3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary for Madrid in Summer

11 May, 2018

Madrid is one of the liveliest cities of Europe that welcomes millions of tourists every year. This vibrant cosmopolitan city is home to world-class palaces, unique museums, historical cathedrals, art galleries and much more. In addition to the breathtaking attractions, Madrid also offers scrumptious food and delicious wine to the visitors. In only 3 days, you can explore the major highlights of Madrid and you can also enjoy food and wine tours. I’m going to mention perfect 3 days itinerary for you that will help you in planning your trip to this wonderful city.


Hotels in Madrid

Madrid is home to most beautiful and historical neighborhoods. You can choose to stay in hostel, hotels or even apartments depending on your budget. The best areas which you can consider for your stay include Gran Via, Paseo del Prado, Salamanca and Chueca. The average cost of hotel in Madrid starts from 30 Euros per night.

Holiday Homes

Another good option to stay in Madrid is Holiday Homes and Apartments. There are many sites through which you can book whole house, villa or apartment for your vacation in Madrid. Booking holiday homes are perfect for the big families who want to enjoy all the amenities while they are staying in Madrid. You can book a perfect holiday home for your stay in Madrid here.



Museo Nacional Del Prado

The Prado Museum or Museo Nacional Del Prado is the most beautiful Spanish Museum located in Central Madrid. This museum features some of the finest art collection from Europe dating back to 12th century. Some of the famous collection includes art work by Hieronymus Bosch, Francisco Goya and Titian. The museum was founded in 1819 and since then, it has been attracting millions of visitors every year.

Museo Nacional Del Prado

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Parque del Buen Retiro

Your trip to Madrid is incomplete without walking around the famous Retiro Park. This huge park is located near the Prado Museum and is one of the most visited attractions of Madrid. The park features unique monuments, sculptures, galleries and lake. Within the park, there is beautiful Crystal Palace or Palacio de Cristal del Retiro. The palace is made of glass and metal making it a finest architecture in Madrid. It was built to serve as a greenhouse but today it is used for exhibitions. Make sure to visit the palace when you are in Retiro Park.

Plaza de Cibeles

Plaza de Cibeles is another breathtaking landmark of Madrid which is a huge complex of marble sculptures. The plaza is home to many unique monuments including Fuente de Cibeles (Cibeles Fountain). The Plaza is famous throughout the Europe for its magnificent architecture. It is one of the must see attraction when you are in Madrid.

Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol is a huge symbolic centre of Madrid. It is of the busiest and liveliest places in Madrid that is attracting thousands of visitors every day. The square also features many famous landmarks including equestrian statue of Carlos III and Oso y Madrono statue. There are also many delicious restaurants nearby to satisfy your hunger cravings.


Royal Palace

Your tour to Madrid is not complete without visiting this iconic palace. The Royal Palace is the official residence of the Royal Family of Spain. However, palace is only used for state ceremonies these days. When there is no ceremony, the palace is opened for the public. You can walk around this palace and explore its spectacular architecture.

Catedral de la Almudena

Catedral de la Almudena is the most beautiful cathedral in Madrid that is visited by thousands of people every day. The cathedral features the gothic style architecture that makes it a magnificent site to witness. There are many sections and museum inside the Almudena Cathedral. You can walk around the cathedral and witness the mixture of old and modern architecture.

Catedral de la Almudena

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Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is a grand square located in the centre of Madrid. This plaza is very popular among everyone including locals and tourists.  This landmark was first named as Plaza del Arrabel but later it became famous as Plaza Mayor. It is easily accessible through many routes in Madrid. Plaza Mayor is truly a piece of art which you should definitely see on your visit to Madrid.

Gran Via

Gran Via is the most famous shopping street in Madrid. This street also contains a large number of theatres, hotels, bars and restaurants. There are beautiful artistic buildings which make this street very special. While strolling around the Gran Via Street, make sure to look up to witness the enormous buildings. End your day 2 in Gran Via while shopping and eating delicious Madrid cuisine in one of the restaurants.


Basilica de San Francisco el Grande

This stunning Basilica is a magnificent old church you must visit in Madrid. This extravagant church features breathtaking architecture dating back to 18th Century. The church contains the famous painting by Francisco Goya and Zurbarán. Basilica de San Francisco el Grande consists of a huge dome, one large chapen and six small chapels. It is a must-see attraction when you are in Madrid.

El Rastro Market

Shop like the locals in El Rastro Market in Madrid. It is an open air flea market held every Sunday and on public holidays through the year. The market features stalls selling new and old products including handbags, clothes, jewelry and old decoration pieces. When visiting the market, you can also stop by tapas bars nearby the market to enjoy your meal.

Food and Wine Tour

Enjoy your tapas or Spanish cuisine adventure by booking for a food and wine tour. There are various food and wine tours offered by many companies in Madrid. Depending on your taste, book the best tour and enjoy eating and drinking like a local. These tours usually run for 2 to 2.5 hours and it lets you eat enough to fulfill your hunger cravings. End your 3rd day in Madrid by enjoying an amazing Food and Wine Tour.


When in Madrid, you must try these most famous food items which you can easily find anywhere in the city:

Tortilla Española

Tortilla Española is a most famous Spanish dish which is widely eaten all over Spain. It consists of eggs, onions and potato cooked together in olive oil. You can eat this as a breakfast, put in sandwich or even in enjoy it with salad for dinner.

Huevos Rotos

Huevos Rotos is another most popular Spanish dish which consists of potatoes topped with eggs. You can find it easily at almost every second restaurant in Madrid.

Churros con Chocolate

Churros consist of deep fried dough which is served with chocolate sauce. Whether you want to have it for breakfast or after lunch, you’ll find them easily anywhere in Madrid.

churros spain

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Patatas Bravas

Another delicious dish of Madrid is Patatas Bravas which consists of pieces of potatoes topped with a special sauce. This sauce may look like ketchup but its taste is more delicious and tangy than ketchup. You can find Patatas Bravas easily from any restaurant or even from street carts in Madrid.


Paella is considered as one of the widely eaten dishes of Spain. It consists of meat (chicken or seafood) cooked with rice and served in Paella pan in which it is cooked.  You’ll find a variety of Paella dishes all over Madrid.

These were just the few of main food items you must eat in Madrid. There are many other things to try when you are in the city. You can also ask the locals about the most popular dishes and make sure to try them all on your trip to Madrid.

Enjoy your amazing 3 days’ vacation in this vibrant city of Spain. You can easily cover all the above mentioned highlights in these three days along with the food and wine tour. Enjoy your trip to Madrid!

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