most important equipment we bring along for our trips have to be our laptop and ipod touch. The iPod touch provide entertainment during long bus/train journeys and the laptop also serves as a backup for the hundreds of pictures we took during our trip. Unfortunately, the battery life of these devices can last barely 2 hours especially with Wi-Fi surfing and running blogging and photo-editing software and games. Furthermore, when travelling, it is important to pack light so you can move around easily – however the laptop adapters are the heaviest and most bulky item (with its wires) in the bag

Thanks to Choiix, we now have the perfect solution to deal with these problems – the USNA95 Ultra Slim Notebook Adapter and Powerfort 10Whrs Rechargeable Power Backup Battery Pack. The former is a compact laptop adapter while the latter is a rechargeable power bank for ipod, ipad, psp, pda and other mobile devices (even your handphone).

The USNA95 Notebook Adapter boasts a slim design for easy storage and portability and it is compatible with most laptops – it doesn’t matter what your laptop model is, you are provided with a colorful range of 9 charger tips which cater to almost all laptop models. Check out which color corresponds to your laptop model, plug it to your power socket, connect with your laptop and you are good to go. With its smart cable management clip, you can also avoid the problem of messy wires of your laptop and other devices.

For more info on how the USNA95 Notebook Adapter works, check out the following video:

Choiix Cooler Master Power Fort ipad laptop ipod Portable Travel Chargers

Now with the bulky heavy laptop power cable problem solved, it’s time to tackle the ipod/iphone running out of power problem. For this, we have the PowerFort 10Whrs Rechargeable Power Backup Battery Pack which requires just 3-4 recharging time and can boost an iPod’s power by another 82 hours!

You can recharge PowerFort up to 500 times and it will still provide power at 85% battery capacity. In addition, the Power Fort comes with travel bags, USB cables, and interchangeable plugs to recharge in different locations. Very easily portable and perfect for anyone on the go. Weighing at just 102g, it adds hardly any additional weight to our travel pack and its slim compact size means it can be stored anywhere e.g. day packs, pockets.

I have even better news – the parent companies of these devices (Choiix and Cooler Master) have teamed up to run a special contest til Nov 10, 2010. Simply submit any travel gear that fits with the theme described here and stand to win a German Rimowa luggage, Apple iPod Nano multi-touch and Choiix’s latest product “Power Fort 10Whrs” power bank and Cooler Master “USNA 95 notebook adapter”

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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